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Best Crypto Tax Software

We present the best crypto tax software prices for automated reports and calculations.

  • Koinly is the best crypto tax software based on price, features, and Trustpilot score.
  • Get discount codes with Koinly, Cointracking, Coinledger and Coinpanda 
  • Koinly and Cointracking offer a free version but they are very limited in terms of tax reporting.

Since different governments have their tax policies, we recommend checking if your fiat currency and country laws are supported before you sign up and pay for a subscription with a crypto tax software.

Best Crypto Tax Software – Pricing and Promo Codes

In the table below, you can compare the best crypto tax software prices. 

Koinly and Cointracking are the most extensive crypto tax software, and they both have a free version with limited transactions to process and calculate tax for.

Crypto trading tax software Koinly logo
Crypto tax Software Cointracking logo

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**Cointracking has a low score on Trustpilot, but there are only 18 reviews. It has 4.7 on the App Store and 4.2 on Google Play.

What is crypto tax software?

➤Crypto tax software will automatically calculate all profits and losses from crypto spot trading and derivative trading.

➤The software automatically summarizes them into a report file suitable to upload directly to your tax authorities.

Tax software is also suitable to use as a crypto portfolio tracker.


Automated tax reporting with a software illustrated

What crypto tax software has a free version?

Best Free Crypto Tax Software Smiley Image

Koinly and Cointracking have a free version with limited transactions. See the table in the next section for complete information about free crypto tax software versions.

Is crypto tax software compatible with all cryptocurrencies?

Yes (almost)! Koinly and Cointracking support 20.000+ cryptocurrencies.

Is crypto tax software compatible with Defi?

Yes! Download a CSV or copy and paste the public address into your tax software.

Is crypto tax software compatible with centralized exchanges?

Yes! Export a CSV file with all transactions or create a read-only API key on the exchange and connect it to your tax software.

Is crypto tax software compatible with NFT transactions?

NFT and a digital painting on a wall

Yes, most of them support NFT trading!

Is crypto tax software compatible in my country?

Koinly and Cointracking have the most extensive global cover. You have to check yourself if your country is supported.

Does crypto tax software support interest-earning transactions?

Yes! Crypto tax software supports interest-earning transactions.

Does crypto tax software support staking rewards? Ethereum staking rewards image where a laptop receives eth tokens

Yes! Crypto tax software supports staking rewards transactions.

Do you have more questions?

See our extensive FAQ at the end of the article.

Crypto trading tax software Koinly logo

Koinly – Best Crypto Tax Software Review

➤Koinly has many features, including portfolio tracking, API data import

Koinly Portfolio Tracking

With Koinly tax software, you can view your total holdings and history across all your wallets and accounts. In addition, you can get up-to-date ROI and tax calculations all the time, so you always know your liabilities.

Get an overview of your ROI, mining, staking, lending, and other crypto income.

Also, you can easily follow profits and losses of capital gains for realized and unrealized ones.

Koinly Data Import – Auto VS Manual

Koinly crypto tax software supports automated data import via an API connection or manually via a CSV file. 

Automatic Data Import to Koinly

Add your BTC wallets using x/y/zpub keys and ETH tokens history Koinly track via your public address.

Koinly also handles margin trading and futures trading from all supported exchanges.

Koinly supports staking lending via Nexo and DeFi investments. Koinly recognizes and tags all your income correctly via an AI matching feature.

Manually Data Import to Koinly

Extract the transaction history from your exchange in a CSV file and download it to your computer.

Now, go to Koinly, select what exchange your CSV file represents, and upload it to your Koinly account.

Make sure the file represents the period you want to calculate taxes.

Koinly Crypto Tax Reports

With Koinly crypto tax software, you can preview your capital gains and taxes for free before generating real tax documents.

There are different tax documents and procedures for other countries. See more information regarding this in our Koinly review.

Koinly Error Reconciliation

Koinly has implemented a lot of smart functions to make sure to minimize all the errors and automatically handle them.

