Top 8 DeFi Yield Farming Platforms for 2022

Top 8 DeFi Yield Farming Platforms for 2023 (Review in Detailed)

Investors can produce passive revenue from inactive crypto tokens by farming in yield. In addition, the tokens are often delivered to its decentralized exchange to ensure that traders have enough liquidity.

Those who lend the tokens can receive a portion like any trading commission charged mainly by the exchange. For security, yields, supported pairings, user-friendly, and other factors, we review and rank the 8 Defi yield farming crypto platforms in this evaluation guide.

List of the Top 8 Crypto Yield Farming Platforms

In this article, you will get a list of the top 8 currently available crypto platforms for yield farming:

Even if sure of the below-mentioned companies do not specifically focus on yield farming, they present some unique possibilities for those looking for passive income.

Investors may thus find the ideal interest-based product for their needs by reading our in-depth platform reviews.

Reviewing the Most Popular Crypto Defi yield farming Platforms

Investors must consider various aspects while choosing the most refined yield farming cryptocurrency platform.

Other crucial factors will include:

  • Current yields.
  • Supported currencies.
  • The regularity of reward transfers.
  • The platform’s security and reputation.

We rank and analyze each of the eight companies from its yield farming cryptocurrency list below.

1. OKX: Current Best Crypto Yield Farming Platform 

OKX is our best choice for the excellent Defi yield farming cryptocurrency platform. Despite being primarily recognized for its inexpensive spot trading platform, OKX provides a whole crypto environment. This hardly includes interest and staking accounts but also a full-fledged yield farming division.

OKX provides a selection of yield farming pairings, all of which comprise Ethereum, in collaboration with SushiSwap. This contains wrapped bitcoin, sushi, tether, dai, and USD coins. The average annual percentage yield (APY) on USDT/ETH and SUSHI/ETH, according to OKX, is 7.78% and 6.52%, accordingly. Results will fluctuate just like any yield farming platform, though.

Estimated yields for USDC/ETH and DAI/ETH are 4.31% and 4.81%, accordingly, while WBTC/ETH yields are only 0.55%. But most importantly, most yield farming pools run by OKX seem to be accessible on such a flexible schedule. Thus, there is currently no lock-up time as a result. Therefore, investors have the flexibility to take their tokens out of the yield farming pool whenever they choose.

Investors may want to consider using the staking option at OKX in contrast to yield Farming. The approach shouldn’t need investors to supply liquidity for something like a trading pair, and it does offer the possibility of creating passive income on dormant cryptocurrency tokens. Furthermore, every staking agreement needs one token.

In conclusion, OKX is a fantastic yield farming platform that would enable users to earn crypto in 2022.

Services for Yields: Interest accounts, yield staking, and Farming

Supported Coins: Multiple blockchains are supported, including SOL, ETH, and BTC.

Rates on Farming: With a yield of up to 6.52% APY


  • Overall most excellent cryptocurrency farming platform
  • supports interest accounts, staking, and yield farming
  • Comparable APIs
  • Farming pools with variable yields
  • Support for several blockchain networks
  • Access the top alternative currencies on 600+ markets
  • high standing in the crypto world


  • During yield farming, ETH-based currencies are accessible.

Cryptocurrency assets are very risky investment commodities. Your money is in danger.

2. Battle infinity: A Fantastic Decentralized Staking Alternate to Yield Farming

Staking is a fantastic substitute for Defi yield farming, as we said previously in a straightforward manner. In reality, opting to go with staking to earn different cryptocurrencies has several advantages. The finest cryptocurrency staking systems, first of all, and importantly, provide set APYs. As a result, investors are fully aware of their potential return on its staked tokens.

Compared to this, it is challenging to predict agricultural yield benefits since they depend on the compatibility and market valuation of the 2 digital currencies that make up the pair. Staking offers another advantage in that users only require to invest in one cryptocurrency. However, as said, yield farming demands that investors include an equal number of two separate staking coins in their deposits.

Battle Infinity is among the top possibilities to consider in the staking market. The play-to-earn and NFT ownership concepts are used in each multiplayer gaming hosted by the metaverse system built by this project. Users may acquire IBAT, the project’s native token, by participating in Battle Infinity games.

Staking IBAT is made simple by first purchasing Battle Infinity tokens via Lbank or PancakeSwap. Then, the IBAT tokens need to be transferred to a personal wallet so that they may be linked to the tools for Battle Infinity staking.

