Top YouTube Channels to get Free Crypto Trading Technical Analysis

Top YouTube Channels to get Free Crypto Trading Technical Analysis

In this guide, we offer top YouTube channels that beginners should watch while learning (and implementing) crypto technical analysis. 

There are many great crypto inluencers and traders to follow on Youube and here we have sorted out the very best for you.

Each of the profiles provides their own knowledge regarding charting, price predictions, and how to hedge against frequent fluctuations. We also investigate what coins they follow.

If you prefer Instagram over Youtube, we have an article about the top Bitcoin traders on Instagram.

Why is YouTube a Good Learning Source?

There are several reasons why videos make up for a great learning source for crypto traders. Information conveyed in the social platform provides insight from (mostly) real investors. 

These traders seek to build their audience through accurate technical analysis and crypto price predictions. If their investigations prove to be fruitless for many viewers, chances are that their traffic will suffer.

Additionally, videos stay within the YouTube platform, meaning that you can always come back to watch it out. 

For most people, watching a video is much easier to do than to read through long blog posts. Additionally, live streams often provide fresh data that traders could use momentarily while trading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin trading revolves around large fluctuations, thus making a timely response to price changes vitally important.


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Top YouTube Crypto Channels

Below are some of the most popular choices for top YouTube channels and crypto trading guides. All these sources will give you valuable information and free crypto trading technical analysis. We provided links to posters’ accounts so you can subscribe to their crypto channels right away.


BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy crypto channel is the largest crypto channel on Youtube with almost 700.000 subscribers in March 2021.

Make sure to join before they get to 1.000.000 since they will give away 1 Bitcoin at that time.

BitBoy is covering everything regarding crypto and he has a really deep knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Sometimes his Youtube streams can be a bit long because they can last over 1 hour. However, there are timestamps and you don’t have to listen to the complete show.

See the BitBoy intro video below.

MM Crypto

MM crypto is a crypto trading Youtube channel by Christopher Jaszczynski.

Chris has over 300.000 subscribers and is focusing on technical analysis.

There are some great free tutorial videos on how to trade Bitcoin. 

If you are interested in technical analysis you should sign up with MM Crypto Youtube channel.

The Moon

The Moon Youtube channel is run by a Swedish bitcoin investor and trader, Carl Runefelt.

The Moon Youtube channel is focusing on Bitcoin news and Bitcoin price.

Carl is a technical analysis expert and in every video he does Bitcoin technical analysis suitable even for beginners.

He covers daily BTC news & crypto news, and some general technical and fundamental cryptocurrency analysis.



DataDash is a cryptocurrency trader that provides regular crypto tech analysis. The account does not concentrate its interest towards top cryptos only but on the general market as well. He uses Trading View as a charting platform for tech investigation of cryptocurrencies. Mostly, he uploads new content several times a week, which pushed him to be the top followed crypto trading YouTuber.

YouTube channel: DataDash

See one of the most popular video posts by datadash below about crypto trading for newbies.


The Chart Guys

Whereas DataDash publishes every day or so, TheChartGuys are much more frequent with their uploads. The YouTube channel, which has about 108k subscribers, mainly targets beginners in the crypto trade. Their technical analysis touches upon large cryptos and market overall. Much like other uploaders, the account mainly uses Trading View as a base chart for all tech investigations.

YouTube channel: TheChartGuys

The Right Trader

The Right Trader provides general technical investigation results through a series of themed videos. Instead of daily analysis, the account provides greater insight according to the event that is under investigation. He works out trends in numerous cryptos, even those that are less-known that top 10. With 51k followers, this account is a force to reckon with at any case.

YouTube channel: The Right Trader



For those looking for intermediate or expert trading tips, Philakone might be a good choice for you to watch. However, most of his videos work out trends and price movements of Bitcoin (BTC). New content is regular, coming off on daily basis. The analysis itself uses Trading View for chart explanations.

YouTube channel: Philakone


Tone Vays

This channel uses humor, as well as series TA analysis of the crypto market. If you wish to get a good laugh and learn how to conduct a charting investigation, Tone Vays is a YouTuber to watch. He is much more aggressive than Philakone as he advocates for BTC while trashing other digital coins. However, with almost 80k subscribers, his opinion should definitely be under your radar.

YouTube channel: Tone Vays

Hajejin lee

Haejin Lee, unlike Tone Vays and Philakone, does not concentrate on one crypto but spreads his analysis accords the market. The TA from this YouTuber uses Trading View (as everyone else) for charting and market analysis. Additionally, he uploads several times a day, with content being fairly regular for the past year.

YouTube channel: Haejin Lee


CryptoCred focuses mostly on the educational part of the TA analysis. Explaining different indicators, this channel is an important to source of knowledge for those just starting with crypto trade. He uses Trading View as a basis for charting lessons. However, reviews of the market are rare, as the account mostly concentrates on educating his followers.

YouTube channel: Crypto Cred


Cryptobud offers his take on the industry through themed videos, often reviewing bitcoin and top altcoins though his TA. His uploads come in sparingly, twice to three times a week so far. He uses Trading View as well, while most of his explanations tend to hold qualitative information, as well as statistical measurements.

YouTube channel: Cryptobud

Arcance Bear

For Bitcoin traders, Arcane Bear is a YouTube channel to go for and watch, as he analyzes BT^C the most. Other coins do have their time but sparingly so far. Additionally, the TA analysis videos come in quite frequently, often several times a day, depending on the market trends.

YouTube channel: Arcance Bear


Taking a look at the interview with Charlie Lee (Litecoin’s creator) one does understand he holds influence within trading circles. Crypto Hedge focuses on large cryptos in terms of risk mitigation and price predictions. His videos range in lengths but mostly, they are quite long, compared to other YouTubers from our list.

YouTube channel: CryptoHedge

Bitcoin Trading Challenge

Bitcoin trading challenge seeks to train viewers ion crypto trading, more than it provides regular news about the market. Thus, most of the videos come in sparingly, few times a week at most. However, that is not to say that contents are of low quality, especially for beginners in TA. Using Trading View, YouTuber offers fresh insights on indicators, price predictions, and resistance levels.

YouTube channel: Bitcoin Trading Challenge


Posting several times a week, CryptoGnome mostly concentrates on trading platforms, rather than cryptos themselves. Although he does provide detailed TA, his videos are very short, up to 3 minutes on average. He also provides educational courses on TA, while market reviews are sparse to find.

YouTube channel: Crypto Gnome

Concluding Remarks on Youtube Channels

In this crypto guide, we went over the top YouTube channels to get free crypto trading analysis. As you can see there are numerous profiles that you can check out, each unique in their own right. However, keep in mind that opinions expressed by uploaders are their own personal take on the market. You should do the main analysis and draw your own conclusions.

You can complement your knowledge by reading our guides regarding top crypto trading Twitter accounts, Instagram profiles or the best subreddits on reddit for Crypto Trading.

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