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Bybit – New Year Lucky Draw: Stand to Win a Tesla Model 3

Bybit Crypto Trading Event 2024 New Year Lucky Draw Stand to Win a Tesla Model 3

*Crypto sign-up bonuses with terms and conditions.

**Events: See all Crypto trading competitions and events with rewards

***These exchanges offer the best free crypto trading bots, and they require no programming skills.

Crypto Trading Site Comparisons 1-1

Binance VS Bybit Trading Review 2022 – Fees, Leverage Sign Up Bonus

Binance VS Bybit

Binance and Bybit are the top 1 and 3 crypto derivative trading platforms. This article compares these two crypto perpetual futures trading platforms regarding fees, security, and several supported markets.

Read the full Binance VS Bybit trading review.

KuCoin VS Binance 2022 – Fees, Security, Leverage Trading

Binance VS Kucoin

Binance and Kucoin are two of the largest crypto trading platforms, including spot and derivative trading. In addition, both trading platforms offer additional features like earning possibilities, P2P markets, and more.

Please read our full Binance VS Kucoin trading review.

Kraken VS Coinbase is kraken better than coinbase

Coinbase VS Kraken

Coinbase and Kraken are the two largest US-regulated exchanges. Here, US citizens can sign up, deposit, and trade. 

While there are many similarities between these two platforms, some differences can be vital for you to know before signing up. 

Please read our full Coinbase VS Kraken review.

Popular Crypto Trading Articles

The world cup trofe and money for Crypto Trading Events and Rewards

Crypto Events with Rewards

Some top Bitcoin and altcoin trading sites often arrange crypto trading events with great rewards. Here, you have a great chance to win big prizes, and there is rarely an upfront fee since the trading fees you pay in the competitions make up the prize pool.

In addition, many trading challenges compare profit in %, which means any bankroll can win a contest, no matter what size it is. Read more about the best crypto events with rewards.

Best Trading Site

One of the most common questions is finding the best crypto trading platform? Unfortunately, this is a tricky question to answer because there are hundreds of different crypto trading sites that specialize in other things. 

Bitcoin Trading Volume

Bitcoin trading volume is an important parameter when looking for a Bitcoin trading site. If the trading volume is excellent, the spreads are low, and the exchange rates are reasonable.

At the same time, the slippage is minimal.

The trading volume can be limited on some trading platforms. However, suppose you choose one of the major trading platforms, such as Binance or ByBit, and intend to trade one of the major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. In that case, the trading volume is nothing you need to consider.

Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Tools

Different trading platforms offer their customers various types of free crypto trading tools. Some offer excellent tools for crypto technical analysis, while others provide helpful tutorials for their traders. 

Also, other crypto day trading tools are specialized in making your crypto trading more accessible and profitable. Such devices are delivered as freemium and premium and are often portfolio tracking and management software. Here, you can trade multiple exchanges from one software, get technical indicators, automated bot trading, and aggregated news feed.

Bitcoin Trading Account Security

Crypto trading security is critical to determining which trading sites are safe

There are often many options you can do yourself to strengthen the security of your account, such as:

  • Withdrawal limits (Daily or weekly withdrawal limits)
  • White IP (You can specify that it’s only possible to make withdrawals from your IP)
  • Whitelisted withdrawal addresses (You can select which withdrawal addresses are allowed)
  • Google Authentication (For login and withdrawal requests)
  • Extra password for trading (Some platforms request a 2nd password for trading or withdrawal, different from the login password)
  • Email verification for withdrawal (You can choose to verify withdrawals from your email)
Top bitcoin trading sites - Picture of security and fingerprint

Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Fees

Crypto trading fees are significant for day and high-frequency trading since you have small margins on each trade. However, the lower your frequency in your trading, the less critical crypto trading fees are for you. Also, studying the different fees and how exchanges apply maker and taker fees is essential.

If you are HODL, you hardly need to worry about fees. If you are a swing or trend trader, you should compare fees, but if there’s only a marginal difference between platforms, it’s more important that the trading platform offers the right crypto trading tools for your trading. 

