Best Crypto Trading Competitions With Highest Price Pools from Bybit and Kucoin

Best Crypto Trading Competitions With Highest Price Pools

We list the best crypto trading competitions with the highest prize pools arranged by some top Bitcoin and altcoin trading sites. You find the best opportunities to win great rewards to boost your portfolio.

However, be careful and read the terms and conditions before participating in a trading competition. For example, no crypto trading site is giving away free money to trading tournaments. 

Crypto trading competitions encourage the traders to be more active and win high prizes. Still, there is no easy money, as some tournament marketing strategies sometimes sound like.

List: Best Crypto Trading Competitions with Highest Price Pools

In the table below, we list the best cryptocurrency trading opportunities where you have the chance to win great prizes and rewards.

Make sure to understand that some tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool while some price pools are defined as “up to,” which means there is no guaranteed minimum price pool.

Since many trading competitions require large volume trading with many decisions, many crypto traders prefer to use a crypto trading bot. A crypto trading bot can execute trades 24/7, even when you sleep, and it completely removes feelings, like greed and fear, that can destroy your profitable businesses.

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Bybit Crypto Trading Competition

Bitget arranges many different crypto trading competitions, tournaments, and other trading incitements with great price pools and rewards. Bybit is the preferred crypto trading platform for many people for various reasons. In general, they offer low trading fees, great derivative products, excellent derivative liquidity, and an excellent reputation in the community. In addition, they offer USDC settled perpetual contracts.

Bybit ETH Trading Fiesta September 2022

1. Bybit Social Media Task

Show off your ETH knowledge!

Follow Bybit’s official social media account on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and take our simple ETH quiz, and you may be one of 500 lucky winners to share $10,000 of bonuses in ETH.
Event Rules

1. This event is only open to registered Bybit users. If you do not have a Bybit account, click here to register.
2. Participants must follow Bybit’s official social media account and answer our quiz correctly to be eligible for any rewards.
3. 500 winners will be randomly selected to share $10,000 of bonuses in ETH, amounting to $20 of prizes in ETH per winner.

2A. Derivatives Trading Challenge (Selected ETH Pairs)

Share up to 300,000 USDC in rewards when you trade the selected ETH pairs and rank as one of the top traders by trading volume.
The greater the trading volume of all traders, the higher the total rewards.
Event Rules

1. Eligible ETH Pairs: ETHUSDT, ETHUSD, ETHUSD0930, ETHUSD1230, ETCUSDT, ETH-Perp (USDC settled), LDOUSDT
2. Users must reach a Derivatives trading volume of at least 25,000 USD on the eligible pairs to be considered for rewards.
3. Pro users and Market Makers are not eligible for rewards from this event.
4. Subaccounts are not eligible for rewards from this event. Trading volumes from Subaccounts will be combined with the trading volume of traders’ Main accounts.

Register and read the full terms and conditions

2B. Derivatives Trading Challenge (Excluding Selected Pairs)

Trade any Derivatives pairs* (Perpetual and Inverse) and share up to 700,000 USDC in rewards!
The greater the trading volume of all traders, the better the rewards unlocked.
*Excludes selected pairs from Event 2A

Event Rules

1. Excluded pairs: ETHUSDT, ETHUSD, ETHUSD0930, ETHUSD1230, ETCUSDT, ETH-Perp (USDC settled)and LDOUSDT
2. Users must reach a Derivatives trading volume of at least 25,000 USD (excluding the excluded pairs) to be considered for rewards.
3. Pro users and Market Makers are not eligible for rewards from this event.
4. Subaccounts are not eligible for rewards from this event. Trading volumes from Subaccounts will be combined with the trading volume of traders’ Main accounts.

3. ETH Super Celebration

Participate in our ETH Trading competition on Spot with 0 margin interest rates and share a 100,000 USDT prize pool!
Event Rules


4. Buy an NFT and Earn

Buy any NFT from the Bybit NFT Marketplace and receive $5 bonus in ETH.
Buy any GrabPic NFT at only 0.01 USDT to receive a Merge Card airdrop, which will allow you to access the Merge feature on the Bybit NFT Marketplace. Users can combine multiple NFTs to generate a Legendary NFT which is more unique and valuable. Legendary NFT holders will be entitled to NFT airdrops or allowlists, receive Merge Cards regularly, and more benefits.

