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Binance App Review 2023

Welcome to one of our crypto trading guides, where we will review the Android version of the Binance trading app. After this review, you will be ready to download the Binance app and start trading.

Also, we are giving away a referral code with 20% off all your trading fees and commissions on the Binance trading site.

Binance is the best crypto and Bitcoin trading site, and we think you should try the place. But first, check this review and decide for yourself.

What are the Binance Android and IOS app?

The Binance Android and IOS app is simply the Binance exchange in a mobile app format.

All the Binance Exchange desktop features are available in the app, but Binance has chosen to launch the app with two different user interfaces described in detail below.

Binance Lite Android and IOS app

Binance Lite is a feature in the Binance app that makes buying crypto even easier. Lite mode focuses on simplicity, speed, and ease of use.

For most of the crypto users, Lite mode functionality is good enough. Here, the core features are gathered that customers tend to use most frequently.

Users can quickly check prices and make purchases without the distraction of complex order books and charts.

Binance App Lite mode is better for:

  • Crypto Beginners
  • Users not familiar with ordering books (easy way to buy and sell crypto)
  • HODLers (nontraders)

Binance Pro Android and IOS app

Binance Pro is better for active traders and advanced Binance users. Here, you will get a better trading interface and access to features like Binance Earn, trade directly with other users using Binance P2P, and access crypto derivatives trading with Binance Futures.

Binance App Pro mode is better for:

  • Active and Experienced crypto traders and users

  • Users looking for advanced products in Binance’s ecosystem (Futures, P2P, Locked staking)

How to swap between the Binance app lite mode and pro mode?

Click on your profile icon in the top left corner (Android version) to enter the profile settings section.

The first selection is a toggle function between Binance Lite and Binance Pro.

Where to download the Binance trading app?

You can download the Binance trading app from Google Play or IOS, depending on if you have an iPhone or Android phone.

However, first, you should create a Binance account.

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What OS does the Binance mobile trading app support?

You can download the Binance app for IOS and Android.

What OS does the Binance desktop trading app support?

You can download the Binance trading app for Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops.

Download Binance app here

Binance app information from Google play

Use Binance referral code GFIQU3VS to get -20% off all fees.

Binance Android App Review

Let’s review the Binance Android app and see how to navigate and trade.

Below is a screenshot from the Binance Android app home screen.

From the home screen, have a menu in the middle of the screen with ten options.

  1. Deposit – Here, you can deposit fiat or cryptocurrencies
  2. Launchpad
  3. Battle
  4. Earn – Here; you can find all Binance savings products, including Binance locked staking and Binance ETH 2.0 staking.
  5. Leaderboard
  6. Pool
  7. Liquid Swap
  8. More – This will give you a complete overview of all menu options. See more below
  9. P2P Trading
  10. Credit/Debit Card

In the footer menu, you can see an additional menu with five options

  1. Home
  2. Markets – Spot and Futures trading
  3. Trades – Binance Margin trading
  4. Futures – Binance Futures Trading
  5. Wallets

Can I trade futures with leverage on the Binance app?

You can trade futures with leverage on the Binance app, similar to the online desktop version. Binance is one of the best crypto leverage trading exchanges.

Is Binance Earn available on the Binance app?

Binance earns are available with full functionality on the Binance app.

Binance app downloaded on Samsung Android Print screen

Is Binance safe and legit?

As crypto is still a new industry, there is nothing safe compared to traditional finance.

However, the progress within the crypto industry for more safe deposits and storage does progress much faster than traditional finance.

For example, all top Bitcoin and altcoin exchanges are working hard on Merkle tree proof of reserves.

Read more about Merkle tree’s proof of funds.

Binance is also the largest crypto exchange with an excellent track record. In crypto, Binance is a relatively old exchange which is good. Kraken, Coinbase, and Bitfinex have been around longer, while there are many younger exchanges.

Binance Non-Custodial Wallet VS Binance Cefi App

Binance non-custodial wallet is an official browser extension wallet from Binance. Currently, the wallet supports BNB Beacon Chain, BSC, and Ethereum. The extension hasn’t reached mass adoption, and the rating is also low (~2.5).

There is no Andriod or IOS version of the Binance non-custodial wallet available on your smartphone.

Can I use Binance non-custodial wallet on my smartphone?

You can sign into your Binance non-custodial wallet on your smartphone via Metamask, Trust wallet, WalletDirect, or any other multichain Web3 wallet supporting the BSC.

Read more in this post from Binance about wallets supporting the Binance non-custodial wallet.

Binance Android App Review – Pros and Cons

Here, we have summarized the pros and cons of the Binance app for Android that you, as a trader, should know about before you download it:


– fast trading decisions and analysis

– instant access to altcoin markets

– convenient when away from the computer


– limited charts and charting tools

– not convenient for large trades and deep market analysis

Overall, both extensions share pros and cons, as there is not much difference between them. They are meant for short trading analysis and smaller transactions. Experienced traders might find these useful since they already possess enough knowledge to conduct scalping trading. On the other side, we recommend trading starters to keep crypto trading small in value.

Conclusion – Binance Android App Review

In this Review Binance Android app review, we quickly summarized the app and its features. In conclusion, there is little difference between apps and the central Binance platform regarding trading functions. 

However, it is limited in chart designs. Thus, it is recommended that traders use it primarily for quick market checkups and small trades.

Please read our full Binance company exchange review.

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