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Best Free Crypto Bonus For Signing Up 2023 – No Deposit Registration

This article lists the best free crypto bonus for signing up with some of the top Bitcoin and altcoin trading sites in 2023. 

  • List of all available crypto SignUp bonuses
  • Step-by-step instructions for each signup bonus
  • General information about signup bonuses

Crypto Signup Bonuses

*Each crypto signing up bonus comes with specific terms and conditions. Read more below.

**These trading platforms offer some of the best free crypto trading bots. You can set up an automated strategy by yourself or use an AI’s help.

How to Claim Each Crypto Bonus?

Below, we have written detailed instructions on how to claim the different crypto signing-up bonuses and offers.

Get a $30.000 free crypto sign-up bonus from Bybit.

Bybit focuses most on derivative trading products and is one of the best crypto leverage trading platforms.

With ByBit, you can get up to $30.000 by completing simple tasks. 

Step 1: Sign up as a new user

Step 2: Fulfill the deposit and trading criteria to unlock bonuses within 14 days

Step 3: Claim their bonuses in our Rewards Hub!


  • Deposit $100, Trade $500=10 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $500, Trade $800=20 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $1K, Trade $2K=50 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $3K, Trade $6K=100 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $10K, Trade $40K=350 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $20K, Trade $200K=800 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $100K, Trade $8M=5K USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $125K, Trade $50M=8,8K USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $150K, Trade $75M=15K USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $250K, Trade $150M=30K USDT Bonus

Read more about Bybit, KYC levels, country restrictions, fees, and more in our Bybit review.

Bybit also arranges significant crypto events with rewards

➤Do you believe in a bear market? Then, read about how to go short on Bybit.

Bitget $30.000 Signup Bonus

  • $150: Deposit $ 3,000 The Trading volume ≥ $ 20,000 
  • $700: Deposit $ 15,000 The Trading volume ≥ $ 300,000 
  • $2000: Deposit $ 55,000 The Trading volume ≥ $ 10M 
  • $9000: Deposit $ 100,000 The Trading volume ≥ $ 60M
  • $30.000: Deposit $ 200,000 The Trading volume ≥ $ 220M 
The Bitget signup deposit bonus will be released as a Bitget trading bonus.

Trading Fee Discount: -20%

Sign up with us to get -20% off all futures and spot trading fees on Bitget!

BTCC $11.000 Bonus + 40% Trading Fees + Spinning Wheel

1. Spinning Wheel BTCC – Win 1 BTC

Please read the full terms about the spinning wheel in our BTCC review.

2. 40% Trading Fees BTCC

Sign up with BTCC on Cryptocointrade and get 40% of trading fees in the first month.

3. $11.000 BTCC Bonus


1. This promotion is only eligible for newly registered users

2. Deposits can be made in the following cryptocurrencies are valid for this promotion: USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP and Fiat currencies. The accumulated deposit of the total amount would be calculated within (1 Hour) period starts from the first deposit transactions.

3. Trading Bonus can only be used to offset 25%~70% of futures trading fees, all bonuses will be clear when applying for withdrawal.

4. Once a bonus is applied to a trading account, it can only be used for no longer than 30 days.The bonus will be credited to the user’s account within 5 days. If the bonus does not arrive after 5 days, please get in touch with our online customer service team for assistance.

5. Only 1 Bonus per account.

6. Only 1 Bonus per Household: any multiple trading bonus applied to the same IP address and household will be removed.

7. Trading Bonus percentage will be 40%, intended as a discount on trading fees for futures trading.

8. Maximum Bonus amount, intended as discount on trading fees for futures trading, is 11,000 USDT or equivalent.

9. BTCC reserves the right to final interpretation of the trading bonus. If any malicious behavior is detected, BTCC has the right to take disciplinary action against the account involved with the intent of recovering any losses.

Bydfi crypto exchange logo

BYDFi Bonus – Limited Time

BYDFi Instant bonuses:

  • A $50 futures coupon upon completion of the KYC.
  • When you first trade futures on the platform, you get a $50 futures coupon.
  • American and Canadian users get a $100 futures coupon in addition to the first one.

Transaction bonuses:

  • $50 for completing a perpetual trade.
  • $10 for sharing profitable orders on social media (daily task).
  • 10% of monthly loss is reimbursed as futures coupons, up to $500 per month (KYC limit).

