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Crypto Trading Competitions

We list the best crypto trading competitions with the highest prize pools arranged by some top Bitcoin and altcoin trading sites. You find the best opportunities to win great rewards to boost your portfolio.

Be careful and read the terms and conditions before participating in a trading competition.

List: Best Crypto Trading Competitions

In the table below, we list the best cryptocurrency trading opportunities where you have the chance to win great prizes and rewards.

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Bybit Crypto Trading Competition

Bybit crypto leverage trading platform logo

Rules - ByBit Tournament

Rewards Rules

1. Users must register for the event and have at least 200 USDT of assets in their derivative wallet (excluding Subaccounts) to qualify.

2. Users can trade any Derivatives Contract, and the rank will be based on users’ P&L%. (The page will be updated every 10 minutes)

3. Users must hit a Derivatives trading volume of $80,000 or more to be eligible for rewards.

4. Rewards will be distributed within 30 days after the event ends.

P&L(%) Calculation Formula
P&L(%)= Profit / (Inital Equity + Total Deposits) * 100%

Profit = [Account Final Equity (incl. unrealized P&L and/or bonus) – Account Initial Equity (incl. unrealized P&L and/or bonus) + Withdrawal amount during the competition – Deposit amount during the competition]

Deposits = Accumulated deposits (incl. transfers, awarded bonus, commissions, asset exchange) during the competition period

Withdrawals = Accumulated withdrawals (incl. any withdrawals and asset exchange) during the competition period

Bybit competition full terms and conditions.


Register and read the full terms and conditions

Bitget Crypto Trading Competition

Sign Up, Deposit and Trade on Bitget to share $200,000 Trading Bonus! Check out the rules below to find out how you can participate. 

Bitget crypto trading exchange logo

Rules - Bitget Tournament

Campaign Period: January 10, 6 PM (UTC+8) to January 16, 6 PM (UTC+8)
Campaign Rules:

1. New users who sign up via our link on Bitget during the event period can get a $5 Trading Bonus. The reward is only for the first 1000 users. First come, first serve!

2. Invite friends to sign up through the [Referral Code / Referral Link], and both you and the friend you invite can win $10 trading bonus each. The campaign is only for the first 1000 users. First come, first serve!

3. New users who make the first trade worth 100 USDT (Futures/Spot) or above on Bitget can get another $15 Trading Bonus. The reward is only for the first 1000 users. First come, first serve!

4. Users who trade on Bitget for the first time can get up to $120 Trading Bonus. Details are below, and the more days you trade, the higher reward you can earn!

Despite high growth potential, cryptocurrencies still face increased risks and volatility. Therefore, you are strongly advised to research and invest at your own risk.
Read the full terms and conditions.
Register and read the full terms and conditions

Kucoin Crypto Competitions

Kucoin crypto exchanges host crypto trading competitions on a regular basis. Here, you find many different tournaments going on with great prize pools.

KuCoin logo

Rules - Kucoin Tournament

Kucoin Happy New Year

To show appreciation for KuCoin users’ support of PIAS (PIAS), we will be launching a campaign to give away a 400,000 PIAS reward pool to qualified KuCoin users!

Campaign Period: 10:00:00 on January 11, 2023 to 10:00:00 on January 18, 2023 (UTC)

Activity 1: PIAS & Lucky Draw, Trade To Win a Share of an 80,000 PIAS Prize Pool!

Users who have a trading amount (buys + sells) that reaches 400 PIAS or more will be regarded as qualified users to partcipated in the lucky draw activity.

KuCoin will randomly choose 800 lucky users to evenly split an 80,000 PIAS prize pool. Each lucky user will get 100 PIAS (~$6)!

Activity 2: PIAS Net Buying Competition, Share a 320,000 PIAS Prize Pool!

During the campaign period, users who have a PIAS net buying amount (buys – sells – withdrawals) that reaches 2,000 PIAS or more will be regarded as qualified users.

All qualified users will win a share of a 320,000 PIAS prize pool in proportion to their net buying amount!

Read the full terms and conditions.

Register and read the full terms and conditions

MEXC Global Futures Crypto Trading Competition

MEXC Global is a great place to find a crypto trading tournament or contest to have the chance to win great price rewards.

MEXC crypto trading logo

Rules - MEXC Tournament

MEXC - Futures New Years Trading Competition

Event Timeline
Registration Period: 2023/01/06 01:00:00 – 2023/01/17 00:55:00
Competition Period: 2023/01/06 07:00:00 – 2023/01/17 01:00:00
Users with total futures account equity ≥ 300 USDT at the time of registration will be eligible for the competition. The platform will review the eligibility of registered users before the commencement of competition.
Eligible trading pairs
All USDT-margined perpetual futures available on MEXC.

Read the full terms and conditions.

