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Best Crypto X Accounts (Formerly Twitter)

We list some of the best Crypto Accounts on X(Twitter).  

Make sure to follow some of the most influential crypto people on X(Twitter) to get valuable updates before anyone else.

  • CZ Binance has by far the most follower of all crypto influencers on X (Twitter).
  • Anthony Pompliano and Michael Saylor are the two largest Bitcoin maximalists in the X (Twitter) list.
  • Scott Melker, CryptoWendy, Coin Bureau are some of the largest crypto influencers with a mix of news, analysis and educational material.

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, commonly known as “Pomp,” is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He’s known for his active presence and influence on social media, especially Twitter, through his account @APomplianoHis Twitter account has a large following, making it a significant platform for disseminating information and influencing discussions within the crypto community and beyond.

AnthonyPompliano Twitter account screenshot

Here’s a summary of Anthony:

  • Founder and Investor: He’s a co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, a digital asset investment firm, and has invested in numerous blockchain and crypto-related projects.

  • Educator and Speaker: Pompliano often shares educational content, analysis, and insights related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the broader financial markets.

  • Bitcoin Advocate: He is a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and often emphasizes its potential as a hedge against traditional financial system risks.

  • Author and Podcaster: Pompliano hosts the “Pomp Podcast” where he interviews various industry experts, discussing topics related to finance, technology, and cryptocurrencies.

  • Engagement with the Community: He actively engages with his audience, shares news updates, market trends, and offers his perspectives on current events in the crypto space.

CZ Binance

Changpeng Zhao, widely known as CZ, is the CEO of Binance, one of the largest and most influential cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Here’s a summary of CZ Binance’s Twitter account:

CZ Binance often refers to the number 4 and its meaning, as shown in the screenshot below. Short summary, many people want to see Binance go bankrupt because of many reasons, but one reason could be they believe CZ was a reason why FTX failed when he announced that the FTX token was underwater.

So, CZ has to spend a lot of time declaring what news is false about him and Binance and always refers to number 4. We have no idea what is true or not but you should always keep your funds on a hardware wallet.

CZ Binance Ignore the FUD

CZ X Account Summary

  1. Frequent Updates: He provides frequent updates on Binance’s operations, projects, partnerships, and developments within the cryptocurrency industry.

  2. Engagement with Community: CZ actively engages with the Binance community and crypto enthusiasts, often addressing questions and concerns.

  3. Educational Content: He shares educational content about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, trading tips, and insights into the financial market.

  4. Advocacy for Crypto Adoption: CZ advocates for cryptocurrency adoption and the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional finance and various industries.

  5. Charitable Initiatives: He highlights Binance’s philanthropic efforts and initiatives aimed at supporting various causes and communities.

  6. Global Perspective: CZ offers a global perspective on the cryptocurrency market, sharing insights into the industry’s landscape across different regions.

  7. Promotion of Binance Ecosystem: CZ promotes the various products and features of the Binance ecosystem, encouraging users to explore and utilize the platform’s offerings.

  8. Thought Leadership: He shares his views on emerging trends, regulatory updates, and the future of finance, shaping discussions within the crypto community.

  9. Transparent Leadership: CZ emphasizes transparency, often addressing concerns openly, sharing updates on security measures, and showcasing the company’s commitment to a secure and compliant trading environment.

Scott Melker

Scott Melker, a well-known cryptocurrency trader and analyst, shares insightful market analysis and trading tips on his Twitter account.

He regularly updates cryptocurrency price movements, trading strategies, and technical analysis, providing valuable information to traders and enthusiasts.

Melker’s approachable and educational content aims to guide followers in making informed decisions within the crypto market.

Crypto Wendy

Crypto Wendy, a prominent cryptocurrency trader and analyst, utilizes her Twitter platform to provide regular market analysis, trading insights, and educational content to the crypto community.

She often shares technical chart analysis, trade setups, and trading strategies, aiming to assist traders in navigating the volatile crypto markets.

Wendy’s engaging and informative tweets make her a valuable resource for experienced and novice crypto traders seeking guidance.

Crypto Cred

CryptoCred, a notable cryptocurrency trader and educator, uses his Twitter account to share insightful technical analysis, trading strategies, and educational content.

He often provides detailed chart analysis, market trends, and trading setups to help traders make informed decisions.

CryptoCred’s expertise and guidance make his Twitter profile a valuable resource for the cryptocurrency trading community.


Bloomberg Crypto

Ivan On Tech

Ivan on Tech’s crypto Twitter account is something you want to follow if you are looking for crypto education and crypto news.