Deposit bonuses:

  • 10% of the coupons spent is reimbursed as a futures coupon (up to 50 USDT/month).
  • $2,000 futures coupon for depositing 200,000 $USDT.
  • $30,000 futures coupon for depositing 1,000,000 $USDT.

Citizens of the following countries are eligible:

United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Israel.

This is an excellent opportunity if you are lucky to be from one of these countries. Here, you can get 100-150 dollars to trade on futures instantly and $60-$30000 more after doing some simple stuff on the platform. On top of that, 10% of your monthly deposit amount and 10% of your monthly loss are reimbursed.

KuCoin Signup Code: Up to 3200 USDT and -20%

Start trading to get up to 3,200 USDT in rewards with Kucoin!

  1. Sign Up – Complete receiving 0.1-100 USDT in rewards to withdraw.
  2. First Crypto Deposit/Purchase – Complete to receive up to 0.1-700 USDT in rewards. 0.1-400 USDT for withdraw and the rest in 10 USDT Futures Deduction per Coupon
  3. First Trade – Complete to receive up to 1,400 USDT in rewards. 0.1-800 USDT for withdrawing. The remaining bonus are 7D Time-Limited Coupons. Coupons include futures deduction coupons, VIP Lv2 trial coupons, trading bot rebate coupons, KuCoin Earn rate-up coupons, spot deduction coupons, etc. There is also a chance of getting 5 USDT in additional trial funds!
  4. Pro Trading Tasks – Complete to receive 0.1-1.000 USDT in rewards to withdraw.
Read KuCoin VS Binance to compare fees, account and login security, leverage trading, and features.

Binance Referral Code: Get -20% Commission Kickback

Binance trading site is one of the best crypto trading platforms. 

They have excellent liquidity, many trading features, and low fees. 

With our referral code, you will get the best deal on the market, and that is -20% off all fees Binance ever will charge you.

What is Binance’s commission kickback rate: 20%?

When you sign up with Cryptocointrade, you will get

Binance Welcome Bonus $600

To receive the spot cashback vouchers:

  • $5 : Make a first-time deposit of ≥$100 within 5 days
  • $25: Spot trade of ≥ $1K within 7 days
  • $70: Spot trade of ≥ $50K within 7 days

To receive futures cashback vouchers:

  • $50: Futures trade of ≥ $50K within 7 days
  • $150: Futures trade of ≥$1M within 7 days
  • $300: Futures trade of ≥$5M within 7 days

What is Binance cashback voucher and how to use it?

Once you receive your cash and/or cashback voucher, visit your Reward Center to see your vouchers’ value, expiry date, and eligible products.

Huboi 241 USDT SignUp Bonus

  • $2 Sign-up Reward – Get a 2 USDT Cashback Voucher after signup
  • $2 ID Verification Reward – Get a 2 USDT Cashback Voucher by completing L1 KYC verification
  • $5 Deposit Reward – Win a 5 USDT Cashback Voucher by making a deposit of any amount
  • $2 Futures Deposit Reward – Earn 2 USDT Cashback Voucher by completing your first futures deposit of ≥200 USDT
  • $100 Futures Trading Reward – Score up to 100 USDT by completing your first futures trade of ≥500 USDT
  • $100 Spot trading reward – Grab up to 100 USDT by completing your first spot trade
  • $30 Spot trading reward – Get 2 Cashback Vouchers (worth 10 USDT + 20 USDT) if your total spot trading volume is ≥1,000 USDT

Huboi 30% Trading Fee Discount

Use our referral link to get the following:
  • 30% Trading fee rebate on the Spot market
  • 30% Trading fee rebate on the Futures market

Gate IO SignUp Bonus

  • $20 P2P Trading: Complete the first P2P trade > $100 to get 20 Points
    P2P Trading: 
  • $ 10 Copy Quantitative Strategy: Copy a strategy in the Trading Bots for the first time. The task will be completed when a transaction is made, and 10 Points will be rewarded.
  • $10 Copy Trading: Copy trade for the first time to get 10 Points

Gate IO Trading Discount Code: -20%

With our referral link, you will get

  • -20% off all spot trading fees charged by
  • -20% off all futures trading fees

Read more about how to reduce your trading fees further and all Gate IO trading features in our Gate IO review.