Gate io Crypto Trading Competition

Gate io is one of the largest crypto exchanges in terms of listed cryptocurrency markets, trading pairs and perpetual contracts.

Gate IO crypto exchange logo

Rules - Tournament

Tournament for Premium And Stable Lead Traders Copy Trading copy trading is a trading aid that allows copiers to synchronously copy the lead trader’s operation behavior on contracts. With a higher degree of freedom to operate, the lead trader can attract more users to copy him in trading, creating a larger space for dividends.

Click to enter: follow the best traders to trade Copy Trading – Traders Guide:
More Instructions on Copy Trading:

Event Details:

Duration: 2023-01-05 11:00:00 (UTC)~2023-01-26 11:00:00 (UTC)
We will select 1~3 high-quality and stable lead traders every 3 working days, and give them corresponding benefits and rewards.
Click to register:

What can a premium and stable lead trader get?


<1> Cash rewards: reward amount = ROI amount during the event x 2, up to $300
<2> Fees rewards: Gate will grant you fee reductions. After being selected as a high-quality and stable lead trader, your fees will be reduced to a rate that is 2 levels higher than your current VIP level until the end of the event.
<3> Official traffic rewards: Gate will promote you on various official channels, helping you attract more copiers and traffic to become a star lead trader.

How to become a premium stable lead trader?
Tips: During the event, try to make multiple transactions with stable returns instead of pursuing the excessive high returns in a single order, which will make it easier to win.

Standards for premium and stable lead traders:
<1> Overall win rate for three weeks ranks in the top 5%
<2> Maximum draw down ≤ 20%
<3> Sharpe Ratio ranks in the top 5%
<4> During the event period, his/her copiers’ profit is positive

Read the full terms and conditions.

What is a Crypto Trading Competition?

A crypto trading competition is a way to boost activity for the crypto trading sites for a concentrated period.

Also, the crypto trading sites create additional incitement to trade and win extra money.

However, ensure you understand the terms and conditions before joining and start trading in a competition.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself

  • Does your standard trading performance and volumes have any chance in the tournament (Usually, you need high trading volumes and high profitability to rank high)
  • Are there different categories in the tournament? For example, some contests rank by trading volume by others rank by profitability. 

Crypto Trading Competition Terms and Conditions

A requirement sign representing Crypto Trading Competitions terms and conditions

There are always two sides to the coin. 

For crypto trading competitions, there is one for the marketing material for a crypto trading competition, and the other is the terms and conditions. 

  • The marketing material tries to convince the trader to participate in the tournament and will announce all the good stuff.
  • Terms and conditions are mandatory for the crypto trading site to be transparent about; Here, you will find all the boring stuff such as restrictions, requirements, and limitations that might prevent you from participating in the competition.

How to Win a Crypto Trading Competition?

A man winning a crypto trading competition and receives dollars from the sky

Crypto trading competitions are becoming more and more popular.

Here, you can test and improve your trading skills and, at the same time, have a chance to boost your profits. Of course, there is stiff competition, which is why managing time, risk, and emotions are essential.

Below, we have summarized some tips you might want to read before starting a new crypto trading competition. 

  • 1. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy – Time Management
  • 2. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy – Risk Management
  • 3. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy – Emotion Management

Also, remember to check our article about cryptocurrency trading tips and how to avoid the most common mistakes.


1. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy - Time Management

Ensure you understand the time frame of the crypto trading competition you are about to participate in.

Crypto trading competitions usually only last for a limited time, and it’s essential to understand what limitations this will cause to your trading strategy.


Make sure to maximize your trading activity during the tournament period. If possible, try to trade several entries with different strategies to maximize your chances of having a winning strategy during the competition period.

2. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy - Risk Management

Since the crypto trading competitions only run for a short time usually, you would need to take a higher risk than usual to have the chance to yield higher returns.

However, it would be best never to take such high risks that you put your portfolio at risk. Using only a tiny portion of your portfolio for crypto trading competitions would be best.

Still, you probably use a lower-risk strategy based on long-term market conditions in your everyday trading. Here, the main focus is to achieve sustainable growth with minimizing losses.


A short-term crypto trading competition strategy differs from everyday long-term trading.

3. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy - Emotion Management

You can be sure it will be hard to control your feelings and emotions during a crypto trading competition.

All normal parameters are there, such as winning trades and losing trades.

However, additional parameters make you nervous during a crypto trading competition, such as a limited time frame, a live leaderboard, and competitors competing for the same prize pool.


Try to be as analytical and as little greedy and emotional as possible. 

Can I use a crypto trading bot in the competition?

Since many trading competitions require large volume trading with many decisions, many crypto traders prefer to automate trading by using a crypto trading bot. 

A crypto trading bot can execute trades 24/7, even when you sleep, and it completely removes feelings, like greed and fear, that can destroy your profitable businesses.