Best Crypto Exchange VIP Tier Levels – Trading Fees

Best VIP Level for Crypto Trading – Tier Fees

Crypto Exchange Vip Tier Levels Summary

  • Bybit VIP program is the best and most attractive.
  • VIP Programs are often based on asset balance, spot trading volume, or derivative trading volume
  • VIP Tier benefits are often lower futures trading fees and spot trading fees, personal support contact, unique event invitations, exclusive gifts, and other privileges.
  • BTCC allow US and CA customers to sign up and trade.

Crypto Trading VIP Programs and Benefits

Some of the best crypto trading VIP tier-level programs are listed. They all offer similar privileges.

Bybit VIP Program 

Bybit VIP products wealth management bybiat card cashback and Bystarter

The Bybit VIP Program rewards traders passionate about derivatives and spot trading and trade frequently. VIP members can access exclusive discounts, such as fees as low as 0%/0.01% for makers and takers. Bybit is excited to introduce its new VIP Program fee structure, designed to provide traders with a superior service experience and a range of exclusive benefits and perks.

Bybit VIP Program Benefits

  • Dedicated VIP Ambassador
  • Priority access to customer support and live chat
  • Exclusive gifts
  • Trading fee rates
  • Transaction fees for Fiat
  • Privileged services and coupons, early access to new product launches, 1-on-1 introductions, and private walkthroughs
  • Invites to special events and campaigns.

How do you check the VIP level on Bybit?

To check your existing VIP level, hover over your profile icon.

How to Become a Bybit VIP Trader?

To become a Bybit VIP Trader, you must meet one of two criteria(see “VIP levels on Bybit” for the specific numbers): 

  1. Asset balance
  2. Monthly trading volume.

How to Become a Bybit Pro Trader?

To become a Bybit Pro trader, you need a particular trading volume, and an API should execute at least 20% of the trading volume.

VIP levels on Bybit

  • VIP0: Assets ≤ 50K, Spot: 0-1M, Derivatives: 0-10M, Options: 0-5M
  • VIP1: Assets 50K, Spot: 1-2M, Derivatives: 10-25M, Options: 5-10M
  • VIP2: Assets 250K, Spot: 2-4M, Derivatives: 25-50M, Options: 10-15M
  • VIP3: Assets 500K, Spot: 4-6M, Derivatives: 50-100M*, Options: 15-25M
  • VIP4: Assets 1M, Spot: 6-8M*, Derivatives: 100-250M*, Options: 25-40M*
  • VIP5: Assets 2M, Spot: 0-1M, Derivatives: 250-500M*, Options: 40-100M*
  • SupremeVIP: Assets N/A, Spot: ≥10M*, Derivatives: ≥500M*, Options: ≥100M*
  • Pro1: Spot: 6-8M*, Derivatives: 100-250M*, Options: 25-40M*
  • Pro2: Spot: 8-10M*, Derivatives: 250-500M*, Options: 40-100M*
  • Pro3: Spot: 10-30M*, Derivatives: 500-1000M*, Options: 100-250M*
  • Pro4: Spot: 30-60M*, Derivatives: 1000-2000M*, Options: 250-400M*
  • Pro5: Spot: ≥60M*, Derivatives: ≥2000M*, Options: ≥400M*

*(API Trading Volume ≤ 20%)

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BTTC VIP Program Benefits

BTCC VIP benefits and rewards

Enjoy VIP-exclusive perks, including discounts on trading fees, access to exclusive campaigns, BTCC merch, priority customer support, fast withdrawal, and many more.

BTCC VIP Program Benefits

How do I check my BTCC VIP level?

To check your VIP level, hover over your profile icon in the top right menu.

How to become a BTCC VIP trader?

Deposit or accumulate a specific 30-day trading volume according to the next section.


