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FREE Crypto Research Tools – Onchain Analysis

We list the best free crypto researching tools for cryptocurrency statistics and on-chain data.

 Here, you will find 

  • Glassnode – Onchain Data from Blockchains
  • Altcoin Season Index – Bitcoin VS Altcoin Timing
  • Coinmarketcal – Cryptocurrency Calendar
  • CryptoQuant – Cryptocurrency Fund Flows
  • Coindance – Onchain Data
  • 3Commas – Backtesting a strategy
  • Coinglass – Derivative data analytics
  • Cryptopanic – Crypto news aggregator
  • Messari – Crypto research aggregator
  • TradingView – Charting Tool and Social Network
  • CryptoStats – Fees, DAO Balance, Inflation
  • Governance trackers – Tally, Messari, DeepDAO 
  • Telegram Bots – Ether drops bot, Token unlock bot
  • Highest Defi Yields – Nanoley, Stable Fish
  • NFT analyzing sites – Crypto Slam, NFT Nerds

1. Glassnode – Research Onchain Data

Glassnode builds applications that provide ways of researching cryptocurrencies by using data from public blockchains.

➤With Glassnode, you can easily use blockchain onchain data and some common market indicators to research cryptocurrencies.

Some market indicators are

  • Exchange Inflow – How much money is going into the exchanges?
  • Exchange Outflow – How much money is going out from the exchanges?
  • NUPL (Net unrealized profit and loss) – How much of the circulating supply is lost or gained? If many traders have unrealized profit, it can be a top, and vice versa. It can be close to the bottom if many people sit in the unrealized loss.
  • New and active addresses – Overview of the markets. If there are a lot of unique addresses, many newbies are probably entering the market.
  • Stock-to-flow Ratio (Following the Bitcoin halvings) – Famous to be used by PlanB.
  • Stock-to-flow deflection – When are we overvalued or undervalued compared to the fair value price from Stock-to-flow?
  • Stablecoin supply ratio – How many stablecoins are compared to Bitcoin?

Glassnode Stock To Flow

2. Altcoin Season Index – Bitcoin VS Altcoins

➤The altcoin season index shows the quote ratios of 70 alternative cryptocurrencies to the price of Bitcoin. 

➤Traders use this onchain market indicator mainly for deciding if they should move funds from Bitcoin to altcoin and vice versa.

Usually, a bull market starts with a Bitcoin move, and the altcoins are lagging. In the bear market, it is usually the other way around. The altcoins lose value speedily while Bitcoin moves slower.

The altcoin season index ranges from 0-100 where

  • Below 25 = Bitcoin season
  • Above 75 = Altcoin season

One strategy is to dollar cost average into altcoins when the index is below 25 and into Bitcoin when the index is above 75.

The Altcoin season index from July 2022 to October 2022 hovered between 6-98.

3. CoinmarketCal – Cryptocurrency Calendar

Coinmarketcal is a cryptocurrency calendar.

➤This useful crypto research tool tells you about upcoming events related to a particular cryptocurrency project.

What are some examples of events upcoming for a cryptocurrency?

Some examples could be partnerships, technical updates, staking support, incoming NFTs, etc.

The community uploads the events, and the community verifies each event. Fake events will get downvoted.

4. CryptoQuant – Bitcoin and Altcoin Fund Flows

Cryptoquant is a data analytics website with graphic illustrations for BTC, ETH, and altcoin fund flows.

➤If traders are moving funds into an exchange, the intention could be to sell them and vice versa.

Some necessary charts from CryptoQuant

  • All exchange’s netflow (in or out) – The crypto exchange netflow is a useful onchain indicator. Usually, a potential selloff might arise if the netflow into exchanges is high. 
  • Miners data – Miners data is an onchain research indicator showing what miners are doing with their income. If the miner’s outflow is high, a dump might be upcoming.

5. Coindance – Onchain Data for Researching Adoption

Coindance is a great place to analyze hash rates, network nodes, transaction data, etc.

➤In addition, you can easily see crypto adoption in various countries since you can break down blockchain data per country.

Global Bitcoin Legality is presented with a world map and colors for each country where it is legal or illegal.

6. 3commas – Crypto Trading Bot

➤With 3commas, you can backtest a crypto trading strategy against historical price data.

Remember, historical performances don’t relate to future returns.

There is a possibility to simulate something in real time with play money via paper trading (paper trading on 3commas does not simulate liquidity and order books – not a problem for liquid markets or small-amount trading). 

Read more about crypto technical analysis.

7. Coinglass – Derivative Onchain Data

Coinglass gives you derivative onchain trading data to form your strategy.

