Top 10 Blogs to Follow for Cryptocurrency Trading

Best Crypto Trading Blogs for Investing 2022

Welcome, in this article we present you the 10 best crypto trading blogs to follow for cryptocurrency trading. We briefly go through each of the websites in terms of sections covered and types of analysis available.

Apart from follow crypto trading accounts on Twitter and some of the best Bitcoin traders on Instagram, crypto traders should definitely look into blogs due to the enormous amount of information available. 


Binance Crypto Blog For Investors

Screenshot from Binance crypto blog

Binance crypto blog is definitely worth to follow. Binance is by far the largest crypto exchange in the world and they have a lot of important information to share. As you can see in the screenshot above from December 2021, they also publish a lot of up-to-date information covering NFT and Metaverse.

In addition, if you are a Binance customer you will get notifciations about new features and other updates regarding the company here.

If you not already are a Binance customer you might want to consider signing up with one of the best crypto exchanges.

Pros: You will get a lot of great and accurate information covering the most recent news in the cryptomarket.

Cons: There will be quite “boring” news since they are representing a large company and no personal views and opinions like you can get from influencers.

Coin Bureau Blog for Traders and Investors

Screenshot from Coin Bureau crypto blog

Coin Bureau hosts the largest crypto Youtube channel but he also has a frequently updated Coin Bureau crypto blog with high quality content.

Coin bureau is famous for doing good and deep research while publish all this in an easy-to-understand format on Youtube.

However you might find it interesting to check out his blog as well.

Trading View Crypto Blog

Screenshot from Trading view crypto blog

TradingView crypto trading blog is updated on a regularly basis. However the blog only covers updates and information related to the TradingView software.

So, the blog is only relevant for TradingView users and you might sign up to their newsletter instead.

However, they also have their crypto trading blog where all their members can publish their trading ideas. This is very useful information since Tradingview offer the best software for crypto technical analysis on the market. Also, they have a huge member base and therefor you can find very good information here.

Ivan on Tech and Moralis Academy Blog

Screenshot from Ivan on tech and moralis academy blog

Ivan on Tech is the largest crypto influencer on Youtube that truly understands the underlying technology in terms of programming.

He started programming when he was 9 years old and he is now building the WordPress for blockchains and he calls it Moralis.

Moralis also has a blog where they publish information about all cryptocurrencies on a basic technology level. This is a very good blog if you want to understand the utility, fundamental value and basic technology behind the crypto projects.

Crypto Trader Tax Blog on How to Report Crypto Tax

Apart from price and trend analysis, paying tax on your crypto trading is quite important when planning your investments. Thus, Crypto trader Tax is an excellent platform in terms of its educations regarding the income and capital gain taxes. They also help clients fill out their tax forms and inform readers regarding global changes in this trading sphere.



The Blockium is a peer-to-peer trading platform that provides a marketplace that provides fun prizes for traders that compete in them. However, they also have blog posts regarding market trends and educational tips as well. Most of their content focuses on fundamental analysis and psychological aspect of crypto trading.

The Cryptocurrency Investor

This website is a true blog, where Ari Paul, a cryptocurrency investor himself, offers his daily musing and trading/investment tips. It may not be as organized as other platforms but it sure does offer insights into the market from a personal point of view. A really good spot for fundamental analysis, this one is.


Coin and Crypto

Publishing its articles in medium, the Coin and Crypto blog offers both technical and fundamental analysis for its readers. They also provide educational tips for starters on how to start cryptocurrency trade and where to do so. They review major coins as well as less popular ones if the blockchain projects offer promising returns.


Invest in Blockchain

Invest in Blockchain focuses on both news articles and daily analysis of different cryptocurrencies. They do not focus only on trading/investing articles but the information always comes in handy when conducting the fundamental analysis.


Kraken Crypto Exchange Blog

Kraken is one of the top Bitcoin trading sites, especially if you are a US citizen.

Kraken and Coinbase are the two US regulated crypto exchanges. We prefer Kraken since they have lower fees and a better support.

Kraken blog is covering mainly news that is related to their features. For example, if they are about to list a new coin they might do a blog post about that cryptocurrency and why they list it and what services they offer (trading pairs, staking etc)

Read more about Kraken in our Kraken review.

Also, check out Kraken blog.

Conclusion Best Crypto Trading Blogs

Through this guide, you now have top 10 blogs to follow for cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, we prepared top 10 choices for Twitter and top 8 for Instagram accounts articles as well. Or even, if you are extra interested you could read our uptodate article talking about the best subreddits available on reddit talking about Crypto Trading. Combine daily findings between these data sources to gain a comprehensive market data for both fundamental and technical analysis.