Yield Services: Fixed and adaptable staking

Supported Coins: IBAT

Rates on Farming: flexible staking is 12% APY, but fixed-term rates are higher.


  • One of the top cryptocurrency initial coin offerings of 2022
  • Earn passive money using a popular cryptocurrency.
  • IBAT investments with adjustable withdrawal conditions
  • Highest returns on fixed terms available
  • There is no need to register or give any personal data.


  • Only at this time supports IBAT staking.

Cryptocurrency assets are very risky investment commodities. Your money is in danger.

3. eToro: Earn Passive Income with Tron, Cardano, and Ethereum

ETFs, indices, Stocks, and commodities are also supported by the licensed cryptocurrency exchange and broker eToro. This company is regarded as a secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform only because it has CySEC, FCA, ASIC, and SEC licenses. Almost 27 million traders across the globe use eToro.

Although eToro cannot offer Defi yield farming, the trading platform enables users to stake their way to a passive income stream. Tron, Cardano, and Ethereum are the 3 proof-of-stake currencies currently supported. eToro is a fantastic choice as it does not ask investors to sign further into the staking feature and provides a licensed platform for earning income.

On the other hand, investors would start receiving staking rewards when the minimum holding time has elapsed. For instance, the creation of staking incentives after purchasing Tron on eToro will begin on its 9th day of holding. On eToro, there are still no lock-up periods for coin staking, and traders can payout at any time, seven days a week. 

Services of Yield: Adaptable Staking

Supported Coins: Tron, Cardano, and Ethereum

Rates on Farming: Up to 90% of eToro’s staking payouts are produced


  • Licensed cryptocurrency exchange with over 27 million users
  • Without having to opt-in, stake Tron, Cardano, and Ethereum
  • Purchase dozens of the top cryptocurrencies for as little as $10
  • No charges for deposits in USD
  • Trading Crypto Actively Using Copy Trading


  • There are now just 3 supported staking coins, but additional coins will be added.

Cryptocurrency assets are very risky investment commodities. Your money is in danger.

4. High-Yield Income Accounts With Crypto Lending

Like OKX, is well-recognized for its cryptocurrency Defi yield farming exchange platform. Almost 250 marketplaces, including a large variety of top meme coins to buy, are accessible through this supplier. Additionally, provides transaction fees even lower than Binance, with its maximum rate being almost 0.075% per slide.

Investors may get passive revenue with in contrast to its exchange platform. Although it doesn’t include yield farming, provides interest accounts on various currencies. In addition, there are 3 lock-up choices for every single supported money. This offers flexible payouts together with 1 to 3-month durations.

The APY increases with term length. Additionally, interest account profits may be increased by staking Cronos to increase the returns available (CRO). Owners of this coin, a natural part of the system, will benefit from decreased trading commissions. The highest yield on stablecoins that offers is 8.5%.

Yield Services: Flexible, one-month, and three-month interest accounts

Supported Coins: Multiple crypto holdings and stablecoins

Rates on Farming: Crypto assets up to 14.5% and stablecoins at 8.5%


  • Start earning 14.5% on a few top crypto assets in the long run.
  • Stablecoin rates for high-yield farming cryptocurrencies
  • You can choose flexible, one month, or three months.
  • Weekly interest payments are made.
  • The cost for spot trading is merely 0.75%.


  • Investors must stake CRO to receive the greatest APY.

5. Coinbase.: A regulated broker with adaptable staking pools

The best cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide are Coinbase. This simple Defi yield farming platform supports almost over 100 crypto assets, most of which may be bought right away using a MasterCard or Visa. Having already said, Coinbase charges significant fees, including visa or MasterCard payments incurring a cost of approximately 4%.

Additionally, the Coinbase platform charges 1.49% per slide in fees for exchanging cryptocurrency assets. Although it does not provide yield farming services, Coinbase facilitates staking. Support for over 6 different currencies is provided, with Algorand providing the most significant yield (5.75%).

This and the following earning currencies supported are Tezos and Cosmos, with APYs of 4.635% and 5%, accordingly. Staking on Coinbase is accessible in more than 70 countries, and payout options vary. At Coinbase, a $1 minimum may be made through staking cryptocurrency.

