Best Ethereum ETH Trading Site for UK users

Best Ethereum ETH Trading Site for UK users

This article focuses on the best Ethereum ETH trading sites for UK users.

  • Most crypto trading sites accept users from the United Kingdom.
  • The most important aspects to compare are the SignUp bonus, trading features, fees(trading and deposit), and trading volumes.
  • Of course, you should only use well-known crypto trading sites with a solid track record for several years, like Bybit, Binance, Kraken, or Coinbase.

➤There are always risks involved in financial investments. The main goal is to minimize the risks and maximize the rewards.

Best Ethereum ETH Trading Site for UK users

We will analyze the best Ethereum ETH trading site for UK users about

  • Binance and Kucoin have the lowest Ethereum ETH spot trading fees
  • Binance,, and Coinbase have the most trading volume in ETH/USDT spot market
  • Binance has the lowest Futures and Perpetual Trading Fees in BUSD-denominated derivative markets. In USDT-denominated derivative markets, Kucoin and Bybit can compete with Binance with similar trading fees.
  • Binance and MEXC have the most trading volume in ETH futures and perpetual
  • Binance and have the best deposit methods

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What Ethereum ETH exchanges are available in the UK?

We cover the following categories for the best Ethereum ETH exchange accepting UK traders

  • Signup bonus
  • Trading features
  • Fees (Trading and Deposit)
  • Trading Volumes (Spot Trading and Futures Trading)
  • Security and History

Best Ethereum ETH Trading Signup bonus for UK users

➤A crypto trading sign-up bonus is a sum of cryptocurrency a crypto exchange pays as an incentive to join that trading platform and start trading.

➤Sign-up bonuses have different definitions, where some trading platforms give real USDT and other trading fee rebate vouchers.

Bybit has the best signup bonus of all crypto trading sites.

Best Ethereum ETH Trading Features UK users

➤Trading features are different functionalities to get exposure against Ethereum ETH. Examples are Futures, Perpetuals, Options, Copy Trading, P2P trading, Margin Trading, Automated Crypto Bot Trading, ETH Staking, Buy ETH by fiat, and ETH Trading competitions.

Binance has the best variety of trading features, including almost all of the above-mentioned. Futures, Perpetuals, Copy Trading, P2P trading, Margin Trading, Automated Crypto Bot Trading, ETH Staking,

Bybit has the best Ethereum ETH trading competition alternatives.

Kraken has the best fiat deposit alternatives to buy Ethereum ETH by using fiat currencies like GBP for UK users.

Lowest Ethereum ETH Trading Fees for Spot Markets

The lowest Ethereum ETH trading fees on spot markets were analyzed and plotted in the graph below.

As you can see, Binance and Kucoin have very similar trading fees. 

Kucoin and Binance fees are presented under two conditions

  • You have signed up via our referral link (-20% off all trading fees)
  • You have opted to pay trading fees with their native coin, respectively (BNB and KCS). -25% for Binance and -20% for Kucoin.
See our full article about the lowest crypto spot trading fees.
Crypto Exchanges with the lowest spot trading fee​ - Bybit, Kucoin, Binance

Ethereum ETH Spot Trading Volume

In the screenshot from Coingecko, you find the most traded Ethereum ETH spot markets in 24h USD trading volume.

Also, you will find the “Volume %” of the total trading volume of all ETH markets. Binance holds 9.83% of the total ETH spot trading volume in the ETH/USDT pair. In addition, Binance has additional trading volumes in ETH/BUSD and ETH/BTC.

See the full article about crypto exchanges and trading volume.

Largest Exchange and Ethereum ETH Spot Trading Volume​ from Coingecko

Screenshot from Coingecko 2022-04-12.

Ethereum ETH Futures and Perpetuals Trading Fees

You find the lowest perpetual and futures trading fees at Binance in the BUSD-denominated derivative markets.

Otherwise, the fees are very similar among some of the largest derivative trading platforms.

In the graph below, we compared  Bybit, Kucoin, and Binance. Bybit and Kucoin are very close to each other along with the whole chart, while Binance is outstanding in both maker and taker fees. However, it’s important to note that these fees belong to the BUSD markets. In the USDT markets. Binance places itself among the other trading exchanges compared to the graph below.

Read more on this topic in our review about the lowest perpetual and future derivative trading fees.

Crypto Derivative Exchange with Lowest Fees for Futures and Perpetuals Trading for Binance, Kucoin, Bybit and FTX

Ethereum ETH Futures and Perpetuals Trading Volume

In the table below, you find the trading volumes in either billion (B) worth of USD equivalents or million (M) worth of USD equivalents.

As you can see in the table, FTX doesn’t have USDT denominated perpetual. Of course, only Binance supports BUSD supported perpetual. Important to note is that BUSD denominated futures and perpetual have the lowest trading fees among all crypto exchanges.

ETH 0624 Future means that this trading future expires on the 24th of June.

ETH 0930 Future means that this trading future expires on the 30th of September.

When a future expires you have the ability to buy or sell the underlying asset at the current future price.

Crypto Trading Platform Reviews Binance
MEXC crypto trading logo
Crypto Trading Platform Reviews Binance
MEXC crypto trading logo

Deposit Methods for Ethereum ETH exchanges in UK

The table below shows the credit and debit card deposit fees for different crypto exchanges.

However, if you plan to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, the best deposit method is via bank transfer, SWIFT, or SEPA. Those methods take a bit longer, but they are always at a much lower cost and usually at ZERO cost.

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