Crypto Trading Tools

Crypto Trading Tools for Day Trading and more strategies

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In this crypto trading tools article, we provide a guide about  products that can make your crypto day trading easier. In terms of crypto trading tools, we review,

  • Crypto Trading Tracking Software
  • Crypto Trading Bots
  • Crypto Trading Charts
  • Crypto Trading APIs. 

Some of the investigated services include Haasonline, Cryptotrader, Gekko, TradingView and more. Each of these services has its own properties that you should check out, as they provide advantages for Bitcoin trading, Ripple trading and other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Trading Tools - Tracking Software

Crypto software tools make trading more manageable and provide additional features to potentially increase your profit. At the same time, they will analyze your trades and make it easier for you to understand crypto risk management

Many tools are available, but you should only choose the reliable ones. We present some trading tools to keep track of all your trades among different exchanges and will help you with your crypto trading taxes.

Coin Market Manager

Coin Market Manager is a crypto tracking software specialized for derivative trading. 

With Coin Market Manager you get a detailed trade analysis and your investments are broken down into individual trades and trading legs. You will be able to analyse your performance over every historic interaction with each coin.

Coin market manager track your portfolio with read-only API.

Top 6 reasons to go with Coin Market Manager

  1. Seamless Trade Data with read-only API Auto-Sync
  2. Real Time Market Value and Stats in both BTC and Fiat
  3. Comprehensive Overview of your Open Altcoin Positions. Track your Rolling Profit/Loss summary in both BTC and USD.
  4. Break Even and Rolling Profit Loss
  5. Intuitive Trade Tracking
  6. In-Depth Trade Analysis with most profitable trade hours and fee summary
  7. Automated journaling(read more below)
Coin Market Manager crypto tracking software review

Coin Market Manager Automated Journaling

Coin Market Manager´s feature Automated Journaling is like a trading diary.

Here you can easily import your trades and create notes. The notes can be links to your charts where you can enter why you bought/sold or anything else you think is relevant to mention.

You can also create descriptive TAGS for your trades. These will then allow you filter through your trades later down the line when you are analyzing your performance.

Identify the TAGS that feature most in your winning and losing trades, to learn about where you need to improve, and double down on habits


Coin Market Manager Price plan and compatible exchanges

In the screenshot below you can see the different price plans from Coin Market Manager.

With Coin Market manager you can track your data from the following exchanges

  • Binance
  • Bybit
  • Coinbase
  • BitMEX
  • Deribit
  • Bittrex
Coin Market Manager price plans

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Cointracking Crypto Tracking Software

Cointracking is a very powerful crypto trading software with 370.000 active users and will provide all features you need for your crypto trading.
  • Personal Analysis (Interactive charts, calculation of key indicators, profit/loss reports and realized/unrealized gains)
  • Tax Declaration (Capital gains report, 12 tax methods, prepared for accountants, variable parameters for different tax laws)
  • Coin Charts and Analyzes (History chart to all 6598 coins, latest prices, experimental Bitcoin forecasts)
  • Trades (List of trades and fees, group by exchange, interactive search)
  • Trade Importer (70+ exchanges, API import, Exports, Manual import)
  • Functions and Security (SSL certified and encrypted)

BitcoinTaxes Crypo Tracking Software

BitcoinTaxes is a more focused crypto trading software towards only tax reporting including following services.
  • Import trade history, spending, income and mining.
  • Calculate capital gains
  • Different tax reporting methods (FIFO, LIFO, average cost)
  • Download IRS Form 8949 PDF or 8949
  • Import into rax services like TurboTax and TaxACT
  • Global Fiat currencies
  • Report balances and remaining cost basis

CryptoTrader.Tax Crypto Tracking Software

CryptoTrader.Tax crypto trading software offer different price plans from FREE to $149. The software is focused in tax reporting for crypto trading profits and their High Volume Trader price plan includes

  • Unlimited Report Revisions
  • IRS 8949 Report
  • Capital gains Report
  • TurboTax Integration
  • Live Chat Support
Read more about these crypto trading software and how to pay tax on crypto trading.

