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Best Crypto Tax Software Reviews and Discount Codes

We present the best crypto tax software prices for automated reports and calculations.

  • Koinly is the best crypto tax software based on price, features, and Trustpilot score.
  • Get discount codes with Koinly, Cointracking, Coinledger and Coinpanda 
  • Koinly and Cointracking offer a free version but they are very limited in terms of tax reporting.

Since different governments have their tax policies, we recommend checking if your fiat currency and country laws are supported before you sign up and pay for a subscription with a crypto tax software.

Best Crypto Tax Software – Pricing and Promo Codes

In the table below, you can compare the best crypto tax software prices. 

Koinly and Cointracking are the most extensive crypto tax software, and they both have a free version with limited transactions to process and calculate tax for.

Crypto trading tax software Koinly logo
Crypto tax Software Cointracking logo

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**Cointracking has a low score on Trustpilot, but there are only 18 reviews. It has 4.7 on the App Store and 4.2 on Google Play.

What is crypto tax software?

➤Crypto tax software will automatically calculate all profits and losses from crypto spot trading and derivative trading.

➤The software automatically summarizes them into a report file suitable to upload directly to your tax authorities.

Tax software is also suitable to use as a crypto portfolio tracker.

Automated tax reporting with a software illustrated

What crypto tax software has a free version?

Best Free Crypto Tax Software Smiley Image

Koinly and Cointracking have a free version with limited transactions. See the table in the next section for complete information about free crypto tax software versions.

Is crypto tax software compatible with all cryptocurrencies?

Yes (almost)! Koinly and Cointracking support 20.000+ cryptocurrencies.

Is crypto tax software compatible with Defi?

Yes! Download a CSV or copy and paste the public address into your tax software.

Is crypto tax software compatible with centralized exchanges?

Yes! Export a CSV file with all transactions or create a read-only API key on the exchange and connect it to your tax software.

Is crypto tax software compatible with NFT transactions?

NFT and a digital painting on a wall

Yes, most of them support NFT trading!

Is crypto tax software compatible in my country?

Koinly and Cointracking have the most extensive global cover. You have to check yourself if your country is supported.

Does crypto tax software support interest-earning transactions?

Yes! Crypto tax software supports interest-earning transactions.

Does crypto tax software support staking rewards?Ethereum staking rewards image where a laptop receives eth tokens

Yes! Crypto tax software supports staking rewards transactions.

Do you have more questions?

See our extensive FAQ at the end of the article.

Crypto trading tax software Koinly logo

Koinly – Best Crypto Tax Software Review

Koinly Dashboard Prinst Screen

➤Koinly has many features, including portfolio tracking, API data import

  • 23,000+ cryptocurrencies
  • 10+ years of prices
  • 170+ blockchains
  • 400+ exchanges
  • 100+ wallets
  • 30+ crypto services
  • Available in 20+ countries
  • Free report preview
  • Form 8949 & Schedule D
  • TurboTax & TaxAct
  • HMRC / ATO / CRA Report

Koinly’s tax software comprehensively views your crypto holdings across all wallets and accounts. It offers real-time ROI and tax calculations, allowing users to be consistently informed about their tax liabilities. The software covers various crypto activities, including spot trading, derivative trading, ROI, mining, staking, lending, etc. Users can easily track both realized and unrealized capital gains.

Koinly Data Import

Koinly facilitates both automatic and manual data imports. Automatic imports can be done using x/y/zpub keys for BTC wallets and public addresses for ETH tokens. The software efficiently manages data from margin and futures trading and supports staking and lending through platforms like Nexo and DeFi. It employs AI matching to tag crypto income accurately. Users can upload transaction history in CSV format specific to their desired tax calculation period for manual imports.

Koinly Tax Reports

Koinly allows users to preview capital gains and taxes for free. The software provides various tax documents tailored to different country regulations.

Error Reconciliation

Koinly is built with intelligent functionalities to minimize and address errors. It employs a double-entry ledger system for accurate balance tracking, detects missing transactions, verifies wallet data via API, and handles duplicate transactions, ensuring seamless data integration whether imported via API or CSV.

Crypto tax Software Cointracking logo

Cointracking Tax Software

Cointracking dashboard screenshot

Cointracking is a comprehensive cryptocurrency tax and portfolio tracking software. Established as one of the earliest tools of its kind, it caters to novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders and investors.

The platform offers an extensive feature set, including tracking real-time prices, gains, losses, and trends. Cointracking supports integration with almost all crypto exchanges, making it easier for users to import their transaction histories automatically.

One of its standout features is its detailed analysis, allowing users to gain deep insights into their portfolio’s performance. Its versatility extends to tax reporting, providing tools aligned with international tax regulations. While it offers a free version limited to 200 transactions, the pro version, which accommodates unlimited transactions, comes at a premium price. Though feature-rich, some users might find its interface to have a steeper learning curve than other platforms. 

