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Coinrule Review – No Code Trading Bot

Coinrule is the smart assistant for your cryptocurrency trading and can easily automate your trading without a single line of code. Coinrule lets you automate your investments across the 10 most popular cryptocurrency exchanges without having to learn programming.

In addition, Coinrule is educational and gamified, neatly packaged and ready to deliver financial inclusion by giving people the tools to compete with hedge funds and institutional traders in the new world of trading financial assets on the blockchain.

Coinrule offers regularly free onboarding webinars where they explain how to use Coinrule.

Some Key Facts about Coinrule


✓ $3.3M Monthly Trading Volume in July 2020, +38% from previous month

✓ 13,000+ Registered Users

✓ +60% MoM average sales growth since March 2020

✓ 7,000+ Live and Demo Strategies created every month

Coinrule Pricing Plans

Coinrule has 4 different pricing plans listed below. Coinrile will no charge any trading fees.


  • Free
  • 2 Live Rules (This is when a user is running rules with actual money on actual exchanges)
  • 2 Demo Rules (This is paper trading with just recording trades/theoretical profits. The main aim is to provide a simulation of a trading experience so users can have an idea of how a rule works before launching it live.)
  • 7 Template Strategies (These are strategies that Coinrule has built for inspiration/to help users get started with their trading quickly.)
  • 1 Connected Exchange
  • Up to $3k Monthly Trade Volume
  • Portfolio risk management (This is looking at a portfolio holistically so that the trader is not invested in only certain coins, or too underinvested or exposed to too much/too little risk with certain strategies. It is ensuring that users have a healthy diversification of coins and are executing strategies for both the short and long term.)


  • $29.99/mo
  • $359 billed yearly
  • 7 Live Rules
  • 7 Demo Rules
  • 40 Template Strategies
  • 2 Connected Exchanges
  • Up to $100k Monthly Trade Volume
  • Leverage Strategies (These are strategies that use leverage on exchanges that allow futures.)
  • Live Telegram + Text Notifications
  • Free Access to Trader Community
  • Advanced Indicators and Operators


  • $59.99/mo
  • $719 billed yearly
  • 15 Live Rules
  • 15 Demo Rules
  • Unlimited Template Strategies
  • 3 Connected Exchanges
  • Up to $1M Monthly Trade Volume
  • Leverage Strategies
  • Live Telegram + Text Notifications
  • Free Access to Trader Community
  • One-to-one Training Sessions
  • Advanced Indicators and Operators


  • $449.99/mo
  • $5,399 billed yearly
  • 50 Live Rules
  • 50 Demo Rules
  • Unlimited Template Strategies
  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Up to $5M Monthly Trade Volume
  • Leverage Strategies
  • Live Telegram + Text Notifications
  • Free Access to Trader Community
  • One-to-one Training Sessions
  • Ultra-Fast Execution
  • Dedicated Server
  • Advanced Indicators and Operators

Coinrule Security

Coinrule has extensive security implementations to ensure the security and safety of your account and your information.

Below are the security implementations that Coinrule has 

  • Secure login and personal data – Coinrule uses Ukey1’s secure login service to store and verify the user. UKey1 was developed by Zdeněk Höfler which is the current CTO. UKey1 uses advanced security algorithms to hash login passwords and encrypt personal data.
  • API key management – The API and secret keys are then encrypted using 256bit AES encryption and TLS 1.2 (and higher) encryption standards. These private keys are stored on detached data storage which is also encrypted with AES-256. Also, Coinrule does not support API keys with withdrawal permission enabled. 
  • DDoS-proof –Coinrule has partnered with Cloudflare CDN service to avoid a DDos attack (Cloudfare is a common option among companies for this).
  • Payment processing – Coinrule does not accept payments directly but instead uses Stripe. Additionally, transactions are marked as Merchant-Initiated Transactions (MITs) by Stripe, which circumvents the need to collect personally identifiable information (PII) from the customer.

Coinrule Team

The Coinrule team is led by Gabriele Musella (CEO), Oleg Giberstein (COO) and Zdeněk Höfler (CTO). 

They all have extensive experience from startups within the financial industry as you can see in their linked LinkedIn profiles above.

Gabriele Musella previously worked in Fintech at the Innovation Labs of Lloyds Banking Group and UBS Bank and he also started Paylinko. Musella has been a Google launchpad mentor. 

Oleg Giberstein have worked with Citigroup London in multiple roles, including Chief of Staff to the bank’s Global Public Sector Portfolio Head. In 2016, he created Guidelighter, a P2P mentoring marketplace for professionals to share their business and personal experiences.

Zdeněk Höfler was the CEO and founder of UKey1 which is an authentication gateway service used by Coinrule. Also, he was the co-founder and front end developer for All Together – a web development agency. 

Coinrule Interface and User Experience

Coinrule has one of the most intuitive UI of any automated trading system. The crypto trading bot service is very easy to understand and navigate. In addition, you don´t need to know a single line of code to create your automated trading systems with Coinrule.

While logged in, are three main options:

  • Rules. Here, you will see all your current rules and their performance. You can also link exchanges and create new rules here. You can set up your own rules or browse among all the pre-programmed templates. 
  • Exchanges. Here, you see what trading platforms you have connected to and balances on each exchange. You can also add other accounts here.
  • Settings. This page gives you access to user-defined preferences.

Coinrule Knowledge Base

Coinrule has a very good and extensive knowledge base where you can find a lot of video instructions on how to use Coinrule. 

Below, we have linked the most useful videos for a beginner.

How To Create Your First Rule with Coinrule

Planning and building an automated trading strategy can be complex and usually requires advanced coding skills.

Coinrule is a smart-assistant that allows you to create your own trading plan adopting a very easy If-This-Then-That approach. What does that mean?

See the video below.

Bitcoin Moving Average-based Trailing stop

You can follow the price trend using a moving average. That means you can set up also a moving Average-based trailing stop to take profit after entering into a trade after a breakout.

See the video below.