Binance offers the lowest crypto trading fees among all crypto trading sites. With the Morpher trading app, you can trade over 100 cryptocurrencies with ZERO fees. Also, you will get 100 MPH free tokens to start selling with. Read more about the Morpher trading application in our Morpher trading review.

Bitcoin Trading Deposit and Withdrawals

Crypto trading deposits and withdrawals are not so important to compare if you have little flexibility. In the worst case, it is always possible to make deposits or withdrawals via another exchange or trading platform that you do not just use for your trading.

Crypto Trading Bots

Many traders use crypto trading bots to facilitate their trading. The best thing about crypto trading bots is that they can do your trading while you sleep or do other things. 

However, you should not fall into the trap of thinking it’s possible to buy a crypto trading bot, switch it on and collect the profits monthly. 

A crypto trading bot needs to be optimized and maintained to create a sustainable profit over time. Binance and BitMEX offer the availability to connect crypto trading bots via their API.

Crypto Trading FAQ

What is a Bitcoin Trading Site?

A Bitcoin trading site is a web-based application, app, or software where you can buy cryptocurrencies or derivatives of cryptocurrencies.

How should I choose crypto trading platform?

You must consider what parameters are important to you among deposit methods, fees, trading features, and deposit bonuses. Other things you must consider are region availability and KYC.

I am a complete crypto trading beginner and I dont know where to start…

Suppose you are a complete crypto trading beginner. We recommend you browse our home page, where we have a step-by-step crypto trading guide. Also, you can proceed to the next question.

How can I start crypto trading?

First, consider how much money you are prepared to invest in cryptocurrency. After this, you must decide what platform to invest in. We did develop a short guide on how to start cryptocurrency trading. 

What are Crypto Futures Contracts?

Crypto Futures Contract is a derivative product and is an agreement to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. Futures contracts do not require traders to post 100% of collateral as margin. Because of this, you can trade with leverage of up to 100x on some BitMEX contracts.

What is Crypto CFD Trading?

A Contract For Difference (CFD) is a popular form of derivative trading. CFD trading allows you to speculate on rising or falling cryptocurrencies. These instruments are often traded with high leverage. CFD platforms often have well-developed functions and are regulated trading platforms. Read more about Bitcoin CFD trading.

What is Crypto Leverage Trading?

Crypto leverage involves borrowing the money needed for trading with the leverage. 

Crypto trading instruments with leverage include crypto margin trading, futures trading, and CFD trading. 

Please read our complete guide about Bitcoin leverage trading.

What is Crypto Margin Trading?

Crypto Margin Trading means that you trade with borrowed money. By utilizing margin trading you can take financial positions that you would not be able to with your own equity. This is a common method to use for advanced traders. Margin trading means higher risk and should not be used by beginner traders. 

Where should I trade with 100x?

First of all, you must consider carefully what it means to trade with 100x. This is only appropriate for automated trading with very short positions since 1% decrease in the underlying asset will eliminate all your invested capital.

Which is the best crypto trading platform?

The easy answer is Binance. However, there are many small sites that have better niche features. For example, Binance doesn’t offer futures trading. Read more about the best bitcoin trading site.

What is a crypto trading strategy?

A crypto trading strategy is a methodology you should develop in order to have a chance to beat the market. There are many different categories such as day trading, scalp trading, and arbitrage trading. There are even more trading strategies and we cover them in our blog post about day trading crypto strategy

What is shorting Bitcoin?

Often you can speculate in an asset in both directions. This means, that you can take profit both when Bitcoin increase in price and when Bitcoin decrease in price. Of course, we have a dedicated article for shorting, How to short on ByBit or Binance?

Do you have any guide for crypto trading for beginners?

Crypto trading differs a lot from stock trading and forex trading. Therefor, anyone going into crypto trading must read a guide about crypto trading for beginners before start trading. There are much more volatility and lower trading volumes compared to traditional markets like, forex, commodites, and stocks.

