Bitcoin Technical Analysis

List: Best Bitcoin Technical Analysis and Forecasts 2020

In this article, we will list the best Bitcoin technical analysis for 2020. 

Technical analysis is often used for short term crypto price predictions. From hours to day and maximum weeks.

This is a perfect crypto trading strategy to use if you are about to do short term trading and maybe close several trades per day, like crypto day trading.

What is Bitcoin Technical Analysis?

Bitcoin technical analysis is simply technical analysis of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Technical analysis involves analyzing different trends in the market based on different technical indicators. Indicators can almost be anything but the most common is moving average and Bollinger bands.

Why should you care about technical analysis?

Here, we will list the best Bitcoin technical analysis for 2020.

However, why should you care about technical analysis?

Bitcoin technical analysis will tell you a lot about the current status of the Bitcoin markets. You will get information about if the market trend is negative or positive.

Also, you will get information about the momentum and how strong the current trend is.

Why is this important?

Its vary important because can avoid to invest in the large peaks and come into the market in the low bottoms. 

If you investment horizon is very long the most important is to diversify your investment over time. This will minimize your crypto trading risk a lot. (You split a $10.000 investment into four different buy occasions, for example).

But, if your investment strategy is more about buying and selling for short term to medium term you must involve technical analysis into your trading strategy.

List: Best Bitcoin Technical Analysis 2020

In this article, we will list the best Bitcoin technical analysis for 2020. 

Here, we mean the best in terms of most comprehensive analysis in different ways. The best doesnt mean the most positive, or the highest predictions.

Lets list the sites where you can get the best Bitcoin technical analysis.


TradingView Bitcoin Technical Analysis 2020

Tradingview is the place to be if you are about to dive deep into the best Bitcoin technical analysis for 2020 and forward.

Basically, its a forum and social media channel for crypto technical analysis.

Tradingview Bitcoin technical analysis and forecasts by yop authors

Investtech Automatic Bitcoin Technical Analysis 2020

Investtech makes automatic technical analysis very frequently. Its a great resource if you want to look.

Since they are automatic they are very reproducible and no emotions or human mistakes are involved. It can be a great source if you want to a reliable source that always deliver and also deliver based on the same predetermined criteria.

The weakness is, of course, that it might not adopt the technical analysis for the current market situation, day to day.

Investtech deliver their Bitcoin technical analysis in three different formats, based on three different terms, as you can see in the bullet list below.

  • Short Term
  • Medium Term
  • Long Term
As you can see in the screenshot from Investtech below, you can easily browse between the different charts.
Also, there is additional information, such as, if the overall trend is negative or positive and if the risk is high or low. This information is displayed in the upper right corner of the screenshot.
Investtech Bitcoin automated technical analysis screenshot

FXempire Automatic Bitcoin Technical Analysis 2020

FXempire updates their Bitcoin technical analysis for 2020 on a weekly basis.

FXempire is a huge player in the online trading industry. They have a lot of services regarding trading and cryptocurrency trading.

Below, you can see how you browse over to crypto and bitcoin technical analysis from their header menu. Just click “Forecasts” and you will get the full spectra of technical analysis and forecasts from FXempire.


FXempire Bitcoin technical analysis screenshot from header menu

Bitcoin Technical Analysis 2020 from Chart Guys on Youtube

Chart Guys is one of the most popular pure technical analysis Youtube channels.

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