How to get $60 Bitcoin free with Crypto sign up bonuses

How to earn +$60 Bitcoin Free with crypto sign up bonuses?

In this article we will discuss how you can start your crypto trading career by maximizing some sign up bonuses.

We will mention one specific way on how you can get +$60 for free but would need at least $210 to get these bonuses.

You can choose to use some of the bonuses, or all, its all up to you. We will present 4 different sign up bonuses where you can get $10 + $10 + $20  + $20 (or more).

After this, we describe how you further can use this capital to gain additional free bonuses.

Summary - $60 Free from Crypto Bonuses

In the table below you can see the bonuses we will use in this article. Later, we describe, step-by-step, how you can use all these different bonuses.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Read more below. BlockFi bonus is $15-$250.

1. How to Get $10 free with Coinbase?

If you use our link, you will get $10 for free from Coinbase when you make your first purchase of at least $100 crypto.

How to get $10 free from Coinbase?

  1. Sign up with Coinbase using our referral link
  2. Buy Bitcoin for at least $100
  3. Receive $10 free
How to deposit to Coinbase?
You can deposit fiat currencies (USD, EUR etc) via bank deposit or credit vard to Coinbase. Bank deposit is cheaper but takes longer time.

2. How to Get $10 free with Gemini?

If you buy crypto for $100 and more with Gemini, you will get $10 for free. You need to use our referral code to get the $10 free.

How to get $10 free from Gemini?

  1. Sign up with Gemini using our referral link
  2. Buy Bitcoin for at least $100
  3. Receive $10 free
How to deposit to Gemini?
You can deposit fiat currencies to Gemini by bank deposit or by credit card. There are always lower fees associated with bank deposits than with credit cards.

3. How to Get $20 free with Celsius?

Celsius are giving $20 free in sign up bonus to everyone who deposit $200 and more in their first deposit. Also, you need to keep the funds at Celsius for 30 days.

How to get $20 free with Celsius?

  1. Sign up with our referral link to Celsius Network
  2. Deposit $200 in your first deposit (If you use the funds from the previous 2 steps you should first collect them so you make 1 deposit with at least $200.
  3. Your $20 will be distributed when you makes your first transfer of $200 or more using our referral code at the time of signup. The reward will be unlocked 30 days after the initial transfer.
  4. Wait 30 days

4. How to Get $15-250 free with BlockFi?

BlockFi has one of the more generous deposit bonuses with our referral code.

You can get up to $250 for free and it´s all dependent on how much you deposit for the first time.

In the table below, you can see how much you need to deposit to be eligible for the different bonus amounts.

How to get the BlockFi free bonus?

  1. Sign up with BlockFi using our referral link
  2. Deposit to your BlockFi account
  3. Wait two and a half months before you are eligible for the bonus amount. Make sure to read all the terms related to this bonus on the bonus page.

After 2 months you should now have +$60 dependant on how much you did deposit to BlockFi.

How to get $15-250 free from BlockFi

5. How to get more sign up bonuses with has additional sign up bonuses. However, if you want them you need to exchange into CRO which is their native token. has many different features and they have one desktop application and one mobile application that are segregated.

  • For the mobile application you can get a $25 bonus.
  • For the desktop application you can get a $10-$2.000 bonus.
You can read full instruction on our bonus page on how to redeem those crypto bonuses.