can you trade on and what are the fees

Can you trade on and what are the fees and volume?

In this crypto trading guide we will explain the trading feature and what fees they charge. Also, we will analyze the trading volume in the exchange. exchange is offering a lot of special features like trading competitions in the trading arena. In addition, they have a special trading fee schedule where you can get very low trading fees.

However, the trading volume is very low and this will give you large spreads in the end.

Lets look on what can offer you in terms of trading.

What is is a complete ecosystem ready to go mainstream for cryptocurrencies,. They have an app, a dekstop version and a DeFi wallet. is offering services for exchange, paying, earning, Visa card, and credit loans.

How do I start trading with

To trade cryptocurrency on the Exchange, you must first sign up and be at verification level Starter or higher. 


Check your verification level by clicking on your username in the menu as you can see in the screenshot below. exchange verification level for trading
Now you fulfill all the requirements to trade:
  1. Go to and Login
  2. Click on Exchange in the header menu
  3. Navigate to the Markets page on the top left of the navigation bar. 
  4. Navigate to the pair you want to trade in, and select Trade.
  5. Navigate to the bottom right corner to find the Limit, Market, and Advanced order area. Select the type of order you want to trade with and fill in the necessary fields. Trading Screen Explained

So, lets explain the Trading screen and interface.

In the screenshot below you can see 6 different areas. All these areas are represented in any trading interface.

  1. Menu
  2. General information like last price, 24h change, High price, Low price, 24 Volume
  3. Trading chart from Trading View with all indicators and tools you can ask for
  4. Open orders and order history
  5. Order book and closed orders
  6. Order criteria exchange and trading screenshot

What is Trading Arena? has a feature called trading arena where they regularly are launching trading competitions.

What are the tradinge fees? has a trading schedule based on the last 30 day trading volume which is very common and you can see this on Binance, Bitfinex and Kraken as well.

However, also makes it possible to further reduce the trading fees by staking the native token, CRO, in the exchange.

Its important to notice that you stake in the app to take part of the CRO Visa card staking rewards and you stake in the exchange to take part of the exchange and trading rewards and benefits. trading fees table screenshot

What is the trading volume on

The trading volume on exchange is not very impressive. As you can see in the screenshot below, is on the 248th position in trading volume on Coinmarketcap. trading volume on coinmarketcap screenshot
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