  • Double-entry ledger system. Every change in your asset balances is backed by an entry, making it easy to debug issues.
  • If there are missing transactions causing balances below zero, Koinly will detect and highlight this.
  • Koinly automatically checks and verifies your wallets via API to ensure all data has been imported correctly.
  • Duplicate handling. Koinly handles the same transactions, so there is no problem importing via API and manually via a CSV file.

Read the full Koinly tax report app review for US and Canadian users 2023.

Crypto tax Software Cointracking logo

Cointracking – One of the Best Crypto Tax Software

Cointracking specializes in portfolio tracking and reporting crypto tax services for businesses and traders. 

It offers its clients a wide range of products, including trade statistics, prices, reporting tools, balance calculations, and tax reports. 

You can automatically upload trading history via an API from all common crypto trading platforms. The main gist of the website is the ability to have a complete report and even a budget prepared for you.

Cointracking is one of the best crypto tax software and reporting apps on the market. Here are some numbers to prove that

  • 1,201,000 Active Users
  • 25,000 CPAs &
  • Corporate Clients
  • 13 Years of Historical Data
  • Coin Trends for 21,033 Coins
  • $41.5B Total Value of all Portfolios
In the image below, we have summarized the Cointracking features.

Personal Analysis on Cointracking

Cointracking offers personal tracking of your crypto portfolio possible to make in real-time with connected APIs. This feature is perfect for doing any tax planning at the end of the year.

  • 25 customizable crypto reports
  • Interactive charts for trades and coins
  • Profit/loss & Audit reports
  • Realized and unrealized gains

Trade Imports on Cointracking

There are many different manual and automatic import features to Cointracking from your exchanges, wallets or blockchain addresses.

  • Easy import from 110+ exchanges
  • Automatic import via APIs
  • Direct sync with the blockchain
  • Export in Excel, PDF, CSV, XML & JSON

Tax Declaration on Cointracking

Cointracking supports all possible crypto events in their tax reports and offers help with manual accountants.
  • Tax reports for 100+ countries
  • Capital Gains, Income, Mining, etc.
  • 13 Tax methods (FIFO, LIFO, AVCO…)
  • Tax export for CPAs and the tax office

Coin Charts & Trends on Cointracking

Cointracking offers many features to analyze cryptocurrencies trends and statistics, including

  • Chart history for all 21,033 coins
  • Always the latest prices for all coins
  • Top Coins by Trades and by Volume
  • Coin trends, statistics, and analysis

Professional Help on Cointracking

Cointracking supports more countries than any other crypto tax software. In addition, you can get manual professional help from tax accountants via 3rd party services worldwide.
  • Crypto tax laws for 100+ countries
  • Share your data with crypto tax advisors
  • Tax reviews by the Full-Service team
  • Detailed tutorials, video guides, and FAQ

Security & Encryption on Cointracking

Cointracking embraces all the standard security features to secure your data from leakage. Regarding API, you only share readable API keys.

  • Data and API encryption
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Create and restore trade backups
  • No access to your exchanges required

➤CoinLedger short facts (claimed by themselves)

➤400K Users

➤$70 Billion transactions processed

➤$50 million saved through tax-loss harvesting

CoinLedger Main Features

  • Save Money With Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • NFT Tax Software
  • Have a CoinLedger expert review your data 
  • Export to Your Tax Platform of Choice

How does CoinLedger work?

Step-by-step guide
  1. Import Your Wallets & Exchanges

  2. Classify Your Transactions Automatically

  3. Track Cost Basis And Historical Prices

  4. View Your Gains & Losses

  5. Download Your Tax Report


➤Coinpanda is a cryptocurrency tax software and portfolio tracker.