What is crypto trading risk management?

If you are serious about your crypto trading you must handle crypto risk management.

If you don´t handle risk management you will end up as a loosing trader.

We have created a guide about how to start handle your crypto trading risk managment.

What crypto trading sites are safe to use?

We will never list a crypto trading site we don´t beleive is safe to use.

However, how can you decide this on your own?

We did create a very simple guide on how you can stay to safe crypto trading sites and avoid scams or unsafe crypto trading platforms.

What is crypto fundamental analysis?

Crypto fundamental analysis is a method of measuring a cryptocurrency market cap by examining the use cases and adoption. 

Fundamental analysts study anything that can affect the cryptocurrency value, from number of developers, the number of nodes, the number of wallets, the number of applications, trading volume and much more. 

Read more about crypto fundamental analysis.

What is crypto derivative trading?

Derivatives are financial products that makes it possible to trade with leverage. When you trade derivatives you dont own the underlying asset itself. Read more about what Bitcoin futures are and where you can trade Bitcoin futures.

I am not interested in trading sites. I want to learn the basics of crypto trading.

Perfect, we have several articles you must read before you start trading and put your capital at risk. Go to our crypto trading blog and you will find the articles you are looking for.

I am a high frequency trader and I need some crypto software for automated reports.

Great, we have an article about crypto tax software. Here, we list the best crypto software for automated reports. Also, the software can collect information from almost any exchange or trading site, via an API.

I want to try crypto trading bots, where can I find the best one?

Crypto trading bots are quite complex to setup and run. However, there are several great software that will help you develop n automated strategy and easy to install. We have listed them all in our article about crypto trading bots.

What are crypto trading instruments?

Crypto trading instruments are spot trading, margin trading or derivatives. Crypto derivatives is a category and including several trading instruments like CFDs, Futures and Perpetual Swaps. Read more about crypto trading instruments.

What are crypto trading tools?

Crypto trading tools are things that can help your trading. It can be bots, reporting software, tax software or analyzing tool. We have summarized all crypto trading tools in an article.

How to start crypto trading for free with NO fees?

There is one great option on how you can start trading crypto for free with no fees. The best of all is that you trade with real money and you keep all of the profits. Morpher is a complete new trading platform with a complete new trading system. When you sign up with Morpher you get 100 MPH for free you can start trading with immediately. With Morpher you will always trade crypto with zero fees for free.

Where to find the best Bitcoin and crypto liquidity?

A great liquidity is vital for institutional investors. However, its important for small investors and traders as well.


With a great liquidity comes better spreads and lower slippage. In the end, this means better trading margins for you.

With Morpher trading application you trade with infinite liquidity because of their unique trading platform with no order books. 

With Binance you trade with minimum Binance fees and you will get the best liquidity with traditional order books.

Read more about Morpher in our Morpher trading review and Binance in our full Binance review.

Where is the best place to buy Dogecoin, DOGE?

We have listed the best cryptocurrency exchanges on Cryptocointrade. However, not all crypto exchanges have listed DOGE. For example, Coinbase have not listed DOGE, yet. Still, there are some great alternatives to Coinbase where you can buy and sell Dogecoin, DOGE.

Which is the best crypto trading exchange for US customers?

Some of the crypto exchanges doesn´t allow US customers because of the US regulations. At Cryptocointrade we have listed Coinbase and Kraken as the best crypto trading exchanges for US customers.

However, if you live outside the US you should consider joining Binance. Binance has lower fees and more trading options. Read more about Binance in our Binance review.

Where can I trade crypto options?

Crypto options are a great crypto trading derivative instrument. However, not all crypto trading platforms offer crypto options to their customers. We have gathered all the top crypto option trading platforms in an article.

How can I improve my crypto trading and become profitable?

Crypto trading is not for everyone. If you struggling to make a profit you have to consider quitting before making substantial losses. However, if you are profitable and feel that you have to improve you might be interested in our guide: How to trade crypto with profit in 4 steps.