rypto com Exchange Trading Fees Explained – Desktop VS Mobile App

Crypto com Exchange Trading Fees Explained – Desktop VS Mobile App

Crypto.com Exchange VS App Fees – Summary

  • The trading fees are higher in the Crypto.com mobile app than the Crypto.com desktop exchange version.
  • Advanced traders should go for the Crypto.com dekstop exchange version and use the mobile app just in case there has to be an order made on the go.
  • VISA card and Crypto.com earn are two unique features for the mobile app which are very convenient for a long-term crypto investor.
  • Both Crypto.com desktop exchange and crypto.com mobile app offers crypto sign up bonuses.

Crypto.com Exchange VS App Trading Fees 

The trading fees for Crypto.com desktop exchange and mobile app vary depending on the trading volume and whether you are a maker or taker.

Maker Fees

Makers are those who place orders that will add liquidity to the market, such as limit orders. Crypto.com desktop exchange has a tiered maker fee structure, with lower fees for higher trading volumes. The mobile app has a flat maker fee of 0.1% for all trading volumes.

Taker Fees

Takers are those who place orders that will remove liquidity from the market, such as market orders. Crypto.com desktop exchange has a tiered taker fee structure, with lower fees for higher trading volumes. The mobile app has a flat taker fee of 0.4% for all trading volumes.

Crypto.com Desktop Derivative Trading Fees

Crypto.com Desktop Trading Fees Rebates (Spot and Derivative)

Crypto.com Desktop Derivative Trading Fees

What is Crypto.com CRO and Tokenomics?

Crypto.com CRO is the native cryptocurrency of the Crypto.com ecosystem, a leading global cryptocurrency platform and fintech company. CRO plays a crucial role in the Crypto.com ecosystem, powering a wide range of services and providing users with various benefits.

Key Features of CRO

CRO offers a diverse set of features that make it a valuable asset within the Crypto.com ecosystem:

  1. Payments and Rewards: CRO is accepted as a payment method on the Crypto.com Pay app, allowing users to make secure and instant crypto payments. CRO holders also receive cashback rewards when using their Crypto.com Visa Card.

  2. Staking and Rewards: Users can stake CRO to earn rewards, including cashback on card spending, higher interest rates on Crypto Earn deposits, and discounts on trading fees.

  3. DeFi Integration: CRO is the native token of Crypto.com DeFi Wallet, a non-custodial wallet that allows users to earn interest on their crypto assets and participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

  4. Network Security: CRO is used to secure the Crypto.com Chain, the platform’s native blockchain. Staking CRO contributes to network validation and consensus, ensuring the integrity of the blockchain.

Tokenomics of CRO

The tokenomics of CRO are designed to incentivize user adoption and support the growth of the Crypto.com ecosystem. Here are some key aspects of CRO’s tokenomics:

  1. Utility: CRO is used for a variety of purposes within the Crypto.com ecosystem, providing real-world utility and driving demand for the token.

  2. Burn Mechanism: Crypto.com regularly burns CRO tokens, reducing the total supply and increasing the scarcity of the token. This burning mechanism supports the long-term value of CRO.

  3. Community Governance: CRO holders can participate in Crypto.com’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to vote on proposals that shape the future of the ecosystem.

  4. Staking Rewards: Users can earn attractive staking rewards by locking up their CRO tokens, providing a source of passive income for CRO holders.

  5. Partnerships: Crypto.com is actively partnering with businesses and organizations to integrate CRO into their operations, expanding the token’s reach and adoption.

Overall, CRO is a versatile and valuable token within the Crypto.com ecosystem. Its diverse utility, token burning mechanism, community governance, staking rewards, and partnerships contribute to its long-term potential and attractiveness for investors.

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