Where can I trade crypto with the highest leverage

Crypto Trading with Leverage – Cryptocurrency Margin Trading List

Where can I Trade Crypto with the Highest Leverage?

Through this guide, we will answer the question: Where can I trade crypto with the highest leverage? Apart from the simple list of platforms, we do provide a detailed explanation of margin trading and leverage function. We also identify benefits that traders can reap, as well as risks that accompany this trading tool.

What is Leverage Trading?

Putting it simply, margin trading is a loan taken from the platform for a specific order during a specific period. The “power up” function allows the order to double (or more) its size outside of what balance holds.

For example, if a trader releases an order of $100, taking a leverage of 10x, the value would grow towards $1.100. Taking in profit, instead of making $10 (after fees), the investor would now have $110 instead.

Risks Regarding High Rates

Although many would benefit from this tool, lenders and borrows alike, there are high risks as well. Cryptocurrencies are a very volatile market, where changes and trends occur in the matter of few hours, if not minutes. Thus, as one can earn 10x more profit so can he/she lose as well. If a trade for $100 occurred under 10x rate with 10% of negative price trend, entire order would be lost.

Beginners should first educate themselves about the market before using this tool. Many a starter lost entire savings by trading with emotions while using large leverage rates.

Platforms with Highest Crypto Leverage

Here, we list top five margin trading platforms with highest leverage rates for cryptocurrency trade.

SimpleFX – Our uncontested winner in terms of largest leverage is SimpleFX, which offers up to 500x rate. The CFD platform offers few cryptocurrencies though all of them are eligible for margin trading. These include bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. There are no margin trading fees applicable to this platform. Instead, traders have spreads to account for. You can check out the order system in a snapshot below. Also, you can read our full SimpleFX review.

SimpleFX printed screen

Apart from the regular trade page, clients have the option to open up a demo account. Thus, it is quite possible to trade without any risks and learn about crypto trading.

BitMEX – This crypto-to-crypto platform employs several leverage rates, depddning on the crypto in question:

  • Bitcoin 100x
  • Cardano 10x
  • Ethereum 10x
  • Ripple 10x
  • Litecoin 10x
  • EOS 10x
  • Tron 10x
  • Bitcoin Cash 10x

Since the platform is classic cryptocurrency trade marketplace, you do pay trade fees instead of spreads. As for the fees, Bitcoin has its own policy:

  • Maker (-0.025% rebate)
  • Taker (0.075%)
  • Settlement Fee (0.05%)
All other cryptos have a rebate of -0.05% for the maker and 0.25% for taker orders. There are no settlement costs for all cryptos other than bitcoin. Read our complete BitMEX review.

Other platforms where it is possible to leverage cryptos are:

  • Plus500 (20x)
  • AvaTrade (25x)
  • InstaForex (10x)
  • Kraken (5x)
  • Bitfinex (3.3x)
  • IO (3x)
  • Poloniex (2.5x)
  • com (2x)



Conclusion – Where to trade crypto with high leverage?

Through this guide, our readers have the answer to where can I trade crypto with the highest leverage. Through the investigation, it seems CFDs offer the biggest margin trading rates, with SimpleFX leading the pack with 500x.

It is important to mention once again that high leverages can lead to big profits but also crippling losses. Also, we recommend readers to learn more about the crypto trade by reading our articles regarding lowest deposit and lowest trading fees.

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