Cryptocurrency Trading Premium Courses

Guide: All the best crypto trading courses. Webinars, Ebooks, Quizzes, and Online Videos

When dealing with a market as new as digital coins, premium cryptocurrency trading courses can offer quite a lot. These knowledge sources offer something for everyone, including beginners and experts. In this guide, we go over different types of cryptocurrency trading courses, as well as where to find them. Lastly, we propose an alternative route towards formal education, which grows with each passing day.

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Different Types of Cryptocurrency Trading Courses

We cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to educate yourself about crypto trading. The market operates differently than stock, Forex, or commodity industries. Moreover, many of the blockchain networks, under which cryptocurrencies exist, foster a decentralized system. It means that a single body does not control them but rather the technology behind them and market trends.

Thus, it is important to gain a complete understanding of how the digital industry works. Free cryptocurrency course providers, such as crypto YouTube channels and blogs do have their merit. However, premium cryptocurrency trading courses can bring in a lot of insights. Often, they can make a difference between a one-time trader to a fully-fledged and successful investor. The best sources for learning so far, are:

– Webinars

– eBooks

– Quizzes

– Online Videos

Webinars - Crypto Courses

Webinars are an awesome start to get information about cryptocurrency trade. Creator has ample time to prepare an intensive cryptocurrency seminar beforehand, all the while taking into account his audience. Webinars are mostly available globally, which means that you have the comfort of your home to count on. Instead of losing hours driving and dressing for the occasion, you can relax in your char and watch it out.

Additionally, some of the educators out there provide copies of their webinars for free if you missed it. Thus, you can harness the knowledge anytime, as it is available for a download at a later date. However, the most important feature of webinars is that the length and content are practically limitless. You can count on personal approach or a generalized technical analysis course.

You can also communicate with the educator during the live streaming. Possibilities are endless, which produced a huge number of webinars going on right now in the market.

eBooks - Crypto Trading Courses

For those looking for comfort and texts, eBooks are a great source of learning about cryptocurrency education. Moreover, many works out there are free, listing out important information about crypto trade. However, there are also fully-fledged works out there that can provide insider information regarding crypto markets. Those are eBooks that anyone, no matter the level of expertise, should get their hands on.

eBooks come in different sizes and can range in scope, ranging from short 10-paged electronic report towards a full book. Topics also vary greatly, often specializing in a niche, covering technical/fundamental analysis or psychology of a crypto trader. Moreover, competition in this sphere is fierce, with many works circulating the internet. Thus, it is important to choose a credible source and those with high ratings from readers.

Quizzes - Crypto Trading Courses

Online questionnaires have a good way of engaging you with the matter at hand. The same can be said for crypto quizzes. Some might come off as free, fun tests that can tell how much knowledge you have regarding crypto trade. However, there are also others, premium quizzes that push your thinking to the limit. They also provide you an accurate judgment on your knowledge level based on results you displayed.

What makes crypto quizzes so interesting is the background of digital coins as well. Blockchain technology offers a lot for businesses and mainstream markets. Knowing about the system itself will provide you with the idea of how scalable the project is. Through blockchain, one can judge just how healthy the crypto is in long-term.

Inline Videos - Crypto Trading Courses

In terms of popularity, online videos are the most frequent service seen in the market nowadays. Almost all online courses have it as the main backbone for lecturing, as it provides several advantages for the poster. It is easy to make and can be quite flashy in terms of graphics, look, and information presented. Additionally, one can even create an entire program before its release, leaving a lot of room for improvement later on. On the side of students, online videos are a great way to learn crypto trade by simply watching what the lecturer does in the market. Many good examples follow up actual trading investments, pinpointing issues that can be viewed later on. Additionally, videos are downloadable in many cases, which means that once purchased, they are yours to watch indefinitely. These videos range in terms of length, allowing creators to be very creative with their content. Whereas webinars are live streaming lectures, videos can last two minutes or a few hours even, depending on the crypto program.

Where to Find Crypto Trading Courses?

There are several platforms that provide complete programs for their students, regarding premium cryptocurrency trading courses. They differ in terms of content available and products that fill up their portfolio, including eBooks, videos, and approach. In this guide, we cover some of the popular choices in the crypto market right now, including:

  • LearnCrypto
  • Cryptoversity
  • Crypto Trade Academy
  • CryptoManiaks
  • Trading Heroes
  • Udemy



Interested to learn a specific trading method that might help you trade cryptos successfully? Well, LeanCrypto has a trading style called Wyckoff Trading Method, created by a stock speculator Richard D. Wyckoff in 1931. Since then, it seems that the method works wonders for those willing to apply it on a volatile market. Apart from Wyckoff, beginners can find a lot of content here, helping the understanding of how bitcoin trading works.

LearnCrypto offers two main programs. If you are a beginner, it would be appropriate to start with 9-lesson program called “A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.” For those already familiar with the cryptos but want to enhance their knowledge, you can opt for “Cryptocurrencies & Wyckoff.” It offers 24 online lessons and videos, charts, Quizzes, and even a certificate. Starter’s pack costs $99 while enhanced certified program carries a price tag of $299.

