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Welcome to our page with crypto market trading news and info. Here, we post the majority of all our articles. Here, you will find anything related to cryptocurrency trading and news. You will learn the basics about crypto and Bitcoin trading and you will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes. Also, we will review different trading platforms that we use ourselves.

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Crypto Market Trading Questions


What is the crypto trading blog about?

Our crypto trading blog covers everything related to Bitcoin and crypto trading, from beginners’ guides to crypto on social media to coin price predictions and crypto trading on an advanced level.

I am interested in a beginner’s guide to Bitcoin. Where can I find it?

We have the perfect beginner’s guide for you. Before you read our cryptocurrency trading for beginners, don’t start with crypto trading.

I am interested in the Bitcoin history price charts.

Sure, we did spend quite a lot of time summarizing a Bitcoin price history chart guide. We explain all major price fluctuations and also major technical events, such as lite halvings.

I am short of money. Is there any trading app offering some free starting capital?

Yes! Be careful with such offers because they are usually not in your favor. However, you will find some great offers on our page with the best Bitcoin sign-up bonuses.

I am interested in leverage trading. Where can I find the best Bitcoin leverage trading site?

First, make sure you understand the basics of cryptocurrency trading, including crypto trading risk management. After this, please read our guide about trading futures for Bitcoin.

What is crypto arbitrage trading?

Crypto arbitrage trading basically means buying Bitcoin on one exchange to sell it more expensively on another exchange. This might sound easier than it is, so we recommend you read our crypto trading arbitrage article before you apply this strategy.

On what site can I trade Ethereum with good spreads?

There are a few good trading sites for Ethereum that have excellent liquidity. If the trading volume is large, the liquidity is good. If the liquidity is good, the spreads are tight. Read more about the best Ethereum trading platform.

I want to buy Bitcoin on a trading site with low deposit fees. Where can I find it?

In general, all the best Bitcoin trading sites offer low fees for bank wire transfers or SEPA transfers. However, credit card fees vary widely, so you should definitely look into a guide before you buy Bitcoin with a credit card. Read our guide about the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin.

I want a secure crypto trading site. What should I look for?

If you don’t want to spend hours analyzing security features, the easiest option is to go with one of the largest and most famous trading sites. For example, Binance and Kraken are famous and have been around for several years. They also have a good reputation and are both legit trading sites that take security seriously. Read more about what trading sites are safe to use.