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Best AI Scalping Bot for Trading Crypto

We discuss the best AI crypto trading bot with the best track record for scalping trading.

  • There are not many crypto trading bots that have implemented AI
  • Quadency and Pionex have most developed AI trading bots
  • Cryptohopper has implemented a feature they call AI, but it is not pure AI
  • B-cube ai has a whitelist to join while waiting for their AI crypto bot release

List: Best Crypto Scalping Trading Bots

Below is the list of crypto scalping trading robots, some with an ai function. 

What is a crypto scalping trading bot?

The crypto trading scalping strategy is a trading style that focuses on profiting off of small price changes and making a fast profit off reselling.

In crypto day trading, scalping is a term for a crypto trading strategy to prioritize making high volumes off small profits.

Summary Crypto Scalping Bot

  • Crypto scalping traders need a strict exit strategy. This is because one significant loss could eliminate the many small gains the trader worked to obtain.
  • It´s essential to have an accurate and fast live feed.
  • Scalping also requires a fast crypto exchange with high trading volume.
  • With frequent trading and small profits, you want to search for the crypto exchange with the lowest crypto spot trading fees.

Crypto Scalping Trading Bot Strategy

In the crypto trading grid above there is an example of a crypto scalping trading bot. Here, you can see how crypto trading bot profiting off of small price changes and making a fast profit off reselling.

Pionex logo

Pionex AI crypto trading bot

Pionex has several years of experience working on crypto trading bots.

Now, they are training their own model with OpenAI. By talking to Pionex GPT, you can generate trading ideas and strategies.

Quadency AI scalping trading bot

Quadency has created Cody. Cody is an AI Trading Assistant. Here, you can write trading strategies in plain English, and Cody will convert them to Python code and run!

Or, you can tell Cody your strategy. Cody trades. It’s that simple.

cryptohopper crypto trading bot logo 2

CryptoHopper AI scalping trading bot

CryptoHopper’s AI feature analyses all the strategies you feed it and can decide on its own which one it should use.

Feed the AI with hundreds of strategies, using signals and even TradingView.

Combine all of these and import them into your AI.

  1. Feed strategies
  2. Learn Automatically
  3. Adapt changes


b-cube ai crypto trading bot logo

B-cube AI scalping trading bot

B-cube ai is about to release AI meta bots.

B-cube ai claims AI Meta Bots will be a revolutionary trading bot that automatically allocates funds to assets, selects the direction of a position in a trade, and self-adapts to market conditions by re-balancing.

Join the waitlist today!

What is an ai crypto trading robot?

A crypto trading robot is a crypto trading bot leveraging an ai function.

AI systems generally work by ingesting large amounts of labeled training data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and using these patterns to predict future states.

In trading, an AI platform can identify complex trading patterns on a massive scale across multiple markets in real time. 

So, an AI crypto trading bot can find too complex patterns for a human being. In addition, the AI would be able to make decisions based on those patterns and not only on a set or pre-programmed set of rules, as is the case for ordinary crypto trading bots.

What is a trading track record?

A trading track record is a historical performance of a trader or a trading portfolio.

What is considered a good track record in trading?

First, we must explain that it´s not only crucial with high ROI; you always have to take risk into account. Risk can be measured as volatility (maximum drawdown). Also, we have to compare with something other than 0% ROI, such as a stock index. The stock index is easy to access from most parts of the world and has high trading volumes, so most traders can follow the index.

Making 25% per year annualized with low correlation to the market for three years, with a 10% maximum drawdown, and being profitable 90% of the months (Up 33 months out of the last 36) is an example of a fantastic record.

Risks with AI crypto trading bot and scalping trading

Exclamation sign for risks associated with shorting Bitcoin on Binance

There are some risks with AI crypto trading bots and scalping strategies, even if the track record might be good.

What are some of those risks?

  • Just because it´s, AI doesn’t mean it´s profitable.
  • Just because a crypto trading bot has a solid track record historically, it doesn´t mean it will perform well in the future.
  • Even if you have a trading bot with predefined rules, it might not act as you predict. There are always bugs and misunderstandings.

Pay tax on crypto trading

In most jurisdictions, you must pay tax on your profitable crypto trades.

Since a crypto trading bot can make several trades per minute, it can be time-consuming to manually sort out all the taxes.

However, there is excellent crypto tax software to automate this process. 

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