Top 10 Twitter accounts to follow for Cryptocurrency trading

Best Crypto Traders on Twitter – What Cryptocurrency Account to Follow

In this article, we list the best Crypto Traders on Twitter.  Find out what Twitter accounts you should follow to stay up to date on crypto price predictions and analysis. 

With brief descriptions, our readers can gain useful updates regarding popular coins but also regarding less known projects. We also provide Twitter links, as to save you time from the manual hunt of these accounts.

If you prefer Instagram over Twitter, we have an article for this. Visit our blog post about the top Bitcoin traders to follow on Instagram.


Crypto Twitter and Price Predictions

Ivan On Tech - 214.000 Twitter Subscribers

Ivan on Tech’s crypto Twitter account is something you want to follow if you are looking for crypto education and crypto news.

Ivan on Tech is run by the Swedish crypto enthusiast Ivan Liljeqvist.

Follow Ivan on Tech on Twitter if you want news about blockchain projects and new hot altcoins.

Ivan is running one the biggest blockchain and crypto academies. If you are going into crypto you should definitely try one of courses available.

Ivan on Tech crypto Twitter account

BitBoy - Crypto Trading on Twitter

BitBoy has the largest crypto trading Youtube channel.

Also, BitBoy on Twitter is big social media account with his 240.000 followers.

Why should you follow BitBoy?

As he say himself, if you love crypto and money you should follow him. He is tweeting about almost anything within crypto and there is no secret he is a big fan of Ethereum and Cardano.


Bitboy crypto trading twitter account

WhalePanda - 207.000 Twitter Crypto Followers

This account holds over 207 thousand followers, making the WhalePanda quite a powerful crypto trading influencer. WhalePanda tracks side projects apart from big cryptos, providing a realistic review of the market.  Updates come on a daily basis and might touch upon market trends used in both technical and fundamental analysis.


CryptoYoda - Technical and Fundamental analysis on Twitter

If you wish to complement both of your technical and fundamental analysis, CryptoYoda is a good choice as well. Account’s tweets concern both big and small coins. Focus area of CryptoYoda is immediate trends, more of a reaction than long-term follow-up on specific projects. Although daily, this account’s updates and retweets are scarce for its 217.000 followers.


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CryptoSqueeze - 104.000 Twitter Crypto Followers

With 104 thousand follow accounts, CryptoSqueeze mostly focuses on crypto swing tactics. Dubbed as crypto hedge fund manager, he touches upon trading platforms’ updates and technical analysis of the overall market. Squeeze is quite an active account, making it a perfect complementary source of information for your technical analysis. Does not follow a specific cryptocurrency, apart from bitcoin, but likes to spread around the industry.


Coin Bureau Crypto Twitter Account

Coin Bureau´s twitter account has 77500 followers on Twitter.

If you look for this profile, make sure you get the right profile since there are many copycats showing up when you search for Coin Bureau in the Twitter search feature.

The main media for Coin Bureau is their crypto Youtube channel where they publish vary informative and newbie-friendly videos covering anything in the crypto space.

Credible Crypto Trader on Twitter

Credible Crypto is a crypto trader, investor and entrepreneur. He provides crypto analysis and crypto charts.

 As you can see, Credible Crypto is bullish on XRP. The screenshot is taken on 2021-04-07.
Credible Crypto Twitter Account on XRP

Nicholas Merten on Twitter - Data Dash

Data dash is a great channel on Youtube.

However, on Twitter he is using the real name, Nicholas Merten on Twitter.

Bitcoin Dad

One of the early crypto trading investors, this dad works his way up through tech analysis and tight risk management. Unlike many other accounts presented here, this influencer works with bitcoin mostly. He also does not have that many followers compared to the top accounts (“only” 44.000) but is a force to reckon with.


Jeremy Ross

Since 2013, Jeremy Ross worked with cryptos quite successfully. Now, he offers consultant services regarding tokens and coins while keeping up with the market trends. With 50 thousand followers, crypto-related posts are somewhat scarce and touch upon both technical and fundamental aspects of the trading industry.


Ad Infinitum

Bitcoin and altcoin veteran, Ad Infinitum goes his way around the crypto industry through sarcasm, detailed analysis, and unconventional thinking. Frequent statuses, combined with almost 60 thousand followers make this account hard to miss.


Crypto Twitter and Crypto Tax Services

In the table above, you can see the Twitter accounts of the two largest and best crypto tax software.

Why is this important?

It´s important to file your cryptocurrency gains and taxes correctly, no matter where you live in the world. A crypto tax software will automatically import all your transactions via an API, categorize them and calculate your final tax results. We think Koinly is the best crypto tax software and you can sign up for a free account and try them out.

Crypto Twitter and Crypto Trading Bots

In the table above, you can see the Twitter accounts from two of the best crypto trading bots.

Should you use a crypto trading bot?

If you like technical analysis and you are a day trader and trading with high frequency you should definitely look into crypto trading bots.

If you are a swing trader and make one trade every week, or month, your trading strategy might not be compatible with a software like a trading bot. However, you might want to look into copy trading where you can copy other successful traders as you can do with Napbots.

We think Coinrule is the best overall crypto trading bot.

Conclusion - Crypto Trading on Twitter

Through this guide, you now have top 10 twitter accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading. However, we do need to emphasize the importance of your own research while trading cryptos. These accounts can complement your findings but should not serve as your only source of information. Investors should base their decisions on diversified findings.