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Top AI Crypto Coins

We list the top AI crypto coins by marketcap and the top crypto trading sites where you can buy AI coins.

We cover

  • List: Top AI Crypto Coins by Marketcap
  • What is AI?
  • Top Crypto Trading Sites to Buy AI Coins
  • Risks with AI Crypto Investments

List: Top AI Crypto Coins by marketcap

You find the top 4 AI crypto coins by marketcap listed in the table below. In addition, you find available crypto exchanges for buying a particular cryptocurrency.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems

Is AI Crypto a Good Investment?

Are There Any AI Bots for Crypto Trading?

What is SingularityNET?

SingularityNET is is a decentralized AI marketplace running on the blockchain. 

The primary purpose of SingularityNET is to create an open-source AI-powered infrastructure that allows developers to use smart contracts to build AI products for end users without the need for intermediaries.

Where to buy Singularity Net(AGIX)?

What is (FET) is an AI network for blockchains.

It´s an open and permissionless network using AI to create a decentralized machine-learning system that can execute tasks on the blockchain.

Where to buy

What is Artificial Liquid Intelligence?

On the Alethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence platform users can transform their NFTs into iNFTs.

iNFTs live in Alethea’s metaverse, called Noah’s Ark.

iNFTs consist of three parts, which include soul, body, and mind, each providing different traits to the iNFT.

Where to buy Artificial Liquid Intelligence(ALI)?

What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is an open-source protocol that allows individuals and businesses to exchange and monetize data. 

The protocol is designed to be privacy-preserving, allowing users to control who has access to their data while still allowing them to benefit from it.

Where to buy Ocean Protocol(OCEAN)?

AI crypto investment risks

Exclamation sign for risks associated with shorting Bitcoin on Binance

As for any financial investment, certain risks are associated with investing in AI crypto coins.

Some of the risks are

  • AI is a relatively new concept, and there is no primary protocol with a strong track record.
  • It´s hard to compare AI projects since there is no historical data
  • As for any new technology, many startups will fail
  • New technology often attracts scams since it´s easier to trick people when the common knowledge about technology is low

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