Up to 1000 USDT in Futures Trading Bonus

Random Rewards 5-30 USDT
First single transfer ≥ 500 USDT, and maintain a net transfer-in of at least 500 USDT for seven consecutive days and Total trading volume ≥ 10,000 USDT.

Random Rewards 10-50 USDT
First single transfer ≥ 1,000 USDT, and maintain a net transfer-in of at least 1000 USDT for 7 consecutive days and Total trading volume ≥ 120,000 USDT.

Random Rewards 30-100 USDT
First single transfer ≥ 3,000 USDT, and maintain a net transfer-in of at least 3000 USDT for 7 consecutive days and Total trading volume ≥ 600,000 USDT.

Random Rewards 50-200 USDT
First single transfer ≥ 6,000 USDT, and maintain a net transfer-in of at least 6000 USDT for 7 consecutive days and Total trading volume ≥ 1,500,000 USDT.

Get 5 USDT
7-Day Futures Cumulative Trading Volume. Complete futures cumulative trading volume ≥ 100,000 USDT and receive a 5 USDT reward!

Get 30 USDT
7-Day Futures Cumulative Trading Volume. Complete futures cumulative trading volume ≥ 3,000,000 USDT and receive a 30 USDT reward!

Get 40 USDT
7-Day Futures Cumulative Trading Volume. Complete futures cumulative trading volume ≥ 4,000,000 USDT and receive a 40 USDT reward!

Get 5 USDT
Experience Flash Close for the First Time. Complete your first Flash Close to receive 5 USDT!

Get 5 USDT
Utilise Take Profit & Stop Loss. Complete your first-experience of placing a TP/SL order to receive 5 USDT!

Get 10 USDT
Total Futures Trading Volume (≥ 21x). Apply ≥ 21x leverage and accumulate a total futures trading volume ≥ 50,000 USDT in 7 days to receive 10 USDT reward!

Get 10-500 USDT
Cumulative Futures Trading Value. Complete futures cumulative trading volume ≥ 6,000,000 USDT and receive a random 10-500 USDT reward!

Get 150 USDT
Cumulative Futures Trading Value. Complete futures cumulative trading volume ≥ 10,000,000 USDT and receive a 150 USDT reward!

Get $25 from Mobile App have one desktop application and one mobile application, and they also offer 2 different referral bonuses on each one of them.

  • mobile app referral bonus: Get $25 when you stake CRO for a Rube metal VISA card (350 EURO stake required). You will get your stake back once you opt out from the VISA card staking.

Additional benefits with the Ruby metal VISA card: You will get a 2% payback on all purchases and 100% free Spotify. Also, 4 visits to Airport lounges with Priority Pass is included. App Referral code: cryptocointrade

Get $50 CRO from Exchange desktop exchange referral code bonus rewards, requirements, and instructions.

  • Bonus: Signup bonus paid in CRO equal to $10 or $50
  • Stake: CRO staking requirements to be eligible for the signup bonus
  • Verification: KYC requirements for the signup bonus
When you are staking CRO in the exchange, you will benefit from lower exchange trading fees and 10% APR staking rewards paid out daily. Also, see our exchange review.
  • Stake 1000-4999CR: $10 Bonus
  • Stake ≥5000 CRO: $50 Bonus Exchange Referral code: cryptocointrade

CEX IO Signup bonus

Below are a few ways to become eligible and receive incremental Welcome Bonuses on Exchange Plus:

  1. Register on Exchange Plus to receive 10 USDT.

  2. Make your first deposit worth at least 10 USDT on Exchange Plus to receive 20 USDT.

  3. Conduct your first trade worth at least 10 USDT on Exchange Plus to receive 20 USDT.

Deribit Referral Code Promo: -10% Discount on Trading Fees

Deribit is the most famous crypto trading platform for trading options.

Options are similar but, at the same time, different from futures.

You are speculating on a future price.

However, options allow you to buy or sell the crypto in the future.

A future contract is mandatory to buy or sell the asset at a predetermined price.

Read more about the best crypto option trading platforms or Deribit review.

