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Crypto Trading Site by Volume Ranking

In this article, we will go through crypto and bitcoin trading sites and their trading volumes.

Why is trading volume important?

Well, the trading volume does tell you about the activity on the trading platform. This can give a hint on many important parameters, such as, spreads, slippage, exchange rates, liquidity, trading platform popularity.

Lets break them down, one by one, and explain why the trading volume of a trading site can have so much impact on the trading platform itself.

Also, often the top Bitcoin trading sites have the largest trading volumes. Its an easy way to check if the trading platform is popular by the community or not.

What is trading volume?

According to Investopedia trading volume is

“Volume is the amount of an asset or security that changes hands over some period of time, often over the course of a day.”

So, if there is a trading site where only one trade occur within 24h and that trade involved 1 Bitcoin the trading volume for that specific period was 1 Bitcoin.


Why is trading volume important?

In this article, we focus on trading volume to compare trading sites. Therefor we will focus on why its important to notice what trading volume a specific trading site has for a specific cryptocurrency trading pair.

At the same time, its important to notice that the trading volume can be very important for other things related to cryptocurrency trading. For example, if a trader performs crypto technical analysis he or she wants to know the trading volume causing certain market moves since a large volume will indicate a more significant market move.

However, lets stay to trading sites.

The trading volume for a site is important because it will tell you

  • How popular the trading site is (If the trading volume is large the trading site is popular)
  • A hint about the spreads (If the trading volume is large the spreads are usually tighter. A trader always look for tight spreads since it basically means lower fees).
  • A hint about the slippage (If the trading volume is large the slippage is usually lower).
  • Exchange rates (If the trading volume is large, the spreads are tight and the slippage is minimal the exchange rates must be good)

Crypto and Bitcoin Trading Site Ranking by Volume

So, how can I find a crypto or Bitcoin trading site with a great trading volume?

Lucky for us, its very easy!

Just browse over to Coinmarketcap.

  1.  Click on the cryptocurrency you prefer to trade
  2.  Click on “Market Pairs” as you can see is marked with red in the screenshot from Coinmarketcap below.
Coinmarketcap screenshot with market pairs button

3. After this you will get a list with all available trading pairs for Bitcoin and their trading volumes. Also, in this list you can see what trading site the trading volume belongs to. See an example in the screenshot below from Coinmarketcap.

Crypto and Bitcoin Trading Volume by Trading Site

Conclusion - Crypto and Trading Sites by Volume

As explained in this article, its very easy to find out the trading volume for a crypto or Bitcoin trading site. Also, we have explained why its so important to check the trading volume before you start trading.

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