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Free AI Crypto Trading Bots 2024

Free Crypto Trading Bots Summary

List: Best Free Crypto Trading Bots

The table below lists all the best premium and free crypto trading bots. 

Most crypto trading bots are compatible via an API.

What are Free Crypto Trading Bots?

  • A Crypto trading bot is one of the best crypto trading tools if you aim for automated trading.
  • A crypto trading bot is software that executes automated trading on predetermined criteria through carefully set instructions. 
  • Bybit, Binance, Bitget, Kucoin, and HTX offer inbuilt free crypto trading bots.


Crypto Trading Bots

Putting it down in practice means you can set specific rules on how the trading bot should behave in certain situations. 

Cryptocurrency trading software aims to provide users with a profitable business even while they sleep. 

Are Crypto Trading Bots Profitable?

Not all crypto trading bots are profitable; no one will be profitable forever without adjustments and optimization.

Are Crypto Trading Bots FREE?

Many crypto exchanges offer free programmable basic crypto trading bots. You pay the standard trading fee according to your VIP tier level.

Are there different crypto trading bot strategies?

Yes, definitely! Crypto trading bots for DCA, arbitrage, scalping, and more exist. Read more below.

Are there crypto trading bots for beginners?

Yes, definitely! Bybit, Binance, Kucoin, HTX, and Bitget offer good, simple, and free crypto trading bots.

Pros and Cons – Crypto Trading Bots

+ Saves time by automating the order-creating procedures

Bybit crypto leverage trading platform logo

1. Bybit – FREE Crypto Trading Bots with AI strategies

Bybit Free Trading Bot with Aurora AI Zone

Bybit all free crypto trading bots screenshot

➤Bybit Trading Bot offers various pre-configured crypto trading bots with AI strategies. Also, there is an option to enter manual parameters. 

➤Bybit Trading Bot offers effective trading strategies that save time and possibly improve your investment returns at no additional cost.

➤Moreover, Bybit features its AI-powered cryptocurrency trading chatbot, TradeGPT, a complimentary trading assistant that delivers real-time market analysis and addresses technical inquiries.

  • Spot Grid Bot – Performs best in a volatile market with no clear bull or bear trend. You must pre-program buy and sell price points, and the bot will execute the orders whenever the market reaches the predetermined price levels.

Bybit Free Grid Trading Bot Example in a grid trading chart with buy and sell orders

Above is an example of a spot grid trading bot.

  • DCA Bot – DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) is a long-term investment strategy commonly used in assets such as digital currencies. The trading strategy regularly invests funds in the target asset to obtain the average cost price. It holds the target asset long enough to achieve long-term investment returns. In a more advanced version, you can start to sell over a certain price level and buy back under a certain price level. Still, the most critical aspect is to accumulate over time.  
  • Futures Grid Bot—This is a similar strategy to the Spot Grid Trading Bot described above, but it is used in the futures market instead of the spot market.

  • Futures Martingale Bot – This bot will multiply your position after a specified price fall. You will present how many times you can multiply your position.

Martingale Trading Bot Strategy Automated

A Martingale bot multiplies the first buy with the second buy as the price falls.

In addition, Bybit has TradeGPT, an AI investment assistant based on ChatGPT that can also use Bybit’s internal trading data.

Bybit Aurora AI Zone

Aurora AI uses AI to create and suggest 18 different trading bot strategies. These smart strategies from AI make it easy for people to start using advanced trading bots by just entering how much they want to invest. This makes it simpler for anyone to get into bot trading.

Aurora AI works by looking at the past 7 days of market data to find the best settings for trading strategies. It pays attention to how much profit can be made, how often trades happen, and more. With these settings, it creates smart strategies for different types of trading bots like Futures Grid Bot, Futures Martingale, and Spot Grid.

After testing these strategies with past data, the ones that make the most money are called High Yield. The ones that are the safest and lose the least money are called Stable. And the ones that trade the most often are called High Frequency.

How to Use Aurora AI in 3 simple steps?

  1. Head to the Aurora AI Zone
  2. Pick Your Preferred Parameters
  3. Enter Your Investment Amount

Read the full Bybit trading review.