Morpher Deposit Bonus: $750

Steps to claim your $750 Bonus

  1. Create an account
    1. Deposit via PayPal and receive a 10% deposit bonus of up to $750. The maximum deposit per day is $1000. (Your funds will be locked for withdrawals for 185 days. Make sure to understand the full terms and conditions)

Read more in our Morpher App Trading Review.

GMX – Decentralized Perpetual Crypto Exchange

There are no KYC requirements at the moment.
Trade with leverage up to 50x.
Sign up with us and get a -5% discount on trading fees!
Read more in the GMX review.

dydx – Decentralized Perpetual Crypto Exchange

Sign up with us and get a 5% discount on trading fees!
Read more in the dYdX review.

ApeX 5% Discount Code

ApeX Pro is a decentralized exchange(DEX) built on the ApeX Protocol, a permissionless platform launched on Arbitrum in early 2022 that uses an order book trading model.

ApeX Pro offers several unique benefits for traders, including zero gas fees, access to leverage, and minimal slippage.

Read more in the ApeX Pro review.

QuickPerps 5% Discount Code

➤QuickPerps is QuickSwap’s decentralized Perpetual Exchange built on Polygon zkEVM.

➤Here, you can trade perpetual crypto contracts at a low cost with leverage of up to 50x.

Trade spot with market swaps and limit orders

See the full QuickPerps review.

Phemex $50 SignUp Bonus

$5 Copy Trading Voucher – Follow any trader for the first time and get a $5 contract cashback voucher.

$5 Social Media Voucher – Follow Phemex’s Twitter account and RT our pinned tweet to get a $5 Spot Voucher.
$10 Basic Deposit Voucher – Make a single deposit of >=$50 to get a $10 spot cashback voucher.
$4.4 – Learn & Earn Reward – 
Complete quizzes on basic crypto concepts and receive rewards. 22 Courses 
$10 Spot Trading Voucher – 
Make a single spot trade of >=$100 to get a $10 Spot Cashback Voucher.
$20 Contract Trading Voucher – 
Make a single contract trade of >=$500 to get a $20 Contract Cashback Voucher.
Pre-Mining Rewards
Get whitelisted to mint your Phemex Soul Pass, then begin pre-mining to share 100 million xPT. From the 1 billion total Phemex Token supply, 10% or 100 million tokens will be allocated for pre-mining as xPT. xPT will be converted to on-chain PT on a 1:1 basis in 2023 Q3.

Luno Deposit Bonus: $25

  1. Sign up with Luno and enter the code: 36R8KZ under “Rewards” and “Enter Code”
  2. Deposits and buy €250 in crypto from Luno’s Instant Buy or Sell (Luno Exchange not included)
  3. You will get €25.00 in free Bitcoin as a reward

Crypto Trading Technical Analysis Best Sign-Up Offers

TradingView $15 Discount Code

Use our referral code to get invited to TradingView
Register now to receive $15 when you purchase a subscription.

Crypto Trading Bots Best Sign-Up Offers

Wunderbit trading bot logo

WunderBit 30% off referral code

Wunderbit is a platform with several different tools for trading that will help you automate any Tradingview script into a crypto trading bot. This tool allows you to create your strategies, back-test them and easily automate your cryptocurrency trading.

Read more about WunderBit in our post about crypto trading bots.

Sign up with us and get 30% off with code: cryptocointrade

Altrady logo

Altrady 10% off Signup code

Altrady is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading software. Here, you can trade on multiple exchanges with one account.

In addition, you can track your performance and improve your trading. Altrady is a crypto trading software for beginners and expert traders. Read more about Altrady in our article about crypto trading tools.

Sign up with us and get 10% off with code: COINTRADE

Crypto Trading Tax Software Offers

Koinly 30% Discount Code

Koinly is a simple and very user-friendly automated crypto tax software. Compared to Cointracking, Koinly is cheaper and supports more exchanges and wallets in fewer countries. Read a full comparison of Koinly VS Cointracking.

Koinly has a FREE version for up to 10.000 transactions.

Available in 20+ countries
Free report preview
Form 8949 & Schedule D
TurboTax & TaxAct
HMRC / ATO / CRA Report

Read the full Koinly app review.

Crypto tax Software Cointracking logo

Cointracking 10% off Signup code

Cointracking is one of the best and oldest crypto tax software on the market.

