How to start trading Bitcoin and crypto without money

How to start trading Bitcoin and crypto without money?

We will describe how you can start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies without any money.

You can get free money to start trading when you sign up with Morpher trading.

Morpher is a unique trading site and we will describe how it works and how you can start trading today.

The best thing is that you get a start balance of 100 MPH and you can trade with up to 10x leverage.

Many cryptocurrencies are available and also SP 500 and some commodities. More markets are added on a continuous basis.

Morpher definitely has the potential to be one of the best online trading platforms for any market, including cryptocurrencies.

What is Morpher Trading Platform?

Morpher trading platform is a unique trading platform based on the Ethereum network. The goal for Morpher is to democratizing trading and they will do this by offering

  • No fees 
  • No middlemen
  • Infinite liquidity
  • 24/7 fractional trading in 600+ markets
  • Up to 10x leverage and no margin interest cost
How can Morpher offer this?
Morpher can offer this because you are trading virtual futures. You dont own the underlying asset but the virtual assets will copy the price from the underlying. You can read more about the Morpher trading platform and how it works in our Morpher review.

How to get 100 MPH Free?

You can get your free 100 MPH in a couple of minutes. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps.

  1. Sign up with Morpher using our link
  2. Complete basic KYC so Morpher can verify you are not a bot and try to duplicate accounts
  3. Get your 100 MPH added to your wallet and start trading immediately

Morpher Trading Dashboard Overview

Once you have signed up and received your 100 MPH it´s time to start trading.

Login to your Morpher account and the dashboard should look like the screenshot below.

  1. Menu where you can browse between markets and account 
  2. Watchlist – Here you can set your own watchlist. We have XRP, XAG, ETH, and BTC on our watchlist.
  3. Information overview of your account. The left toggle is a USD to MPH switch. the right toggle is for invested amount, available balance, and 1d return.
  4. Leaderboard. Here you can see the best performing accounts. Unfortunately, you cant see how they are invested but this feature might be added in the future.
  5. Portfolio. Here is your current portfolio and the % return. Also, you can see the current value which we have blurred out in this screenshot.
Morpher trading platform dashboard

How to start trading with Morpher?

Now you are familiar with the Morpher trading platform dashboard and from here it´s where easy and intuitive to make your first trade.

Let´s make your first trade with Cosmos cryptocurrency

  • Select cryptocurrencies on the menu to the left
  • After this, you will get a list of all available cryptocurrencies. Click on Cosmos, or the cryptocurrency you like to trade
  • Once you have clicked on the cryptocurrency you want to trade, your screen should look like the screenshot below
  1. Cryptocurrencies are selected in the left menu, if you are about to trade cryptocurrencies
  2. Once, you have entered a specific cryptocurrency, you will see ticker and cryptocurrency name in this dialogue. Also, current price and price movement
  3. Here are chart settings. You can only select different time intervals for the chart at the moment. More features will be added. Also, you can add this market to your watchlist.
  4. Here is where the trading is happening.
  • Choose to Buy or Sell. 
  • Enter the amount you want to trade
  • Enter what leverage you want to use (1-10).

How to track my trading in Morpher?

When you have trading positions open in Morpher trading app you can track them under Portfolio in the left menu.

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of how the portfolio view will look like.

  1. You can see the total portfolio return in the graph and you can change the time interval.
  2. You can see the MPH market price and the total supply
  3. You can see your current portfolio allocation between investments and cash balance
  4. At the bottom, you can see all your open positions. Here, you will find information about
  • Direction (Buy or Sell)
  • Type (Which market: Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, Foreign Exchange or Indices)
  • Average Entry price (If you bought the asset several times)
  • Leverage
  • Total return (In Morpher tokens)
  • % Return
  • Value (current value). 
  • Weight of your total invested portfolio
Morpher trading platform portfolio screenshot
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