Top 8 instagram accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading

Top Bitcoin Traders on Instagram – 8 Best Cryptocurrency Accounts to Follow

Top 8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Cryptocurrency Trading

Within the text of this article, our readers will meet the top 8 Instagram accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading. Being the top account does not necessarily mean the most popular, as some might have fewer followers. 

Nevertheless, the quality of data and analysis plays a vital role in our choice of the best crypto trading Instagram accounts. Also, don’t forget to check the best subreddits for crypto trading if you are interested in other social media for crypto trading.

We cover  crypto accounts on Instagram since it is one of the greatest player within social media with its 375 million monthly users in 2017, according to Wikipedia.

What Trading Platforms does the Top 8 Crypto Instagram Accounts Use?

Using Trading PlatformStart Trading Now
1. DatadashBinance reviewTrade with Binance
2. Cryptocompass Bittrex Bitcoin Trading logo InstagramGo to Bittrex
3. KoreanjewtradingBitfinex Bitcoin trading logo InstagramGo to Bitfinex
4. CryptoexplorerBinance reviewTrade with Binance
5. CryptohannNot available
6. CryptoPLayhouseBinance reviewTrade with Binance
7. Felix HartmanNot available
8. thecryptographNot available

1. Datadash - Technical Analysis Crypto Profile

Although the name implies Dash cryptocurrency, it does take many others into its investigation efforts. Datadash provides tech analysis for everything crypto-related, the account also has a YouTube channel for followers to check out.

Although Datadash diversifies his portfolio, most of his analysis (and trade) come from Binance platform, which he recommends as a top crypto trading site.


2. Cryptocompass - Crypto Trading Signals

For those interested in signals, Cryptocompass is the account to follow. Crypto trends happen rapidly and suddenly, what with its highly volatile market. With almost 2.700 followers, Cryptocompass does provide a telegram channel and education/analysis tips for its readers. This profile focuses on top cryptos and usually on technical aspect only.

Cryptocompass usually focuses on altcoin trade within Bittrex, a platform that holds an abundance of tokens and smaller cryptos. Follow his Instagram and a Telegram channel to get market signals but keep in mind that self-analysis is necessary as well.

3. Koreanjewtrading - Fundamental Analysis

For starters that need data for fundamental analysis, koreanjewtrading would be a good spot to start at. Followed by 6.4k people, popular Instagram crypto trading guru concentrates on why bitcoin moved, rather than mathematical calculations. Thus, if you want to go deeper into the market, this profile should be within your radar. Bitcoin is primary crypto that KJT works with but there are posts that touch upon specific alts.

He trades on Bitfinex, Kucoin, and several other platforms, changing and transferring coins depending on market trends.

4. Cryptoexplorer - 43.5 thousand subscribers

If you are only interested in big accounts with lots of followers, then Cryptoexplorer should be within your radar. With over 43.5 thousand subscribers, this account offers a variety of information freely.  It covers crypto education, trading tips, news from the industry, and advises on trading strategies for different coins.

His trades usually comes from Binance platform but cryptoexplorer rarely sticks with one site. Rather, the crypto trader likes to diversify his investments, often concentrating on several sites at once.

5. Cryptohann - HODling and Trading

By combining HODLing and trading, Cryptohann instagram account does offer an experience for beginners to take advantage of. The account works with both technical and fundamental analysis, touching upon various cryptos, not just popular ones. Although no signals, analysis do come in regularly for fits subscribers.

6. CryptoPLayhouse - Crypto Analysis and Signals

Another good Instagram account to follow is CryptoPlayhouse, a company that provides analysis and trading signals for its customers. Although a bit more uptight than other, more laid-back accounts, they do have large experience when it comes to BTC and Altcoins trading. With them, you can track down technical and fundamental data and how to utilize them in your overall analysis. Moreover, CryptoPlayhouse has its own website where you can subscribe to news and trade courses.

They mostly operate on Binance due to a large number of altcoins available for at the site. They usually trade Bitcoin but if conditions are right, many other altcoins are part of their portfolio.

7. Felix Hartmann - Crypto Hedge Fund Manager

Hartman is a famous crypto hedge fund manager with an Instagram account. Hartman delivers both crypto trading and life tips. His Instagram account has 45.000 followers in October 2019.

8. thecryptograph - Simple explanations and news

If you are looking for a simple explanation and trade news, thecryptograph would be one of those accounts to follow. This particular Instagram account specializes in big news and what impact it might have on Bitcoin and leading altcoins. With regular updates, following this account will help you with fundamental analysis, charts are not part of this account’s analysis most of the time. Moreover, it signifies which pieces of news form the market are worthy of your attention.

Although not particularly interesting form the tech analysis aspect, thecryptograph helps you establish which signals are worthy to follow.

Summary - Top 8 Instagram Accounts for Crypto Trading

Now that you have top 8 Instagram accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading, a word of caution. Instagram has many scam accounts around, with no guarantee that their signals actually work. 

Happy trading!

For your information, we also prepared top accounts in Twitter and top crypto trading blogs.

More Social Media for Crypto Trading

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