➤80K+ Investors
➤Free plan but only for 25 transactions

CoinPanda Main Features

  • Capital Gains Report
  • Mining, Staking, and Income
  • DeFi, NFT and metaverse
  • Futures and margin trading
  • International tax forms (+65 countries)

Bitcointaxes – Pure Crypto Tax Software

Crypto Tax Services for the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom

BitcoinTaxes is quite different from Cointracking, since it offers crypto tax services only. It provides help for traders originating from the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 

You have the option to import your transaction history and balance from the top Bitcoin trading sites and major exchanges, such as Coinbase, Gemini, Circle, Bitstamp, BTC-e, Bitfinex, Kraken, or CSV. The same service is available for the online wallet as well, which saves time from creating a new table by yourself.

The company offers tax models based on FIFO, LIFO, and average costing, which is flexible enough for most systems. 

The platform also has a competitive advantage over its reveals in terms of its partnerships with accountants. You have the opportunity to work with your personal tax advisor through a program called “Tax Accountants”.

The snapshot below represents a page for tax attorneys, where you can contact professional that operates in a U.S. state in which you live. 

Since different regions might have their own policies, it is important to collaborate with the right professional. Also, the page offers information regarding their history, experience and a link to their website.

pay tax on crypto trading bitcointaxes

The website does not require any sort of personal information from you nor are you obliged to provide scanned documents. It is thus important to note that, although it provides services, the platform itself does not prepare tax reports for you.

Best Crypto Tax Report Calculator Software for US Crypto Traders

The linked article below will present the best crypto tax report app for US customers. 

A crypto tax report app for US customers should have support for

  • Form 8949

  • Form 1040 (Schedule D, Capital Gains, and Losses)

  • Form 1099-MISC (Miscellaneous Income)

Best Crypto Tax Software

What is a crypto trading taxable event?

When you are trading cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to understand what a crypto-taxable event is.


Because this is an event that is mandatory to report in your tax filings and that can have large impact on your crypto balances if not treated correctly.

There are two different main categories for a crypto taxable event.

  1. Capital gains (This is when you buy, sell, trade)
  2. Ordinary income (earn crypto from job, mining, staking, lending)

The challenging part is to calculate all these events in USD at the time they occurred.

This is challenging since there are probably many different occasions at different points of time and the USD value is dynamic (changes all the time). You can read more about what  a taxable event and how crypto trading, earning, income and gain is taxed.

In this article, we focus on presenting the best crypto tax software to automate your tax report filings. 

Best Crypto Tax Software Prices and Automated Reports – Summary

This article provided our readers with a few different ways to simplify your crypto trading tax. We definitely think it is worth the cost to get cryptocurrency tax software to help you calculate obligations. 

Some platforms have a free option to try first. The important thing is investing in some software – it saves time by doing complex calculations in your stead, which can be pretty time-consuming and dull.

You can choose between the different price packages depending on how many trades you have per year. 

Remember that cryptocurrency tax laws change rapidly, so investigate them regularly. 

Included websites provide you with an online account to import all your transactions, which will fix the rest. We have a 4-step guide that describes this in the article, which helps to automate crypto tax calculations and filings with software.

Best Crypto Tax Software – FAQ

Is crypto tax software also a crypto portfolio tracker?

Many of the best crypto tax software have crypto portfolio tracking software and visuals. Check each crypto tax software before you sign up for what features are included in each price plan. We think Koinly is the most priceworthy crypto tax software. 

Does crypto tax software separate income reports from capital gains?

Yes, crypto tax software should have this feature. Koinly and several more have this feature included in most price plans. Check your crypto tax software and price plan before you purchase anything.

Is crypto tax software responsible for my tax report filing?

No, you will always be responsible for your tax report. Crypto tax software is a tool for helping you to automate tax calculations.

Can I get a refund from crypto tax software?

Some crypto tax software offers a refund within a limited time after the purchase. Make sure to test the crypto tax calculations as soon as you buy the software and make the complaint as quickly as possible. We think a refund is motivated if the complaint is reasonable within a week. Koinly has a clear refund policy.

What should I report as a crypto income tax?

Since there are different laws in different jurisdictions, there is not one correct answer to this question. The general answer is

  • getting paid in crypto
  • airdrop
  • staking rewards
  • interest 
  • mining rewards
  • referral income

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