  • VIP0 Getting Started: Register on BTCC 
  • VIP1 A New Beginning: Deposit 200.00 USDT
  • VIP2 Gaining momentum: Deposit 500.00 USDT or trade 200,000.00 in volume
  • VIP3 A steady progress: Deposit 1,000.00 USDT or trade 500,000.00 in volume
  • VIP4 The road to excellence: Deposit 2,000.00 USDT or trade 1,000,000.00 in volume
  • VIP5 Leader in trading: Deposit 5,000.00 USDT or trade 2,000,000.00 in volume to get upgraded to VIP5
  • VIP6 Innovative trader: Deposit 10,000.00 USDT or trade 5,000,000.00 in volume to get upgraded to VIP6
  • VIP7 A trading legend: Deposit 20,000.00 USDT or trade 10,000,000.00 in volume to get upgraded to VIP7

BTCC VIP – Terms & Conditions

1. VIP levels of the BTCC VIP program are upgraded automatically according to the requirements listed. Below is the VIP level upgrade time:

VIP0 users will be upgraded to VIP1 immediately once they meet the requirement for VIP1, which is making a cumulative deposit of 200 USD (or other currencies in equivalent amounts) or more.

· VIP levels at VIP1 or above are automatically upgraded daily at 17:00 (UTC+0).

2. In this new VIP program, users will not be downgraded to a lower level once upgraded.

3. Fees for opening and closing each position will be charged according to the user’s current VIP level.

4. There is no distinction between taker and maker fees on BTCC.

Please note the above rules are effective from 10 January 2023 at 07:00 in the morning (UTC+0).

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Bitget VIP Program Benefits

Bitget and some exclusive VIP benefits and rewards

The Bitget VIP program gives you many privileges and benefits 
  • Lower Trading Fees
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Fund Custody
  • Exclusive green channel to deposit and withdraw
  • Festival rewards
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Enhanced yields with Bitget Earn
  • Access the complete Bitget Visa card
  • Ensure the security of your assets with our fund custody service
  • Hot project watchlist
  • Welcome gifts and exclusive merch
  • Offline event invitation
  • Premium VIP customer service
  • Industry insights
  • Express deposits and withdrawals

How to become a Bitget VIP trader?

Bitget offers you VIP at one level higher if you’re a VIP on another exchange.

  • Users who are VIPs on other exchanges qualify for VIP status on Bitget. Submit a screenshot of your last 30-day trading volume in the link to connect directly with your account manager.
  • If your submission meets the application requirements, your new account manager will contact you within 24 hours.
  • Email if you have any questions.

Bitget VIP Levels

  • VIP0: Assets >0, Spot: >0, Futures >0
  • VIP1: Assets >50K, Spot: >1M, Futures >10M
  • VIP2: Assets >500K, Spot: >2M, Futures >20M
  • VIP3: Assets >1M, Spot: >3M, Futures >50M
  • VIP4: Assets >2M, Spot: >5M, Futures >100M
  • VIP5: Assets >3M, Spot: >8M, Futures >200M

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MEXC VIP Program

MEXC VIP Premium level requirements in asset balance and benefits and rewards

If you have platform assets exceeding 300,000 USDT, MEXC offers upgraded VIP services that cover 14 aspects, including the highly popular MEXC Industry Analysis Report (monthly). This article will introduce the types of VIP services offered by MEXC’s VIP Center and how to apply for them.

MEXC provides three different VIP service levels based on different asset thresholds:

– MEXC Gold VIP: You can unlock the Gold VIP status if your total assets on the MEXC platform exceed 300,000 USDT. The retention period is 20 days.

– MEXC Diamond VIP: You can unlock the Diamond VIP status if your total assets on the MEXC platform exceed 1,000,000 USDT. The retention period is 40 days.

– MEXC Premium VIP: You can unlock the Premium VIP status if your total assets on the MEXC platform exceed 2,000,000 USDT. The retention period is 60 days.

How to apply for the MEXC VIP program?

To apply for the MEXC VIP Program, email with the following information: Name, contact number, Telegram account, and country of residence. MEXC will assign you a VIP specialist who speaks your language. Remember to confirm that your assets on the MEXC platform exceed 300,000 USDT before applying.

MEXC VIP Table with Benefits and Rewards

MEXC VIP levels with benefits and rewards

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