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Top Names of Bitcoin Traders on Instagram

Welcome to a crypto-influencer crypto trading guide where we will list the top Bitcoin traders on Instagram.

We will list the top 10 names of Bitcoin traders on Instagram that you should follow.

According to Wikipedia, Instagram is one of the most outstanding social media, with 375 million monthly users in 2017.

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Top Names of Bitcoin Traders on Instagram

1. chrismmcrypto Instagram

Christopher Jaszczynski is a German cryptocurrency trader on Instagram and Youtube.

chrismmcrypto on instagram

Christopher is also an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of MMConsult and MMCrypto.

He hosts one of the most famous Cryptocurrency-related YouTube channels as MMCrypto. 

2. CryptoManiaks Instagram

Crypto Maniaks, as an entity, is a team of crypto enthusiasts worldwide with several years of experience in cryptocurrency. They have engaged with a variety of crypto platforms, including exchanges, gambling sites, lending sites, NFT marketplaces, and tax accounting tools

CryptoManiaks Instagram screenshot one of the biggest crypto instgram accounts

Crypto Maniaks is known for providing educational content and making intricate crypto concepts accessible to newcomers and veterans. Their range of topics includes crypto investing, blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs, and they offer resources like blog posts, comprehensive guides, and online courses.


3. Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur, businessman, author, and Bitcoin investor.

Robert Kiyosaki with his instagram account therealkiyosaki cover investments including crypto

Robert Kiyosaki is probably most famous to be the author of the best-selling finance book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Now, he also is a huge profile on social media, including Instagram. Here, he shares his investment strategies which highly include cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

4. sharecrypto

Sharecrypto shares the most significant and latest crypto headlines since 2016.

screenshot from sharecrypto on instragram who shares crypto’s Biggest Headlines Since 2016

Whether you are a long-term HODLer or a short-term trader, keeping up with the latest news on crypto worldwide is essential.

5. Cryptoexplorer 

Cryptoexplorer covers crypto education, trading tips, news from the industry, and advice on crypto trading strategies for different coins.

Cryptoexplorer screenshot from Instagram

His trades usually come from the Binance trading site, but cryptoexplorer rarely sticks with one place. Instead, the crypto trader likes to diversify his investments, often concentrating on several areas simultaneously.

Cryptoexplorer publishes a lot of exciting facts and calculations on Instagram. 

6. Irene Zhao

Irene Zhao is one of Singapore’s most influential Internet celebrities, covering fashion, fitness, vlogging, and NFT.

Screenshot from Irene Zhao instragram profile b1gqing

7. Felix Hartmann – Instagram profile and Crypto Hedge Fund Manager

Hartman is a famous crypto hedge fund manager with an Instagram account. Hartman delivers both crypto trading and life tips. 

felix hartmann instagram profile screenshot

His Instagram account had 55.000 followers in March 2023.

He also has a Youtube channel with 1140 followers.

8. thecryptograph – Simple explanations and news

thecryptograph specializes in big news and what impact it might have on Bitcoin and leading altcoins. 

thecryptographs instagram profile screenshot

With regular updates, following this account will help you with fundamental analysis; charts are not part of this account’s analysis most of the time. Moreover, it signifies which pieces of news from the market are worthy of your attention.

Although not particularly interesting from the tech analysis aspect, thecryptograph helps you establish which signals are worthy of following.

9. breedlove_22

Robert Breedlove is a Bitcoin maximalist and very well educated on the fundamentals and history of the economy in a society.

breedlove instagram account screenshot

One of the best interviews with Robert Breedlove can be seen on the Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu

10. cryptowendyo

cryptowendyo covers everything about crypto and NFTS.

cryptowendyo instagram account screenshot

She runs the most significant and most-watched female-run crypto YouTube program globally and is also big on Tik Tok and Twitter.

Summary – Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Crypto Trading

Now that you have the top 10 Instagram accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading, a word of caution. Instagram has many scam accounts around, without guaranteeing that their signals work. 

Happy trading!

If you are interested in trading platforms, we recommend you browse our list of the top Bitcoin trading sites.

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