  • Includes futures and options funding rates
  • See how many traders are long VS short
  • Total liquidations across the markets (how many did get rekt from a sudden move in the market?)
  • You can check Greyscale fund flows – Good barometer for institutional fund flows
  • All futures exchanges orderbooks in one place

8. Cryptopanic – Crypto News Aggregator

Cryptopanic is one of the best crypto news aggregators.

This crypto research tool aggregates many trusted crypto trading news sites and can save you hours from browsing the news sites yourself.

9. Messari – Crypto Research Aggregator

Messari is one of the best crypto research aggregators.

You can use Messari for many different purposes, including

  • Great to find a hidden gem altcoin
  • What is trending in the markets? Scout new coins and analyze them
  • A data-driven approach to identify altcoin prospects
  • Messari screener – sort coin data through customized filters like illiquid markets, volatility, sectors, transaction fees, and more
  • Sort gems by sector
  • Wash trading issue tool – Messari has created a list of 10 trusted exchanges

10. Tradingview – Technical Analysis Charting Tool and Social Network

➤Tradingview is the best crypto technical analysis app.

➤It’s a cloud-based charting tool with a social network for exchanging ideas and indicators.

➤Many crypto TA experts use this research tool for allocating their portfolios.

In Tradngview you can quickly get an overview of the majority of the traders are bullish or bearish

Read more in our Tradingview review.

11. CryptoStats – Fees, Balance, and Inflation

➤Cryptostats is a collection site for free crypto onchain research tools. 


Cryptofees tells you how much users have paid in fees in the last 24 hours and seven days.

Remember that high transaction fees do not correspond to high demand since each transaction can cost a different price among the cryptocurrency networks.


Openorgs lists what each DAO has on its balance sheet.

You can see the treasury for each project and what cryptocurrency they hold.


Moneyprinter is a tool that keeps track of the inflation per cryptocurrency.


L2fees tells you the fees on the ETH layer two solutions.


Gasfees tells you the transaction fees on most native blockchains, both in the native coin and USD.

12. Governance Trackers

➤We list three research tools to follow what crypto governance proposals are in the pipeline

➤By using these tools, you can get a step in advance compared to the general market and be prepared to sell the news.

Tally Governance Tracker

Tally will show you the most active DAOs on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum. All the DAOs with active proposals will show up. 

  • See the governance process for each DAO
  • Top voters in each DAO and voting power
  • You can create your proposal
  • Keep track of any selling pressure (for upcoming proposals and selling the news)

Messari Governance Tracker

Messari proposal tracker gives you an overview of the most active DAO and all the preliminary discussions before it is a passed proposal.

DeepDAO Governance Tracker

DeepDAO governance tracker can be used to sort a project by treasury value, token holders, and active voters.

You can see discussions and proposals in real-time on the DAO feed.

13. Telegram Bots For Researching Crypto

➤There are a few free and premium Telegram bots that might be helpful for keeping track of the cryptocurrency market.

Ether Drops Bot

Ether drops bot makes it possible to receive a telegram message when

  • Changes in prices
  • When a token is sent
  • When the liquidity is changed
  • Track specific wallets like the whales

Supports the chains Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, and Binance smart chain

In the free version, there is a limit on how many items you can track and how many messages you can receive.

Token Unlock Bot

Token unlock bot can track when early investors and the team can unlock their initial investment. A large unlock almost always lead to a large sell pressure.

There are only 2 info to set on the token unlock bot

  • Unlock info – set unlock dates for the coins and tokens the bot support
  • Alert – set alerts for a coin or a token

14. Highest Defi Yields

➤Two of the most valuable crypto onchain research tools for finding the highest yield to earn passive income on your crypto holdings.


Nanoly keeps track of almost any yield on any Defi platform. Here, you can sort by yield and by total value lock.

A simple rule is

  • A low TLV or very high APY = Extremely high risk
  • High TVL and normal/low APY = Less risk than above

Also, check: how long the protocol has been around, audits, any historical hack, and the inflation rate.

Stable Fish

Stable fish tracks yield opportunities for stablecoins.

Here, remember the APY, TVL, and blockchain risks previously discussed. Also, consider how the yield is paid since you often receive it in a small volatile token.

15. NFT analyzing sites

➤Two of the best NFT onchain exploring sites.

Crypto Slam

Crypto slam is an excellent crypto research tool for analyzing NFTs. Some things you can do are

  • Check NFT prices
  • Dedicated tab for fan token
  • Show the number of buyers and number of transactions for an NFT
  • Spot bad NFT collections with few buyers and few transactions
  • Watch the popularity of a specific NFT

NFT Nerds

NFT nerds supply detailed data on mints and trades on ETH in real-time.

New NFT collections are minted on every block

Buy instantly via the premium service.

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