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Fundamental Analysis DASH December 2018

Fundamental Analysis DASH December 2018


In the face of a general bear market, Dash is quickly becoming a digital currency focused on payment and e-commerce. So far since its inception in 2014, DASH is now accepted at over 4000 merchants with 2,200+ in Venezuela. Dash is also available via 400+ ATMs and 90+ exchanges worldwide making it a safe and decentralized financial solution to present day problems. Join us as we carry out an overview on the past and recent technical and fundamental events that’sat play in the DASH ecosystem.

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A Focus on Previous and Upcoming Events in the DASH Community

11 October 2018 – FSBDAC 2018 

A Researcher at Dash Darren Tapp was a speaker at Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference which took place between the 10th and 11th of October in Portsmouth, NH.

15 October 2018 – Listing on Lescovex

Lescovex, a cryptocurrency/altcoin exchange, listed Dash as a trading instrument for their clients. The event resulted to the day closing bullish.

19 October 2018 – Global Blockchain Summit in Denver

Chuck Williams, the UI/UX Tech Lead at DASH was a speaker at the just concluded Global Blockchain Summit in Denver.

22 October 2018 – East-West Crypto Bridge in Frankfurt

East-West Crypto Bridge is a community with a mission to enhance  Asian to European blockchain knowledge transfer, as well as supporting the development of decentralized blockchain applications.

The conference which took place in Frankfurt – Germany was considered to be a low impact event on the price direction of the DSHUSD pair.

Despite that, the price of DASH later experienced a 12.7% upward surge in price after a maximum adverse excursion of 4.5%.

27 October 2018 – Dash Colombia

Speakers from across Latin America were in attendance at the Dash Colombia conference, which took place in Plaza Mayor, Medellín Colombia. This event resulted to a bearish price correction, however, with price still ina golden MACD cross formation, the pair continued in an upward direction.

A couple of days after the upward price surge, a breakdown of bullish accumulation in combination with a bearish accumulation confirmed a continuation of the bearish trend.

26 November 2018 – Shift Money

The 26th of November was a date scheduled for the Shift Money financial technology conference, which took place in Zagreb-Croatia.

Shift Money is a Financial Technology Conference, with an objective of exploring new ways to disrupt the world of Payments, Insurance, Lending & Blockchain.

Company representatives from the whole financial and technology sector were present at the event irrespective of their size or stage. Amongst such companies include Currencycloud, Microsoft, Google, KPMG, Allianz, to mention a few.

This event resulted in a slowing of the bearish trend, and consequently a sudden increase in volatility towards the upside.

7th December 2018 – Celebrating DASH launch on IDAX

IDAX, a cryptocurrency exchange celebrates the launch of DASH on their platform. The company offered their clients a 50% of DASH transaction fee refund on the event date.

The price chart of DASHUSD indicated a bullish regular divergence pattern, coinciding with the event date. We should expect a retracement or slowing of the bearish trend.

Technological Adoption on the DASH Network & Potential Triggers for December

 15 December 2018 – Chicken Restaurant Chain Church’s Accepts Dash in 10 Venezuelan Locations

Church’s chicken, a top-four restaurant chain in Venezuela now has Dash integrated as a payment option at 10 out of its 13 Venezuelan locations. This herculean feat was accomplished by a joint collaboration between Dash Venezuela and the Dash Core team’s business development department.

The General Manager of Church’s Chicken Venezuela Orlando Gustavo highlights that this alliance indicates a growing conviction in Dash as an emerging payment method.

Making reference to the reference daily chart, the DASHUSD chart closed on a bullish note on the date of the announcement. If you also look closely you will notice a bullish regular divergence pattern formed on the same date.

This event shows an increase in mainstream adoption for the Dash payment system, and if not a complete price reversal, we should see a correction of the current bearish trend.

Potential Risks for December and into January 2019

The price of DASHUSD stands a risk of plummeting even further as the above weekly chart shows no sign of a bearish trend reversal. The pair maintains a strong bearish outlook leaving a series of resistant levels behind as illustrated on the above chart.

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Updates and Milestones Accomplished on the DASH Network


A new type of light wallet with SPV security and browser compatibility is introduced by evolution. This wallet will connect directly to the DASH P2P network of over 4,000 nodes. The date of this launch is not specified and we believe it has a high likelihood of changing the market sentiment.

Also announced by the DASH team on November 29 was the release of DIP 8, a mechanism that mitigates the dreaded 51% mining attacks on the Dash blockchain and blockchains in general. This protection mechanism, called ChainLocks, builds upon the Long Living Master node Quorum (LLMQ) system established by DIPs 6 and 7.

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