Ivan on Tech Twitter profile screenshot

Ivan on Tech is run by the Swedish crypto enthusiast Ivan Liljeqvist.

Follow Ivan on Tech on Twitter if you want news about blockchain projects and new hot altcoins.

Ivan is running one of the biggest blockchain and crypto academies. If you are going into crypto, you should try one of the courses available

Michael Saylor 

Michael Saylor is the CEO of the publicly traded company Microstrategy.

Michael Saylor Twitter Page prinst screen

Microstrategy held $ 500 million in its cash balance in 2020, and Michael Saylor didn’t know what to do with it.

He studied all alternatives and ended up with Bitcoin as the only legit and safe alternative to restore purchasing power over time with the funds.

He is now the CEO of Microstrategy and a full-time Bitcoin investor since Microstrategy still invests all revenue in Bitcoin.

Also, Michael Saylor educates people on why he chooses Bitcoin as the best investment alternative. In addition, he teaches other CEOs and wealth about the legal framework on how to put Bitcoin on a company´s balance sheet.


This account has over 207 thousand followers, making WhalePanda a powerful crypto trading influencer.

Whalepanda crypto twitter profile screenshot

WhalePanda tracks side projects apart from big cryptos, providing a realistic market review.  Updates come daily and might touch upon market trends used in technical and fundamental analysis.



If you wish to complement your technical and fundamental analysis, CryptoYoda is also a good choice.

Cryptoyoda crypto twitter profile screenshot

Account’s tweets concern both big and small coins. The Focus area of CryptoYoda is immediate trends, more of a reaction than a long-term follow-up on specific projects. Although daily, this account’s updates and retweets are scarce for its 217.000 followers.



With 104 thousand follow accounts, CryptoSqueeze mainly focuses on crypto swing tactics.

Cryptosqueeze crypto twitter account profile screenshot

As a crypto hedge fund manager, he touches upon trading platforms’ updates and technical analysis of the overall market. Squeeze is quite an active account, making it a perfect complementary source of information for your technical analysis. It does not follow a specific cryptocurrency, apart from bitcoin, but likes to spread around the industry.


Coin Bureau Crypto Twitter Account

Coin Bureau´s Twitter account has 787K followers on Twitter.

Coinbureau crypto twitter profile screenshot

If you look for this profile, make sure you get the right one since many copycats show up when you search for Coin Bureau in the Twitter search feature.

The main media for Coin Bureau is their crypto Youtube channel,, which publishes various informative and newbie-friendly videos covering anything in the crypto space.

Credible Crypto

Credible Crypto is a crypto trader, investor, and entrepreneur. He provides crypto analysis and crypto charts.

 As you can see, Credible Crypto is bullish on XRP. The screenshot was taken on 2021-04-07.

Nicholas Merten

Data dash is a great channel on Youtube.

However, on Twitter, he is using his real name, Nicholas Merten on Twitter.

Bitcoin Dad

One of the early crypto trading investors, this dad works his way up through tech analysis and tight risk management. Unlike many other accounts presented here, this influencer works with bitcoin mainly. He also does not have that many followers compared to the top tabs (“only” 44.000) but is a force to reckon with.


Jeremy Ross

Since 2013, Jeremy Ross has worked with cryptos quite successfully. Now, he offers consulting services regarding tokens and coins while keeping up with market trends. With 50 thousand followers, crypto-related posts are somewhat scarce and touch upon the trading industry’s technical and fundamental aspects.


Crypto Twitter and Crypto Tax Services

In the table above, you can see the Twitter accounts of the two largest and best crypto tax software.

Why is this important?

It´s important to file your cryptocurrency gains and taxes correctly, no matter where you live in the world. A crypto tax software will automatically import all your transactions via an API, categorize them and calculate your final tax results. We think Koinly is the best crypto tax software and you can sign up for a free account and try them out.

Crypto Twitter and Crypto Trading Bots

In the table above, you can see the Twitter accounts from two of the best crypto trading bots.

Should you use a crypto trading bot?

If you like technical analysis and you are a day trader and trading with high frequency you should definitely look into crypto trading bots.

If you are a swing trader and make one trade every week, or month, your trading strategy might not be compatible with a software like a trading bot. However, you might want to look into copy trading where you can copy other successful traders as you can do with Napbots.

We think Coinrule is the best overall crypto trading bot.

Conclusion - Crypto Trading on Twitter

Through this guide, you now have top 10 twitter accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading. However, we do need to emphasize the importance of your own research while trading cryptos. These accounts can complement your findings but should not serve as your only source of information. Investors should base their decisions on diversified findings.

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