In most countries, you will get everything you need to file a complete and correct tax report.

In addition, they are connected to many different tax reporting and auditing companies.

Read more about the best crypto tax software.

Coinledger crypto tax software logo

Coinledger 10% Discount Code

Use this Coinledger promo code for a 10% discount: CRYPTOTAX10

General information about free crypto bonuses

This article will discuss how you can start your crypto trading career with a free sign-up bonus.

We will cover what is essential to consider when some bitcoin trading sites and exchanges offer different types of crypto trading bonuses. We will clarify the additional terms Bitcoin deposit bonus, free, or no deposit welcome bonus. 

Generally, you should pay attention to these offers because there are always special terms and conditions that must be met before withdrawing the bonus. It would be best if you never thought you would get free money without consideration. 

Furthermore, this can be an excellent way to get an addition to your first trading account, which does not entail any extra sacrifices if you still intend to start trading with a broker.


This crypto trading guide will explain what a bonus means and how to think about a trading bonus. First, we will answer these questions:

• What is a free crypto sign-up bonus?

• What are the different types of Bitcoin trading bonuses?

• Is it worth looking for a Bitcoin Trading bonus?

• What counter-claims are there?

• Which trading platforms offer the best bitcoin bonuses?

What is a free crypto sign-up bonus?

A free crypto sign-up bonus is a contribution from a trading broker to your trading account. The following section discusses many different names or definitions of trading bonuses. In addition, the companies offer different types of bonuses to attract beginners and first-time traders. 

It can be a good addition if you want to test a crypto trading platform or if you are a beginner who wants to get some extra capital to start your crypto trading career. 

It should not be considered free money because it always requires a counterpart. However, they can be seen as an addition that can, if well used, be a precious addition to your trading account.

Is it worth looking for a crypto trading bonus?

Best Bictoin Trading Bonus_Man Holding Bitcoins

There are different names and different definitions of different types of bonuses. You must be aware of the bonus you are offered. We will discuss the other Bitcoin bonuses:

• Bitcoin deposit bonus

• Free Bitcoin Bonus

• No deposit Bitcoin welcome bonus


A bitcoin deposit bonus means that they must deposit to get the reward. Then there is a requirement that you wager the deposit a certain number of times before withdrawing the bonus. A deposit bonus is the most common bonus type. This type of bonus often expresses a certain percentage and a maximum—for example, a 100% Bitcoin deposit bonus up to 0.01 BTC. The bonus offer means the company doubles your deposit with a maximum of 0.01 BTC.

Free Bitcoin Bonus means you get free Bitcoin to the account by signing up. Viewing free bitcoin bonuses cautiously would be best, as less severe actors usually offer this. Still, sometimes prominent players can run large campaigns with similar offers.

No deposit Bitcoin welcome bonus is another word for Free Bitcoin Bonus.

Is it worth looking for a Bitcoin Trading bonus?

If you are an experienced trader looking for a new platform, there is no value in looking for bonuses. Instead, it is much better to spend time on the critical factors of your trading, such as finding the lowest crypto spot trading fees.

If you are beginning a trading career, it can be a way to utilize these bonuses because you minimize your trading risk and get the chance to test different crypto trading platforms. It is also for these traders that bonuses exist from the beginning.

What terms and conditions are there?

Generally, the list below mentions things about terms and conditions regarding trading bonuses:

  • There are always terms and conditions. The terms and conditions require more from you if the bonus is higher. Companies do not give away money for free.
  • Simply put, when the terms and conditions are met, it can be said, in many cases, that the company has gone plus-minus zero on your trading and the bonus given. Thus, a $ 50 trading bonus means you will have paid about $ 50 in fees before withdrawing this money.

Summary – Best Bitcoin Trading Bonus

This article has discussed how to think about the Bitcoin trading bonus. We have demonstrated that this is most suitable for beginners who want to test trading and explore different platforms. 

Offers are usually not so good that you must find platforms offering bonuses. Either way, they can be a good addition at the beginning of a trading career and an excellent opportunity to get some space to make their first beginner’s break with little extra capital at the checkout. 

Also, don’t forget to check what is the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin.

Best Offers

*Terms and conditions apply. Read more on Offers page.

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