CoinLedger Tax Software

  • 400K Users
  • $70 Billion transactions processed
  • $50 million saved through tax-loss harvesting
  • Save Money With Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • NFT Tax Software
  • Have a CoinLedger expert review your data 
  • Export to Your Tax Platform of Choice

Coinledger is a digital tax platform tailored for cryptocurrency traders and investors.
Designed to simplify the often-complex task of tracking and reporting cryptocurrency transactions, Coinledger offers integration with multiple exchanges, allowing for automatically importing transaction data.

One of its unique features is its analytical capabilities, providing users with in-depth insights into their portfolio’s health and performance. While relatively newer in the market compared to some competitors, Coinledger emphasizes user-friendliness alongside detailed reporting. It caters to individual crypto enthusiasts and professionals, ensuring tax compliance in various jurisdictions. 

Though it offers a comprehensive toolset, its pricing structure and specific features might vary, making it essential for potential users to review its offerings in detail.
Overall, Coinledger positions itself as a reliable and insightful crypto tax software for many users.

Coinpanda Tax Software

  • 80K+ Investors
  • Free plan but only for 25 transactions
  • Capital Gains Report
  • Mining, Staking, and Income
  • DeFi, NFT and metaverse
  • Futures and margin trading
  • International tax forms (+65 countries)

Coinpanda is one of the platforms in the crypto tax software space, and it has its strengths and areas where it might be lacking compared to competitors. Here’s a brief overview:

Unique Features of Coinpanda:

  1. Ease of Use: Coinpanda is known for its user-friendly interface. It’s designed to be intuitive, especially for beginners.

  2. Global Support: Coinpanda supports over 65 countries and has specific tax report templates for each, which is a significant advantage for non-U.S. users.

  3. Wide Range of Transactions: Beyond just buying and selling, Coinpanda supports a variety of transaction types including airdrops, staking, mining, gifts, and lost/stolen funds.

  4. Error Handling: Coinpanda has an error-handling mechanism where it can detect and highlight discrepancies in imported data.

  5. DeFi and NFT Support: Coinpanda keeps up with the evolving crypto landscape by offering support for DeFi platforms and NFT transactions.

Potential Limitations:

  1. Integration: While Coinpanda does support a wide range of exchanges and wallets, some users might find that it doesn’t cover some of the less common platforms they use.

  2. Advanced Analysis: For professional traders or those with vast portfolios, Coinpanda’s analytics might seem basic compared to more feature-rich platforms.

  3. Price Point: Depending on the number of transactions and the type of report needed, some users might find Coinpanda’s pricing to be on the higher side compared to other platforms offering similar features.

Best Crypto Tax Software

What is a crypto trading taxable event?

When you are trading cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to understand what a crypto-taxable event is.


Because this is an event that is mandatory to report in your tax filings and that can have large impact on your crypto balances if not treated correctly.

There are two different main categories for a crypto taxable event.

  1. Capital gains (This is when you buy, sell, trade)
  2. Ordinary income (earn crypto from job, mining, staking, lending)

The challenging part is to calculate all these events in USD at the time they occurred.

This is challenging since there are probably many different occasions at different points of time and the USD value is dynamic (changes all the time).

In this article, we focus on presenting the best crypto tax software to automate your tax report filings. 

Best Crypto Tax Software Prices and Automated Reports – Summary

This article provided our readers with a few different ways to simplify your crypto trading tax. We definitely think it is worth the cost to get cryptocurrency tax software to help you calculate obligations. 

Some platforms have a free option to try first. The important thing is investing in some software – it saves time by doing complex calculations in your stead, which can be pretty time-consuming and dull.

You can choose between the different price packages depending on how many trades you have per year. 

Remember that cryptocurrency tax laws change rapidly, so investigate them regularly. 

Included websites provide you with an online account to import all your transactions, which will fix the rest. 

Does crypto tax software separate income reports from capital gains?

Yes, crypto tax software should have this feature. Koinly and several more have this feature included in most price plans. Check your crypto tax software and price plan before you purchase anything.

Is crypto tax software responsible for my tax report filing?

No, you will always be responsible for your tax report. Crypto tax software is a tool for helping you to automate tax calculations.

Can I get a refund from crypto tax software?

Some crypto tax software offers a refund within a limited time after the purchase. Make sure to test the crypto tax calculations as soon as you buy the software and make the complaint as quickly as possible. We think a refund is motivated if the complaint is reasonable within a week. Koinly has a clear refund policy.

What should I report as a crypto income tax?

Since there are different laws in different jurisdictions, there is not one correct answer to this question. The general answer is

  • getting paid in crypto
  • airdrop
  • staking rewards
  • interest 
  • mining rewards
  • referral income

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