Fundamental analysis October 2018 Bitcoin Cash

Fundamental Analysis BitcoinCash (BCH) October 2018

Fundamental Analysis BitcoinCash (BCH) October 2018

News and Overview of Recent Events

The month of October is packed with so many events and activities starting with hackathons, merchant adoption and wallet services, coupled with growing infrastructure. Big Tickets, an event ticketing platform recently disclosed their integration with Bitpay for event payments. This allows users purchase event tickets via Bitcoin cash’s lightning fast network at low and affordable fees.

Hackerone, a software bounty hunter firm, that allows companies, and individuals to efficiently find bugs in their systems, has been in collaboration with big companies like Google, Github, Twitter, Panasonic, Lufthansa, General Motors, Starbucks, Intel and Dropbox to mention a  few, has also deployed Bitpay’s payment services.

Cointext founder Vim Armani, this week has announced that the SMS wallet application can now send bitcoin cash to mobile numbers of users in 6 additional EU countries. This move according to the companies CTO will expand t Cointext usefulness in real life, as the wallet is meant to be borderless cash.

Bitmain Technologies also recently revealed its acquisition of Telescope, a Bitcoin cash desktop wallet application. With the browser embedded feature that the Telescope cryptocurrency wallet has; this will speed up consumer/mainstream adoption of Bitcoin cash.

Centbee, a South African firm announced the launching of the iOS version of their application.

A Focus on Previous and Upcoming Events in the Bitcoin Cash Community


The above daily chart offers good placeholders for previous and upcoming Events in the BCH community. However, below is a list of past and previous events that had and may positively affect the price of the pair.

Bitcoin Cash upcoming events:


Bitcoin Cash past events:

Meet Up in Seoul 14th June

Going back in time a little bit and starting from the meet up in Seoul which took place on the 14th of June, we’ll notice that there was no immediate action on the exchange rate. The formation of a bearish accumulation pattern later on the 21st lead to a series of consecutive bearish candles with few bullish closing bars in between.

Meet up in Toronto 12th July

Similar to the meet up in Seoul, the meet up in Toronto Canada, was this time around followed by an opposite bullish accumulation pattern on the 14th two days after the event, leading to a sudden gain in strength of the BCH.

BCH Hackathon in San Francisco 10th October

Developers and Bitcoin cash enthusiasts are earnestly getting ready for the Bitcoin Cash hackathons which will be taking place in San Francisco and other parts of the world, with the San Francisco event taking place on October-11. Permissionless ventures will be giving an investment fund of about 10 BCH to the first place winner.

The attached daily chart shows a buildup of bearish hidden divergence which is already triggered by a dead cross of the MACD oscillator, prior to leaving clues through the bearish accumulation patterns formed.

BCH Hackathon Amsterdam 27th October

Also in the month of October, on the 27 and 28th to be precise, Bitcoin cash Devcon will be taking place in Amsterdam with events hosted in Japan, Israel, India and South Korea.

Depending on the price action pattern formed on or after the event date, the BCH may likely strengthen owing to the fact that it indicates growth of the ecosystem; on the other hand if speculators interpret it differently either through a price action breakdown, the case may be opposite.

Bitcoin cash speaker series II London

Towards the end of the month, Bitcoin cash speaker series II will be taking place in London where top representatives of, Bitbox, Hand Cash and many others will be speaking. 

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