Crypto Trading AI software and bots

Crypto AI Trading Software and Bots

We list the best AI Crypto Trading Software and bots

  • At the moment, there are only a few crypto trading bots and software with AI integration.
  • Make sure to understand how to use AI in crypto trading before you start. 

List: Crypto AI Trading Bots

What is AI Crypto Trading Software and Bot?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly impact many industries, including investment and trading management.

AI in crypto trading can help with all decisions taken while trading, including:

  • Portfolio optimization: AI quickly analyzes large amounts of market data to forecast trends.
  • Risk management: AI can stay up to date by monitoring real-time data and adjusting portfolios accordingly.
  • Algorithmic trading: AI algorithms reduce the risk of human error and increase trade speed and accuracy.
  • Predictive analysis: AI can basically scan all publicly available data (articles, social media, shareholder reports)
    simultaneously to find opportunities.
  • No emotions: An AI can probably stay away from decisions based on emotions and only use real data to take the correct decisions. 
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CryptoHopper AI Trading Bot

The video above describes AI trading and how you can benefit from it.

➤You first need a basic strategy. You can develop your own or find one on the Cryptohopper market.

➤Add some trend strategies.

➤Configure the signals.

See the video below for information about how to set up an AI trading bot, or read the entire blog post from Cryptohopper.

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Pionex GPT – Create Your Own Strategy with AI

You have a trading idea and you would like to automate trading. Now you can do it with the power of PionexGPT, TradingView, and easy-to-integrate automated trading with Pionex Signal Bot.

Set up an AI crypto trading bot with Pionex

  1. Create a Pine Script code in PionexGPT for TradingView
  2. Backtest in TradingView
  3. Execute Automated Trades with Pionex Signal Bot
  4. Start sending the trading alerts from TradingView to Pionex

Read the full article about how to create your Pionex GPI AI trading bot.


The Wunderbit AI crypto trading bot uses artificial intelligence to find profitable chances in the crypto market.

It examines numerous cryptocurrency pairs using sophisticated algorithms to look for opportunities.

The AI bot utilizes statistical methodologies like cointegration, regression, and stationarity.

The AI bot effectively identifies pairs or clusters of assets that are expected to demonstrate similar price movements in the future to utilize statistical arbitrage opportunities.

Set up an AI crypto trading bot with Wunderbit

  1. Signup to create an account. Add the Exchange API and you will activate your 7-day free trial subscription.
  2. Go to the AI bots section and press ‘Create Bot’.
  3. Select the amount that you would like to use per trade and the maximum amount of open positions and press create.

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