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Top 8 instagram accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading

Top 8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Cryptocurrency Trading

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Top 8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Cryptocurrency Trading

Within the text of this article, our readers will meet the top 8 Instagram accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading. Being the top account does not necessarily mean the most popular, as some might have fewer followers. Nevertheless, the quality of data and analysis plays a vital role in our choice of the best crypto trading Instagram accounts. Also, don’t forget to check the best subreddits for crypto trading if you are interested in other social media for crypto trading.


Although the name implies Dash cryptocurrency, it does take many others into its investigation efforts. Datadash provides tech analysis for everything crypto-related, the account also has a YouTube channel for followers to check out. 


For those interested in signals, Cryptocompass is the account to follow. Crypto trends happen rapidly and suddenly, what with its highly volatile market. With almost 2.700 followers, Cryptocompass does provide a telegram channel and education/analysis tips for its readers. This profile focuses on top cryptos and usually on technical aspect only.


One of the rising accounts in terms of crypto trading signals, Crypto.gainer offers a detailed analysis of many cryptocurrencies. All signals are free of charge and touch upon many coins/tokens so far. Apart from analysis, followers might gain insights on the latest news from communities and forums, such as Bitcointalk and Telegram groups.


If you are only interested in big accounts with lots of followers, then Cryptoexplorer should be within your radar. With over 43.5 thousand subscribers, this account offers a variety of information freely.  It covers crypto education, trading tips, news from the industry, and advises on trading strategies for different coins.


By combining HODLing and trading, Cryptohann instagram account does offer an experience for beginners to take advantage of. The account works with both technical and fundamental analysis, touching upon various cryptos, not just popular ones. Although no signals, analysis do come in regularly for fits subscribers.


the_4xlg is quite popular within crypto trading circles. Professional trader him(her)self, account provides signals and latest price trends from different crypto trading platforms. The 4xlg group works with different cryptos, not exactly focusing on few but spreading its analysis. It mostly offers a technical analysis of price trends.


Bitcoingraph is one of the largest communities in the crypto world, dedicated to providing tips and news form the blockchain markets. However, it also provides technical and fundamental analysis as much as news from the industry. Check it out, as it has grown quite a following base so far (almost 11 thousand subscribers).


happy__trader is quite interesting to follow, as it mostly revolves around motivating others to invest in cryptos. There are many posts and videos going around from Happy Trader that are purely motivational and – we admit it, awesome. Oh, between, it is definitely one of the largest accounts around for crypto investments with 122 thousand subscribers.

Summary - Top 8 Instagram Accounts for Crypto Trading

Now that you have top 8 Instagram accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading, a word of caution. Instagram has many scam accounts around, with no guarantee that their signals actually work. Even the ones mentioned in this article might close operations sometime. Thus, we prepared top accounts in Twitter and top crypto trading blogs.

More Social Media for Crypto Trading

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