Best Altcoin Trading Exchange with Most Listed Cryptocurrencies

Best Altcoin Trading Exchange with Most Listed Cryptocurrencies

Here we list the best altcoin trading exchanges concerning the most listed cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.

  • See the table of the best altcoin trading exchanges
  • Learn what an altcoin is any related questions
  • What exchange has the most listed altcoins?
  • How to find where your altcoin is listed?

List: Best Altcoin Trading Exchanges

See some of the top Bitcoin and altcoin crypto exchanges regarding the number of listed cryptocurrencies.

There are two main criteria when you are looking for an altcoin exchange

  1. The coin must be listed on the crypto exchange
  2. There must be reasonable liquidity in the market to be able to swap without taking a major spread

What is an Altcoin Exchange?

If you are about to trade altcoins, the most important thing to consider is where you find the most listed altcoins to buy and sell. After this, you might want to compare the spot market’s lowest crypto exchange trading fees.

What is an altcoin?

Definition of an altcoin is an alternative coin to Bitcoin; therefore, all currencies but Bitcoin are altcoins. Lately, an altcoin has been more an expression for midcoins since the large layer one seems like bluechip coins rather than altcoins nowadays. A tiny currency can also be called a gem, and Kucoin launchpad is one way to get your hands on gems.

What is a listed cryptocurrency?

A listed cryptocurrency means you can trade the crypto on the exchange with that specific crypto listed. However, a listing doesn’t say what markets you can trade. For example, you might want to buy NEAR for ETH and deposit ETH to the exchange, but you find out that only the NEAR/BTC market is listed.

If you go to Coingecko or Coinmarketcap and click on Exchanges, you can browse the different crypto exchanges. Click on an exchange to see all the listed trading pairs.

Below, you can find a screenshot with an extract from Coingecko with Binance-listed cryptocurrencies.

What is a trading pair?

Currencies and cryptocurrencies are always traded in pairs since you have to sell a fiat currency or a cryptocurrency to buy another. One example is BTC/USD, but Bitcoin is traded in many more pairs than BTC/USD, and come examples are BTC/USDT, BTC/USDC, BTC/ETH, BTC/SOL, and more. 

Eur and USD trading pair

EUR/USD is one of the most liquid fiat trading pairs in the world, with large amounts traded every day.


What is altcoin index?

There are several different altcoin indexes. The common property is that the indexes consist of different baskets and setups of several altcoins.

What is altcoin season?

Blockchain center has a well-known definition of the altcoin season index.

If 75% of the Top 50 coins performed better than Bitcoin over the last season (90 days), it is Altcoin Season. Excluded from the Top 50 are Stablecoins (Tether, DAI…) and asset-backed tokens (WBTC, stETH, cLINK,…)

What is altcoin marketcap?

The altcoin marketcap is the sum of all cryptocurrencies marketcap except for Bitcoin.

Where to find an altcoin list?

Coinmarketcap and Coingecko list all cryptocurrencies, including almost all altcoins. Go to Coingecko or Coinmarketcap to see lists of altcoins. Also, you can sort by several different categories if you click “Cryptocurrencies”, “Categories”.

Best Altcoin Trading Exchange with the Most Listed Cryptocurrencies

In the table below, we have compared the best altcoin trading exchanges with regard to

  • Number of listed cryptocurrencies on the spot markets (Spot Coins)
  • Number of listed trading pairs on the spot market (Spot pairs)
  • Number of listed futures
  • Number of listed perpetuals
Best Altcoin Trading Exchange with the Most Listed Cryptocurrencies - Binance, Kucoin, OKX,, Coinbase, MEXC, FTX, Kraken, Bybit

As you can see in the table, Binance, Kucoin, and MEXC are the best altcoin trading exchanges for spot markets.

However, MEXC charges much higher fees than both Kucoin and Binance, so only trade at MEXC if you can’t find your altcoin on Kucoin or Binance.

Where to buy an altcoin?

You should follow this guide if you have found an altcoin you want to buy but don’t know where to buy it.

To find a market where you can buy your altcoin, do this

  1. Go to Coingecko or Coinmarketcap
  2. Search for your altcoin in the search bar
  3. Click on the “Markets” tab
  4. Here, you find all the listed markets, on what altcoin exchange the particular altcoin is listed, and also what trading pairs are available.

Also, you will find information regarding trading volume. Make sure you don’t buy into small altcoins with limited trading volumes with a large amount of saving money.

Why is trading volume for an altcoin important?

The market trading volume(liquidity) for an altcoin is important for two main reasons

  1. First, when you buy your altcoin, there is probably a large spread and a lot of slippage in the market.
  2. Secondly, when you want to sell, it’s not sure there are buyers if the trading volume is deficient.

Altcoin Exchange without KYC

All severe and significant custodial centralized exchanges are requesting KYC nowadays. However, with some crypto exchanges, you can access some features and a specific withdrawal limit before they request a mandatory KYC. Find out more about exchanges and non-KYC withdrawal limits.

Where to find Altcoin News?

Coindesk - Online Newspaper

Coindesk is one of the largest online crypto newspapers covering everything related to Bitcoin and altcoins.

Cointelegraph - Online newspaper

Cointelegraph is one of the leading digital media resources covering much news on blockchain technology, including altcoin and Bitcoin.

Coinbureau - Youtube Channel

Coinbureau is the largest crypto Youtube channel led by “Guy.” He covers everything related to crypto, including traditional macroeconomics and altcoins.

Altcoin Daily - Youtube Channel

Altcoin Daily is one of the largest and most popular crypto YouTube channels run by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold. They cover all news related to crypto and tend to have high-quality interviews with some of the most famous profiles within the crypto industry.

How to find an altcoin price?

Go to Coinmarketcap or Coingecko and search for your altcoin. Here, you find all the necessary information like price, markets, charts, historical data, circulating supply, total supply, max supply, and much more information.