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Cryptocurreny Trading News

Latest Cryptocurrency trading news regarding Crypto Technical Analysis, Crypto Fundamental analysis, Crypto trading blog, Crypto trading platforms, Crypto trading bots and much more.

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Technical Analysis of Monero July 2019
80 Crypto Trading Terms You Must Know
Technical Analysis of Ripple July 2019
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The Best Crypto Trading Platforms

The best Crypto Trading Platforms are listed below. Compare crypto deposit methods, verification, futures trading, US traders, cryptocurrencies available and much more.

Crypto Trading Platform Reviews Binance
Crypto Trading Platform Reviews

Best overall crypto trading platform

  • Mobile App
  • Good Reputation
  • Many Currencies
  • Crypto Deposit
  • Credit Card Deposit
  • US Traders Allowed
Crypto Trading Platform Reviews Bitmex
Crypto Trading Platform Reviews

Best crypto trading platform for advance trading and high leverage

  • Several Languages
  • Futures Trading
  • Swaps Trading
  • Many Currencies
  • Crypto Deposit
  • Good Guides
  • High Leverage Trading
  • US Traders not Allowed
etoro review crypto trading platform
Crypto Trading Platform Reviews

Best crypto trading platform for passive investors or beginners

  • Mobile App
  • Demo Account
  • CFD Trading
  • Fiat Deposit
  • Credit Card
  • Free Education
  • US Traders not Allowed
coinbase review
Crypto Trading Platform Reviews

Best beginner-friendly crypto trading platform for US traders

  • Mobile App
  • ID Verification
  • Good Reputation
  • Fiat Deposit
  • Credit Card
  • US Traders Allowed

About CryptoCoinTrade​

Latest Crypto Posts from Crypto Trading Blog, Cryptocurrency Education, Crypto Technical Analysis and Fundamental analysis.

What is a Crypto Trading Platform?

A crypto trading platform is a web based application, app or software where you can buy cryptocurrencies or derivatives of cryptocurrencies.

What is a Crypto CFD Trading Platform?

A CFD crypto trading platform is a web based application, app or software where you can trade crypto CFDs. CFDs are derivative products with high leverage. Compare all crypto trading platforms in our table.

What is a Crypto Technical Analysis?

Crypto technical analysis is a trading discipline identify trading opportunities by analyzing charts and patterns. Typical crypto technical indicators are price movement, volume, and moving average. Read our free crypto technical analysis.

What is a Crypto Fundamental Analysis?

Crypto Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating an asset’s intrinsic value. Crypto fundamental indicators are market cap, consumer adoption, institutional investments and more. Read our free crypto fundamental analysis.

What is a Crypto Trading Bot?

A crypto trading bot is software that executes automated trading on predetermined criteria through carefully set instructions. Putting it down in practice, it means that you can set down certain rules on how trading bot should behave in certain situations. The aim of the cryptocurrency trading software is to provide its user with a profitable business even when sleeping. Read more about crypto trading bots.

About Crypto Trading Strategies

It is important to develop a crypto trading strategy to become a successful trader. It’s also important to believe in that strategy and stick to it. However, at the same time you must develop and optimize your strategy to beat the market. Read more about crypto trading strategies.

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