You can also subscribe to Patreon YouTube channel where owner Todd Butterfield and LearnCrypto employees post videos. The last feature is a bit more risky to take, as it requires invested funds of $25,000 and more. Investors can provide funds, used to trade cryptos by LearnCrypto. Keep in mind that risks are quite high and you can lose a lot of money, especially now when the crypto market is on the bear run.



Cryptoversity is one of the first online courses that teach crypto trading to beginners. Based in the UK, the platform offers a variety of online courses, including trading for beginners and experts alike. Programs often last for several months, expanding into numerous courses, depending on your needs. Cryptoversity uses step by step approach, where fundamentals are laid bare, building up the program as time passes.

Thus, it is a good starting ground for starters in the crypto trade, especially for those that need a flexible timetable. Cryptoversity uses videos and live streaming to reach their audience. Courses include power bounce management, cashflow analysis, technical analysis, strategies, setup, pattern breakouts, and much more. Programs are available through either a credit card or crypto payments, while prices range depending on the chosen educational course.

Crypto Trade Academy


Although blockchain is important, there are platforms, like Crypto Trade Academy, that works only with buying and selling cryptos. This particular website offers extensive online video course offers 24 lessons that include a variety of information. Lecturers offer their take on technical & fundamental analysis, trading functions, altcoin investigation, and more. Using a step-by-step system, Crypto Trade Academy focuses on fundamentals and is a good start for beginners to learn how to trade cryptos.

However, unlike other platforms, this website offers really only one program. It uses video streaming and commentary, all of which is accessible once the course has been purchased. With experienced traders being the lecturers, however, the program does have a lot to offer for crypto starters. Price ranges between €99 and €399, depending on the chosen setup. The cheaper variant has 10 preselected lessons while advanced course is full 24 lectures.



Now, if you want some free content, CryptoManiaks is a good place to find it. The platform offers several short videos, as well as online content about cryptocurrencies. Trading them, however, covers basics of basics, which is fair in our opinion. For more information, there are programs that can get you op understand how the market works.

Currently, the website offers programs, such as “Buy & Trade Cryptos,” “Secure your cryptos,” “Deciding How Much to Invest,” “Creating A Balanced Portfolio,” and several others. The main instructor Shayne leads these programs and offers online video content for all enrolling students. Instead of paying for individual programs, clients purchase lifetime access to content by the site.

As for the pricing, you have a one-time payment to make, standing at $100. All modules are available, including those that are currently there and those coming up in the future.

Promo code CryptoManiaks: cryptocointrade

Trading Heroes


Apart from crypto-oriented platforms, there are also those sites that operate for some time on commodities and Forex. These educators know their markets well, with Trading Heroes being part of the list. However, recently they also added cryptos with their educational portfolio. However, they are blogs and articles only, without videos and online courses developed as we speak.

Still the information there is quite useful, if nothing because it is for free. Articles are quite lengthy and offer insights on how to conduct fundamental and technical analysis. You can also find information about determination of cryptos that are good for trading when specific trends occur, and other particulars. However, Forex trading has much in common with cryptocurrencies so you can choose to learn about it to expand your trading portfolio.



Udemy is a peculiar platform to learn about crypto trading. Think of it as a large P2P marketplace, where individuals and businesses compete for your attention through their programs. Udemy offers a space for educators to flash out their talents and offer numerous programs about a variety of things. Crypto trade is one of them, with many lecturers available to you to choose from. You can check out in the picture how competition works at Udemy.



Premium Cryptocurrency Trading Courses- Udemy




They offer a priced course, including eBooks, videos, online teaching courses, and other services. They differ in term of topics covered and quality provided. Thus, the rating system is important, as those with low grades can turn to be money wasters. You should also keep an eye on the program itself, as these guys operate as freelancers. You can make deals with them if you happen to be interested in longer programs.

Lastly, there are many scams out there. Even if you see a program that looks genuine and has a very low price, there is a chance that you will pay a lot of money for nothing. Additionally, ratings are not a 100% guarantee of success. Thus, it is important to seek out trial videos, where you can familiarize with the lecturer and see whether his way of teaching suits you or not.

Mainstream Education – Universities


You can also acquire digital literacy from formal education courses. Right now, over 50 universities around the globe offer blockchain and cryptocurrency programs. The U.S. leads the chart, with MIT, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and others. However, mostly, they concentrate on the technological aspect of the digital coins and into blockchain.

Trading comes as a bonus lecture, with content much similar to how they teach Forex and commodities. Thus, for proper crypto trading education, we would recommend you to stick with the choices outlined in this guide.



In this premium cryptocurrency trading courses review, we sought out best platforms to learn from. Trading cryptos are no joke, especially now when the bear trend is gripping the market. However, with the right tools of analysis, you can bypass the initial obstacles and earn even when the market declines. Educators provide these tools through their programs.

Courses range from beginner-friendly towards experts, depending on your budget and how serious you want to be about coin trade.

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