Best Crypto Corporate Trading Account for Business on Exchanges

Best Crypto Corporate Trading Account for Business on Exchanges

This is our article about your business’s best crypto corporate trading accounts.

  • Table of the best exchanges
  • What is a crypto corporate account?
  • How to put Bitcoin or Ether on your balance sheet?
  • How to spend Bitcoin?
  • How to accept Bitcoin as payment?
  • Crypto affiliate marketing

Best Crypto Corporate Trading Account for Business on Exchanges

In the table, you find the top three crypto exchanges for creating a corporate trading account for your business.

Some crypto exchanges call it enterprise account and some institutional account.

*See the Signup bonuses with terms and conditions from each of the best crypto trading sites.

What is a crypto corporate account?

A corporate account represents a corporate entity rather than an individual and allows users to fund their accounts with a corporate bank account.

Usually, crypto exchanges do not allow users to fund individual accounts through a corporate bank account or vice versa.

There are often two different KYC procedures on crypto exchanges.

  • KYC for individual accounts
  • KYC for corporate/enterprise or institutional account


Crypto Corporate KYC Verification and Documents

The KYC verification procedure is more complicated for corporate accounts than the KYC procedure for individual private accounts.

Here, you will be requested to submit various documents to pass the verification.

Documents usually requested for corporate account KYC verification are:

● Copy of certificate of incorporation
● Certificate of incumbency
● Copy of up-to-date list of Directors and Shareholders
● Information which Directors are authorized to sign an agreement on behalf of the Vendor and
the documents confirming their authorities
● Copy of Trust instrument in favor of UBO or a confirmation that UBO is not a nominal
● Copy of Certificate of Good Standing
● Copies of the passports of all the authorized Directors
● Tax certificate
● Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
● Copy of passports of all beneficial owners

Bitget Institution ID verification requirements

Bitget Institution ID verification requirements

Documents required for Bitget Institution verification

  • Essential Information (Registration number, country address etc)
  • Entity verification
  • Declaration

Bitget Institution account limits

  • 200 BTC daily withdrawal

Entity Verification on Binance

Enter your [Entity Name] and [Registration Number] as displayed on the official corporate documents and answer the questions, including the registered country/region, the legal form, registration number, nature of business, etc.

Generally, the Entity Verification includes 4 main steps:

  • Basic Information
  • Related Parties
  • Upload Documents
  • Fiat Enablement (optional)

Huobi Institution Verification Requirements

  • Basic Permissions: 24h amount limit:5BTC
  • Level 1 Basic Verification: 24h amount limit:1000BTC
  • Level 2 Advanced Verification: 24h amount limit:3000BTC
  • Special Verification for Fiat Currency:
  1. Withdrawal Limit 24h amount limit:3000BTC
  2. Fiat: Eligible for fiat deposits/withdrawals


  • Copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Anti-money laundering policy
  • Copy of up-to-date list of Directors and Shareholders Enterprise Verification Requirements

Please prepare the following documents for Corporate Verification:
1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. Letter of Authorization
3. Company ownership structure (showing the organization chart of all ultimate beneficiaries)
4. Register of Shareholders / Certificate of Incumbency/ Business Registry or equivalent to verify the UBO
5. Identification documents of directors, authorized representatives, and all ultimate beneficiaries (showing the ownership percentage or holding of over 25%)

Kucoin Enterprise Verification Procedure

  • Company registration certificate
  • Holding the company registration certificate and a handwritten note on paper on a selfie
  • List of board members with ID. The preferred documents are ID card, driver’s license, or passport.
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Performing Undertaking Agreement (PUA)

How to Include Bitcoin or Ether in Your Balance Sheet?


There’s no specific reference for including Bitcoin or Ether in your balance sheet. Also, there are different laws for different jurisdictions.

However, since they qualify as assets in many countries, the principles of accounting for assets will apply when you account for Bitcoin and Ether.

So, when purchased, Bitcoin or Ether should be added to your balance sheet at its fair market value.

You’ll reverse this process when you sell Bitcoin or Ether.

In other words, you’ll credit your assets account and debit your cash account with the amount you received when you sold it.

You should also credit a capital gains or loss account.

Crypto affiliate marketing accounts

many crypto trading sites offer affiliate and referral deals.

In the table below, we have summarized the best crypto affiliate deals.

Affiliate start: The deal starts at this number but it is possible to negotiate

Affiliate Share: As an affiliate, you get this cut but you can choose to share a part of it as trading fee discount with your audience

Best Offers

*Terms and conditions apply. Read more on Offers page.

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