Our cryptocurrency technical analysis blogs give unique insights into the performance of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. Trying to decide whether to invest in Bitcoin or Litecoin, Ripple or Ethereum? Read our latest analysis on each cryptocurrency first. With daily, weekly and monthly chart breakdowns and our very own forecast for the future, trust CryptoCoinTrade to guide you through all the technical details…

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The Best Technical Analysis Tools

The best Crypto Trading Technical analysis Tools.

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Crypto Trading Platform Reviews


Number 1 crypto trading software for technical analysis and chert tools.

  • Advanced Charts
  • Drawing Tools
  • Indicators
  • Alerts
  • Social Platform for Trading ideas
Coinigy logo Crypto Trading Tools
Crypto Trading Platform Reviews


Manage several exchanges and wallets from one place.


  • Automatic portfolio tracking
  • Android app
  • 75 indicators
  • Free Trial

What is Crypto Technical Analysis

Crypto technical analysis is a technique for analyzing graphs to make price predictions. The idea is based on the fact that historical patterns are repeated and in order to find patterns, technical indicators are used.

Crypto Technical Analysis Tools

There are lots of different tools on the market to help you with your technical analysis. The best tool for technical analysis, which is also used by most crypto traders, is Tradingview.

Free Crypto Technical Analysis

Cryptocointrade regularly publishes free technical analysis on this page of various cryptocurrencies. Remember that you are always responsible for your own investments and these analyzes should only be used as a source of information.

Crypto Technical Analysis vs Crypto Fundamental Analysis

Technical analysis is based solely on graphs and is usually suitable for short-term trading. Fundamental analysis is based more on how useful the crypto currency is in everyday life. Examples of things to consider in crypto fundamental analysis are adoption rate, transaction time, transaction cost, decentralization grade, number of wallets, number of exchanges, is the cryptocurrency used in any application etc. Read more about crypto fundamental analysis.

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