2. Binance FREE Crypto Trading Bot

Binance all free trading bots sceenshot

Binance all free trading bots screenshot

  • Spot Grid – See the Bybit section above for a full explanation of a crypto spot trading grid bot. Binance also has automated parameters or manual input.
  • Futures Grid – The crypto futures trading grid bot is the same as the spot bot but in the futures market.

Binance bot marketplace ROI results over 7 days

Binance bot marketplace ROI results over seven days

  • Rebalancing Bot – Category portfolios are generated based on the category and market cap of the relevant coins. Examples are Metaverse, Liquid staking, or Proof-of-stake baskets.
  • Auto-Invest – Similar to the Bybit DCA bot described above. Accumulate a specific crypto over time and get an average market buy price.
  • TWAP (Time-weighted average price) is only suitable for large orders. This bot slices large orders into smaller ones for a better execution price to avoid or minimize the slippage impact. It is available on API trading.
  • VWAP (Volume Participation) – Split large orders across a specific market volume ratio. Available on API only. The Volume Participation algorithm is suitable for an order execution strategy that aims to perform sizable notional orders more significantly than the available market liquidity while minimizing the impact on the market.


The main difference is the volume of trades executed during a given period. While TWAP gives equal importance to each time interval, regardless of the volume of trades executed, VWAP gives more importance to prices with higher volumes.

Bitget crypto exchange logo

3. Bitget – Free Crypto Trading Bots

What are the free Bitget crypto trading bots

Bitget offers five different free automated trading strategies. You can set the parameters for each computerized trading strategy or let an AI create all the trading parameters input for you

Bitget Free Bot Strategies

The free Bitget crypto trading bot strategies are listed in the bullet list below. The grid bot and the DCA bot are described in the Bybit section above.

Bitget Basic Bots

  • AI-Generated Spot Grid – Short or Long in three categories: Aggressive, Conservative, or Balanced 
  • Manual Spot Grid – Set your parameters
  • AI-Generated Futures Grid – Short or Long x5 in three categories: Aggressive, Conservative, or Balanced 
  • Manual Futures Grid – Set your parameters
  • Spot auto-invest
  • Smart portfolio

Bitget Advanced Bots


AI Strategy VS Manual Creation 

Bitget has two options for each automated strategy. 
  • AI Strategy – An AI creates all necessary input for you. You only have to decide how much you want to invest.
  • Manual Creation—You must set the basics (Lowest price, highest price, and number of grids). You will also have some optional parameters (Trigger price, Take-profit price, Stop-loss, Grid order mode, and Initial price limit).
The screenshot below shows an AI strategy developed for the BTC/USDT trading pair. It´s a spot grid trading bot witIt’sggested parameters. You only have to determine how much you want to invest in the strategy.

Bitget AI strategy grid trading bot

AI strategy for grid trading: Bitget AI uses the grid strategy parameters the system recommends. Recommended parameters are generated by calculating the most suitable parameters for the current market based on an intelligent algorithm combined with backtesting of the past 7-day market data.

AI strategy for Martingale bots: AI: Users select the investment amount and buying intervals from parameters the system recommends based on personal risk preferences. Note that the recommended parameters are based on market history and asset volatility and are calculated using Bitget’s backend algorithm. ThisBitget’shm is highly reliable and can be a trustworthy reference for traders.

5. HTX Free Crypto Trading Bots

HTX offers a Grid Trading Bot for free, but you pay the standard trading fees.

The grid trading bot buys gradually when the market goes down and sells automatically when the market starts to recover.

The HTX free trading bot offers two ways for crypto trading beginners to start their grid trading journey.

  • Auto: Intelligent Recommendation

The system will set the most appropriate parameters based on the analysis of historical data, in which users need only set the investment amount.

  • Strategy Duplicator

You can easily find the top winners on the rank of Grid trading and copy their trading strategy with a few clicks to manage your trading. You could also set your parameters if you are accustomed to grid trading.

Read about the HTX referral code for a trading fee discount and exchange review.

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