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TradingView Crypto Chart Mobile App and Desktop – Free Login

We cover TradingView in this review. Tradingview is the best crypto trading tool for crypto technical analysis and charting.

TradingView is available as the desktop web version, desktop download version, and mobile app.

The Tradingview download version is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. 

TradingView has one basic FREE version and also offers a 30-day FREE test version for the most expensive premium package. 

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a technical and financial charting tool and platform with a community social trading network of more than 30 million traders and investors worldwide.

Here, you can browse around to share or spot shared opportunities from other investors across global markets.

Is TradingView available as a desktop version?

Is TradingView available as a mobile app?

Is it possible to make charts on TradingView?

Is there a free TradingView version

Is TradingView a download or Web application?

How much does TradingView cost?

Does TradingView support simulated paper trading?

Can you backtest a strategy with TradingView?

What is FREE on TradingView?

You can create a FREE account on TradingView and access basic charting tools. In addition, some research and analysis information is available with a free account.

Try the Premium version for free for 30 days! Remember to cancel if you don’t want the service after 30 days. 

What are the TradingView free trial terms?

Each user can try any paid plan for 30 days free of charge. If the trial is not canceled before its expiration date, it automatically converts to a monthly or annual paid plan depending on the user’s choice. 

Does TradingView has a refund policy?

There are no refunds for monthly plans, even if the subscription is canceled on the same day as the autoconversion payment has gone through. Refunds are available only after an automatic deduction for annual payments (i.e. after trial and after renewal) within 14 calendar days after the payment was made. Please note that users who filed a chargeback/dispute request or a claim are not eligible for a refund. Read TradingView full terms and conditions.

TradingView Pricing Plans Review

TradingView pricing plans are documented in the screenshot below. There is also a basic free version.

TradingView Products and Features


  • Chart+
  • Screeners
  • Heatmaps


The main product of TradingView is the charting tool.

TradingView has, with no doubt, the absolute best crypto trading charting tool with all features you can imagine.

TradingView Chart Tool Review

Screenshot from TradingView charting tool.


Tradingview Screener is a trading tool you can use to filter good opportunities in cryptocurrencies and other financial assets based on indicators or patterns.


TradingView has 4 different heatmaps for cryptocurrencies and they are all free to use for everyone.

  • All cryptocurrencies
  • All cryptos excluding Bitcoin
  • All cryptos priced in Bitcoin
  • DeFi
With the TradingView heatmaps, you can get an overview of performance for certain time frames, and market cap trading volume. In addition, you can study sentiment, dominance, and breadth.


TradingView also has two different calendars relevant for trading.

  • Economic Calender – Macro news
  • Earnings Calender – Reports and Estimates for stocks

TradingView Mobile App VS Desktop

TradingView is available as mobile app an both Google Play and iOS. As you can find out in the next section, the ratings are incredible good for the mobile app.

In addition, TradingView is available as a desktop version on all popular OS such as Windows, macOS and Linux.

Also, Tradingview has an online version where there is no need for a desktop download.

TradingView Mobile App VS Desktop

TradingView Desktop is faster than your default browser. But this is the only difference, you can still use Tradingview on any device (Desktop, Mobile app, or Browser).

It’s all the same, with 100% synced layouts, watchlists, and settings.

TradingView Dekstop VS Browser

An obvious reason to use a desktop version is that it usually loads much faster than a browser version, in general. In addition, there are some additional features in the downloadable version.


Here, you can find a good summary from a trader who prefers the downloadable desktop version over the web version.

TradingView VS Competitors

TradingView has no real competitors if you are looking for the best financial charting tool. Still, there are some other trading tools specialized in other categories and with other pricing plans. Read our article about crypto trading tools if you are interested to learn more about these.

TradingView Review Summary

We have summarized the ratings for TradingView from different sites. As you can see, the ratings from Google Play and App Store are incredibly good.

However, the rating from Trustpilot is very bad. Still, we have reviewed the ratings from Trustpilot and most of the bad ratings are related to payments. Customers seem to be unsatisfied with signing up for the trial period, registering a payment method, and being charged if they don’t actively unsubscribe. 

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TradingView Pros and Cons

TradingView has a lot of Pros which is another proof that this is a great product.