rypto com Exchange Trading Fees Explained – Desktop VS Mobile App

Crypto com Exchange Trading Fees Explained – Desktop VS Mobile App

In this crypto trading guide we will explain the Crypto.com trading fees for spot trading and derivative trading. Also, we describe how you can reduce the Crypto.com trading fees by staking CRO tokens, increase your trading volume or becoming a VIP tier member.

Crypto.com is offering a complete crypto ecosystem including lending, borrowing, leverage trading, staking, futures, perpetuals, VISA card, mobile app, NFT marketplace and much more.

Also, the Crypto.com exchange and trading volumes are increasing so are the number of users.

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is a complete ecosystem ready to go mainstream for cryptocurrencies,. They have an app, a dekstop version and a DeFi wallet.

Crypto.com is offering services for exchange, paying, earning, Visa card, and credit loans.

How do I start trading with Crypto.com?

To trade cryptocurrency on the Crypto.com Exchange, you must first sign up and be at verification level Starter or higher. 


Check your Crypto.com verification level by clicking on your username in the menu as you can see in the screenshot below.

Crypto.com exchange verification level for trading
Now you fulfill all the requirements to trade:
  1. Go to Crypto.com and Login
  2. Click on Exchange in the header menu
  3. Navigate to the Markets page on the top left of the navigation bar. 
  4. Navigate to the pair you want to trade in, and select Trade.
  5. Navigate to the bottom right corner to find the Limit, Market, and Advanced order area. Select the type of order you want to trade with and fill in the necessary fields.

Crypto.com Trading Screen Explained

So, lets explain the Crypto.com Trading screen and interface.

In the screenshot below you can see 6 different areas. All these areas are represented in any trading interface.

  1. Menu
  2. General information like last price, 24h change, High price, Low price, 24 Volume
  3. Trading chart from Trading View with all indicators and tools you can ask for
  4. Open orders and order history
  5. Order book and closed orders
  6. Order criteria 
Crypto.com exchange and trading screenshot

What is Crypto.com Trading Arena?

Crypto.com has a feature called trading arena where they regularly are launching trading competitions.

Crypto.com Spot Trading Fees Explained

Crypto.com has a spot trading fees schedule based on the last 30 day trading volume which is very common and you can see this on Binance trading fees as well among many other platforms. In addition, they apply maker and taker fee which almost all other crypto trading platforms also do.

However, Crypto.com also makes it possible to further reduce the trading fees by staking the native token, CRO, in the exchange. Read more below about how to reduce your Crypto.com spot trading fees to zero.

Its important to notice that you stake in the app to take part of the CRO Visa card staking rewards and you stake in the exchange to take part of the Crypto.com exchange and trading rewards and benefits.

In the table below, you can see all the spot trading fees for the different levels on Crypto.com. Also, you see the requirement for each level expressed as the last 30 days accumulated trading volume on your account.

Crypto.com Spot Trading Fees Table and levels

Crypto.com Spot Trading Fees Table - VIP levels

If you trade a lot you will become a VIP trader on Crypto.com. However, the requirements are very high and this is limited to only a hand full of traders.

As you can see in the table below, there are 3 different VIP levels. To reach a certain VIP level you need to have a trading volume exceeding at least 1% of the total exchange volume which is a lot.

If you think you are eligible for a VIP tier, email  vip@crypto.com to apply.

Crypto.com Derivative Trading Fees Explained

In the table below, you can see the Crypto.com derivative trading fees explained.

Similar to the spot trading fees, the trading levels are based on the last 30 days accumulated trading volume. In addition, you can reduce the derivative trading fees even more by staking CRO tokens in the crypto.com desktop exchange. See more below about staking CRO and reduce you Crypto.com derivative trading fees.

Compare the derivative fees with other leverage trading platforms in our article about the best crypto leverage trading platform.

Crypto.com Derivative Trading Fees Table and levels

Crypto.com Derivative Trading Fees Table - VIP levels

Here, you find the requirements and the rewards for becoming a VIP tier in derivative trading at Crypto.com.

As you can see you need to trade more than 1% of the total derivative trading volume in a month at Crypto.com to become VIP Tier level 1. There are of course very few traders that can achieve this but they are rewarded with extreme low trading fees and additional benefits, including

  • Early access to new product launches (beta testing)
  • Dedicated VIP account manager and API tech engineer
  • OTC Block Trades
  • Exclusive research reports
  • 50% commission on net trading fees from your referrals
  • VIP swag (additional requirements)
  • Complimentary Crypto.com Visa Card (additional requirements)

If you think you are eligible for a VIP tier, email  vip@crypto.com to apply.

Crypto.com Trading Fees Discount with CRO staking

In the table below, you can see how much discount you will get on the Crypto.com trading fees if you stake CRO in the desktop exchange application.

In addition, there are two more reasons to stake the CRO

  • You can get a great crypto sign up bonus with Crypto.com worth up to 500 CRO
  • You will get 10% APR on the CRO you stake through Crypto.com. Staking period is 180 days and you will be rewarded on daily basis.

Crypto.com Trading Fees Discount with CRO staking

Crypto.com VS Binance VS Kucoin Trading Fees

In the table below, we have compared the Crypto.com spot trading fees VS Kucoin VS Binance and more crypto spot trading platforms.

All crypto spot trading platforms have different ways to reduce the trading fees. Here, we have compared the highest and the lowt possible spot trading fees only based on the trading volume.

As you can see, Crypto.com is acutally the most expensive crypto spot trading platform with one exception, Coinbase.

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