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The best Crypto Trading blog is presented below. We cover everything related to cryptocurrency trading, such as crypto trading strategies, crypto trading bots, crypto trading tax software and crypto trading tools. 

What is our Crypto Trading blog?

What is a crypto trading blog?

Its a blog about crypto trading and related topics.

What topics does Cryptocointrade crypto blog cover?

Our blog covers everything related to crypto trading. It can be crypto trading bots, crypto trading tax software, crypto trading regulations, crypto trading strategies, crypto trading software tools and much more.

What is a profitable crypto trading strategy?

There is not a single profitable crypto trading strategy. There are multiple trading strategies and each one of them can be profitable. However, we as human beings are different and need to find what strategy is best for each of of us. Of course, we have articles on this topic – crypto trading strategies.

What is a crypto trading software or reporting software?

A crypto trading software is a software that connects to all your exchanges via an API. It collects all your reports and present it in one view. On top of this, it can automatically generate the tax report for you. And yes, you guess right, we have another blog post about reporting crypto tax with software.

What is a crypto trading software tool?

There are many different software tools to help you with your crypto trading analysis and price predictions. We did write a blog posts about the best crypto trading tools.

What is a crypto trading deposit bonus or offer?

Many new crypto traders are looking for a welcome bonus or sign up offer to help them boost their initial investment. Also, many companies do offer this to attract new investors and crypto traders. We did summarize all the best bitcoin bonuses and offer for 2020 in a blog post. Remember, that there is always a free bonus you just can sign up and collect. You always need to commit something in return and often it does involve to make a turnover or similar. Always read terms and conditions to understand what you agree on. Our intention is always to publish the best offers for you and we will always do our best to avoid scam offers that are too good to be true. Also, we will not publish offers that are too bad to be published. An offer must be worth signing up for.

What does it mean to short Bitcoin?

When you short an asset you speculate in a decrease in price. You will profit from a decrease in price and your intention should be to close your position at a lower price. Read our full guide on how to short Bitcoin.

What is a coin price prediction?

A crypto coin prediction is a guess or estimation of the price in the future. In the cryptocurrency market there are many guesses and the analysis are sometimes questionable since its a new market and its driven a lot by speculation. However, we have tried to summarize all the best crypto coin predictions for each cryptocurrency and also comment on each.

I want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, where do I start?

We did write a guide on how to start trading cryptocurrency.

I dont find what I am looking for

Send us an email at and we will help you to find what you are looking for . Either on our site or an external site.

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