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Crypto Trading Tax Software

Koinly is the best crypto tax software. In addition, Koinly has the best free tax calculation version, where you can add up to 10,000 transactions before you pay. When you have to go for the premium version, we have a 30% Koinly promo code for you.

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Crypto Trading Bots

Bybit is the best crypto derivative trading platform, and here you can create your crypto trading bots for free.

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Crypto Trading Tools

What is CryptoCoinTrade?

Cryptocointrade is an informative page for cryptocurrency trading, including the categories.

Top Bitcoin Trading Sites – The best trading sites we have used. We have tried 30+ different trading sites, and we only list the best here-
Crypto Competitions– The best crypto competitions and contents
Coin Trading Tools – We list the best tools to improve your trading results.
Crypto Trading Blog – Our blog covers everything related to crypto trading.
Crypto Signup Bonuses – Take advantage of welcome bonuses to boost your portfolio.

Top Bitcoin Trading Sites – Intro

Here, we list the top Bitcoin trading sites. Unfortunately, we have only a few places listed since we only list the ones we use ourselves. This is to give you as good and deep information as possible. We used to record many more, but we didn’t manage to publish great reviews since we didn’t use the platforms ourselves.

Crypto Trading Bots

Here, we list the best free and premium crypto trading bots. Crypto trading bots are perfect if you want to automate your trading and make it more profitable while you don’t miss an opportunity. Many of our listed crypto trading bots need no programming skills, and even many pre-programmed bots or templates exist. In addition, some of the best exchanges offer free bots for crypto trading. For example, read about Kucoin bot settings and strategy.

Crypto Trading Tools

This section lists the best crypto trading tools and software to help you become a profitable crypto trader and maximize your gains. For instance, many trading tools are analytical and charting tools, like TradingView. Others are more data-driven by trends and other statistics.

Crypto Trading Blog – Intro

In this section, we publish our blog posts about crypto trading. Our crypto trading blog posts can be about risk management, a crypto trading beginners guide, or a Bitcoin futures guide.

Crypto Trading Help

What is crypto trading?

Crypto trading involves buying and selling high-frequency cryptocurrencies to make a profit. Anyone should start with our ultimate crypto trading guide for beginners.

Who can start with crypto trading?

Anyone can start with crypto trading. Cryptocointrade has a perfect blog post for beginners – How to begin trading cryptocurrencies?

How can I improve my crypto trading to become profitable?

It’s essential to keep improving your trading strategy or quit if you are not profitable. So, we developed a short step-by-step guide on trading crypto profitably in 4 easy steps.

What are the risks of crypto trading?

There are risks involved in any trading. Cryptocurrencies are considered volatile assets (Stocks and commodities), meaning the risk is higher than non-volatile assets (Forex and Gold). However, Cryptocointrade did publish a post to help you minimize your trading mistakes and maximize your crypto trading profit – How to avoid crypto trading mistakes.

I am ready! Where should I sign up?

Take your time to read about different trading platforms. We would avoid small trading sites and start with a large, well-known, reputable trading platform such as Kraken, Coinbase, or Binance. Of course, we wrote a guide on this – Beginner-Friendly Crypto Exchanges: Which One is Right for You?

What are the best sites for crypto trading tools?

Okay, you probably need technical tools to help you with the trading. Luckily, there are some great tools like TradingView. See the complete list of crypto trading tools.

It’s a great site, but I am interested in charts and crypto data!

Well, we didn’t choose to compete with Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. So, instead, we link to them here. These are the most excellent crypto trading charts regarding historical charts and other data relevant to crypto trading.

What is the best cryptocurrency to trade?

Some people want to find the best cryptocurrency to trade. Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies always come in pairs. So, you need to ask yourself the best cryptocurrency pair to trade. It can be BTC/USD, BTC/ETH, BTC/XRP, or anything else. We have a dedicated article on the Best Cryptocurrency to Trade for Day Trading and Swing Trading.

What are the best cryptocurrency derivatives trading platforms?

There are many different bitcoin trading platforms offering derivatives trading products. It can be hard to find the one that suits your demands and the best one in any category. However, we wrote a dedicated article called Best Crypto Derivative Exchanges.

What are the maker and taker fees?

A maker is a trader who adds orders to the order book. A taker is a trader that removes liquidity from the order book. All trading sites charge different maker and taker fees.

I need help with paying taxes on crypto trading reports. How can you help me?

Filing your tax report can be very time-consuming if you are a high-frequency trader or using crypto trading bots. Also, getting an accurate tax report using different trading sites and exchanges can be complex. However, there are several software developed to help you solve this issue. We have listed the best crypto tax software with automated reports. Here, you will get computerized reports via an API from all exchanges or trading sites you use. 

I need video tutorials and free crypto trading courses; where can I learn crypto trading for free?

We recommend our site to you. If you browse to the top, you will find three articles you should start with. Also, we did summarize all free crypto trading courses in a report.

What is leverage trading?

Leveraged trading is when you borrow funds for greater exposure than you can afford with your balance. Leveraged trading is widespread in all kinds of trading, including crypto, stocks, forex, and commodities. However, leverage trading involves higher risk than spot trading since your capital will gain and lose much faster. Read more about crypto leverage trading.

How can I start crypto trading from zero?

Many scams and other sites offer “great” sign-up bonuses. However, be careful since nothing is entirely free, and it can be hard to withdraw such funds. Our bonus post summarizes all the best sign-up bonuses and offers. Signing up with the Morpher trading platform is the best way to start trading crypto for free

Where can I trade crypto options from the USA?

Crypto option trading is not very common among the various crypto trading sites. However, we have listed a few excellent crypto option trading platforms.

Can you short crypto?

Yes, there are many ways to short crypto: futures, Perpetuals, Options, Leveraged Tokens, and margin trading. Read more about how to short Bitcoin in Binance.

Where do you find the best crypto trading competitions?

Some crypto trading sites arrange crypto trading tournaments more often than others. In these challenges, you can win big with no additional tournament fee since they are usually free to participate. Read more about the best crypto trading competitions.

Where do you find the best crypto traders on social media?

We have collected the Top Names of Bitcoin Traders on Instagram and the Best Crypto X Accounts (Formerly Twitter) for you.


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