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Cointracking is one of the market’s oldest and most reputable crypto tax software.

What is CoinTracking Info?

CoinTracking is a cryptocurrency tax reporting tool and portfolio manager.

Where is Cointracking located?

Cointracking is based in Munich, Germany.

Is Cointracking legit and safe to use?

Cointracking is safe and legit. You can use API read only keys.

Is Cointracking software free?

There are some features free to use with

What is the price for Cointracking tax software?

The pricing plans varies from 0-59.99 EUR per month.

Does Cointracking offer a refund?

Cointracking doesn’t have any specific refund policy.

Does Cointracking have a mobile app?

Yes, Koinly has a mobile app for Android and IOS. 

What countries does Cointracking support?

Cointracking supports over 100 countries globally. See a more specified list in the article.

CoinTracking Info Price Review

Below, all the pricing plans with features are listed. Further down, each feature is described in detail.

CoinTracking Info Features Review

  • Tracking of transactions  – The maximum number of transactions.
  • Tracking of coins – Also called “Easy Enter,” it lets you see the current amount, price, total value, and value per unit for all your coins.
  • Reporting Area – Include all Charts and Reports
  • Manual Import (CSV) – The limit in MegaByte is every single file. Split the file if it’s too large and you don’t want to upgrade.
  • Auto Import (API) – Access to automatic Exchange Imports via APIs.
  • Auto Blockchain Import – Enter your public address to import your transactions automatically.
  • Tax and Capital Gains Reporting – Full access to Tax Reporting
  • Personal Exports – Export all your transactions and reports into several formats.
  • API access to your portfolio – Send your account transactions via API to third-party services.
  • Personal trade backups – Create history backups and restore them at any time in case of accidental data loss or corruption.
  • Linking Multiple accounts – You can link up to 10 accounts and switch between them with just one click.
  • Without advertising – No advertisement
  • Exclusive benefits – Cointracking has partnered with a wide variety of cryptocurrency services across the industry to bring you a series of exclusive deals and discounts.
  • Advanced tools – This is for accounts with many transactions. For example, all transactions can be grouped per day, resulting in data compression between 95-99%
  • Prioritized calculations – When adding or changing transactions, there have to be a lot of recalculations done.
  • Priority customer support – UNLIMITED Users benefit from our prioritized customer support and help.

What does Cointracking Tax Reporting consist of?

· Capital Gains Reports
· Income Reports
· Gift and Donation Reports
· Reports for Lost and Stolen Coins
· Closing Position Report

CoinTracking Info Data Import

It is the industry standard for crypto tax software to support

  • manual CSV file import
  • automated API import
  • automated blockchain import from public address

If any crypto tax software you come by doesn´t support both of these, you should consider using any other crypto tax software.

How to make Cointracking Auto Data Import with API?

This is very easy. Click “Enter coins” and “Exchange Import (API).” Here, you will find a very useful step-by-step guide for every reputable crypto exchange on connecting an API to your Cointracking account.

How to make Cointracking Manual Data Import with CSV file?

This is very easy. Click “Enter coins” and “Exchange Import (CSV).” Here, you will find a very useful step-by-step guide for every reputable crypto exchange on how to export transaction history. In addition, there is a description what type of transactions the transaction history consists of. For some exchanges, they might miss deposits and withdrawals and you have to add them manually.

How to make Cointracking Blockchain Import?

This is very easy. Click “Enter coins” and “Blockchain Import.” Here, you will find a handy step-by-step guide for every existing blockchain.

Is Cointracking Data Import safe?

Yes. In addition, you should only use “read only” API for the crypto tax software purpose. 

CoinTracking Info Pros and Cons

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