Yield Services: Accounts with adjustable rates

Supported Coins: ATOM, ETH, ALGO, SOL, ADA, and XTZ

Rates on Farming: As Low as 5.75%


  • Best Platforms for newcomers
  • Strict regulation


  • There are other places where stake yields are higher.
  • Is not open about staking costs
  • High deposit fees and trading commissions

6. Uniswap: A decentralized exchange that offers ETH-based token returns.

A decentralized exchange based on the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap. Trading using Uniswap eliminates the demand for a middleman. Users of Uniswap also don’t have to open an account, supply any personal details, or submit any KYC paperwork; all they have to do is link the wallet to any exchange.

Consequently, Uniswap becomes the best Defi yield farming bitcoin platform for someone looking to create passive income covertly. Uniswap specializes in Ethereum yield farming pairs. The most popular liquidity pools on Uniswap include DAI/USD, WBTC/ETH., and USDC/ETH. 

The yields will be significantly influenced by the liquidity pool chosen. Thus Uniswap cannot provide forecasted APYs. The fact that yield farming on Uniswap is decentralized, however, prevents the exchange from allowing access to the tokens. In contrast side, the Uniswap system is supported by smart contracts that Ethereum supports.

Yield Services: farming with ETH-backed tokens

Supported Coins: ERC-20 token

Rates on Farming: change according to the particular pair and the marketplace.


  • Decentralized exchange offering ETH-based yield farming services
  • No account needs to be created.


  • It does not give estimated APYs for farming yields
  • Unsuitable for beginners
  • Only accepts ETH tokens

7. PancakeSwap: the Most-Used BNB-Based Tokens for Yield Farming Platform

While PancakeSwap concentrates on Binance Smart Chain (BSc) currencies, Uniswap leads the decentralized Ethereum token trading industry. In actuality, PancakeSwap typically hosts the digital currencies with the fastest rates of market expansion; two examples include Battle Infinity and Lucky Block.

Identical to Uniswap, PancakewSwap offers a full-featured, decentralized crop-farming ecosystem. This provider is maybe the best Defi yield farming platform for high yields. For instance, it is anticipated that yield farming pools on CAKE/USDT or CAKE/BNB would provide an APY that is nearly 50%.

Even trustworthy combinations like BNB/BUSD offer up to 11.6% enticing deals. In addition, pancakeSwap users may access yield farming pools by linking MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Yield Services: farming on BSc tokens

Supported Coins: Accepted Every BSc token

Rates on Farming: Currently available rates: 294% APR


  • The most excellent platform for cryptocurrency yield farming using BSc tokens
  • To produce passive income, there is no account registration required.


  • Farming pools with excessively erratic yields are typical.
  • It only works with BSc tokens.

8. Sushiswap: A Diverse Range of Defi Interest Tools Can Be Found at Top DEX 

The last website on a particular list of the most effective Defi yield farming bitcoin sites is SushiSwap. SushiSwap offers a complete environment of Defi services and is constructed on top of an Ethereum blockchain. The SushiSwap liquidity pools had cryptocurrencies worth almost over $1.4 billion at the time of this publication.

Nearly 16,000 transaction combinations are currently available on the SushiSwap exchange. It is essential because SushiSwap, like PancakeSwap and Uniswap, is a decentralized exchange because it still enables investors to begin earning money without initially setting up an account.

It will significantly differ regarding the yield farming analysis performed on the couple. Even though this combination has little liquidity, it may offer APYs in the six to seven-digit range.

Yield Services: Yield farming using tokens based on ETH

Supported Coins: Almost about 16,000 pairs

Rates on Farming: dependent upon the pair


  • Significant returns on small-cap tokens for Farming
  • Almost 16,000 couples backed


  • Not appropriate for newcomers
  • Less liquidity than Uniswap


The top Defi yield farming cryptocurrency platforms currently available have been reviewed in this beginner’s guide.

We have also discussed the advantages and risks of yield farming, as well as any potential tax issues.

OKX could be a good choice for anyone interested in investing in yield farming right now. Compared to its yield farming services, OKX now provides staking, and interest account accounts with attractive APYs.

Author Bio: 

My name is Marnus Harris, and I am a writer. I have been writing for over five years, and my expertise lies in crypto, blockchain, DEFI Development, defi yield farming, and the Defi smart contract industry. I enjoy writing about developments in the crypto and blockchain industry.

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