Crypto Trading Tools - Bots

If you prefer someone else to do trading in your name, why not consider letting an algorithm do that? Trading bots are nothing but codes that perform automatic trades on your behalf. They can increase your earnings while you are sleeping, but they can also cause losses.

Haasonline Crypto Trading Bot

More than 10,000 customers are using Haasonline Trade Server. The software allows you to use trading bots (HaasBots) and offers access to insurances, safeties, and technical indicators. You can also auto-tune settings depending on the time of the day or the month.

The number of available features to use depends on the plan you select. You can choose between Beginner, Simple, and Advanced plans. Keep in mind that Haasonline is a pricey service, so think twice whether you need it. If you are an experienced trader, you can significantly increase your earnings. You can check out these plans in picture below. 

crypto trading tools haasonline price plan

Cryptotrader Crypto Trading Bot

You do not have to install the software on your PC. Instead, Cryptotrader runs on the company’s cloud-based servers. You can choose from five different plans. More money invested means more trading bots available, as well as extra features such as margin trading and SMS alerts.

Cryptotrader includes simulation of various market conditions based on historical data. That way you can test different strategies until you find an appropriate one. Alternatively, you can head to the marketplace and buy a successful strategy from a fellow investor.

Gekko Crypto Trading Bot

Gekko is a crypto trading bot available free of charge. It is open source and you can install it on OSX, Linux, or Windows. It is an open-source project and everyone can access the code via Github. It does offer backtesting, but this is in no way an advanced tool. Gekko is ideal for those who want to gradually enter the world of automated crypto trading.

Crypto Trading Chart Tools

Charts provide precise information about price fluctuations of a certain currency over a specific time period. It is an essential tool for all traders and those in the crypto community are not an exception.

Trading View – Crypto Trading Chart Tool

You might have heard of Trading View if you were ever traded currencies, futures, or bonds. The website keeps up with the technology and they included crypto coins in their monitoring. They offer simple charts for four cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Trading View does not offer advanced charts, but that means the beginners can easily read them. You can check out the platform in snapshot below.

crypto trading tools trading view screenshot


CryptoWatch – Crypto Trading Chart Tool

CryptoWatch is another service you can use to monitor prices of various currencies across various digital exchanges. The homepage offers an overview of all supported coins. You can also use the menu to select the desired exchanges, assets, or quotes. The website offers detailed charts and delivers all relevant information you might need. Newbies might have a bit of trouble reading the charts.

CoinMarketCap – Crypto Trading Chart Tool

Exchanges offer various prices for the same crypto coin. That is where CoinMarketCap comes extremely handy. It takes these rates and calculates an average price. Aside from that, it also provides information about the last 24h trade volume and the available supply of currencies. The website supports over 1,000 currencies and also offers global and historical charts.

Crypto Trading API tools

You cannot monitor dozens of exchanges at the same time. API is the tool that makes this possible. In short, API (Application Programming Interface) interacts with digital exchanges and collects useful data, such as prices and trade volumes.

Most trading platforms offer APIs. API is used to link a crypto trading bot or a crypto trading software with a crypto trading platform. In the crypto trading platform you give permissions to the API. Some examples with API are BitMEX, Bitfinex, Binance and many more.


At this moment, CoinAPI integrated over 80 exchanges and 1700 assets. Real-time market data updates are available 24/7 so that you do not miss any relevant information for a successful trade. The free version allows you 100 requests every day, but two premium pricing plans increase that number and bring several extra features.


Crypto Trading Tools - Summary

In this crypto trading tools guide, we went over the market’s tools that make trading quite exciting, especially for starters. It is evident that since 2009, cryptos have went long road in developing necessary trading tools. 

Many functions are available for beginners to use, though we do stress the importance of participation. Without your own involvement, these tools might drive your margin into a loss, rather than a profit. Other helpful tools can be crypto social tradingcrypto trading bots and pay tax on crypto trading software. 
Dont forget to read through our Best Bitcoin Social Trading article with the latest updates. 

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