Event Rules

1. Users are only entitled to rewards for one NFT purchase.

4. The Great ETH & SOL Options Launch

First-in-Market USDC-Margined: ETH & SOL Options — Now Live on Bybit
Perk 1: Enjoy up to 66% off Trading Fees
Perk 2: Trade and Share Prize Pools Worth Up to 25,000 USDC
Perk 3: Follow our Head of Options, Hao Yang (@Haoskionchain) on Twitter and Earn a 5 USDC Coupon
Register and read the full terms and conditions

Bitget Crypto Trading Competition

Bitget arranges many different crypto trading competitions, tournaments, and other trading incitements with great price pools and rewards.

Trade to Win 500,000 SHIB Rewards. Zero Spot Trading Fee!

Bitget Trade to Win 500000 SHIB Rewards with Zero Spot Trading Fee
Event period: Sep.19, 2022 20:00 (UTC+8) – Sep.26, 2022 20:00 (UTC+8)
Event rule: During the period, register successfully and make enough net buying to receive your rewards. The tiered tips are as follows:
Net buying(USDT)Rewards(SHIB)
* About the rewards: Distribute the highest one to users
Terms & Conditions
1. Please complete your registration first, or there is no reward.
2. Net buying = total buying – total selling. Only statistics during the event will be counted;
3. Event rewards are only available for the first 3000 participants;
4. The rewards will be distributed within five working days after the event ends;
5. Bitget reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation;
6. Users participating with the same IP address will be considered invalid;
7. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to amending, changing, or canceling the campaign without any separate notice. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.
Despite high growth potential, cryptocurrencies still face increased risks and volatility. Therefore, you are strongly advised to do your research and invest at your own risk.
Read the full terms and conditions.

USDC September Carnival – Week 3: Create USDC Trading Bots and Share 30,000 USDC!

Kucoin crypto exchanges host crypto trading competitions on a regular basis. Here, you find many different tournaments going on with great prize pools.

Kucoin USDC September Carnival Create USDC Trading Bots and Share 30,000 USDC

We are thrilled to announce that we will co-host the USDC September Carnival with the USDC team to bring more benefits to our users and the USDC community. This USDC September Carnival will last the whole of September with various campaigns. You are welcome to join this feast and share 250,000 USDC!

Below are the campaign details for Week 3:

Activity Period: 10:00:00 on September 19, 2022 – 10:00:00 on September 25, 2022 (UTC)

Don’t forget to click here to sign up for this event.

(*You will not qualify as a participant without signing up)

📞How to participate:

1. Create a USDC Spot Grid trading bot on KuCoin;

2. Have a total investment of ≥100 USDC;

3. Have the bot run for more than 24 hours;

4. Maintain an arbitrage number >0.

🎁Activity 1: Everybody counts! First Come, First Serve!

During the activity period, users who created USDC Spot Grid Trading bot on KuCoin will be able to share 15,000 USDC.

Only one trading bot will be counted for each participant.

Qualified Users Rewards
For the First 1,000 Users, 10 USDC per user
Others (except the first 1,000 users) Equally share 5,000 USDC
🎁Activity 2: Join the Profit Battle and Share 15,000 USDC!

If a user has more than one USDC Spot Grid trading bot, then the one with the highest profit amount will be counted.

🥇Top 1 Investment amount*5, up to 3,000 USDC
🥈Top 2 Investment amount*4, up to 2,000 USDC
🥉Top 3 Investment amount*3, up to 1,000 USDC
Top 4 – 10 Investment amount*2, up to 500 USDC
Top 11 – 20 Investment amount*1, up to 250 USDC
Top 21 – 50 Investment amount*1, up to 100 USDC

Read the full terms and conditions.

MEXC Global Futures Crypto Trading Competition

MEXC Global is a great place to find a crypto trading tournament or contest to have the chance to win great price rewards.

MEXC Global Weekly Futures Event!

Weekly Futures Event!

Great news! MEXC Futures is launching a Weekly Futures Event! to reward futures traders with a 20,000 USDT total bonus prize pool.

Trading Pairs: All Futures Pairs
Event Period: 16:00 Sunday – 16:00 Friday every week (UTC)

Event 1: New User Exclusive Reward of 3,000 USDT Bonus!

All new users who trade futures on MEXC for the first time and accumulate a trading volume ≥ 2,000 USDT will each receive a 10 USDT futures bonus, limited to the first 300 qualified users only. First come, first served!

On top of that, users may also participate in the Newbie Futures Trading Reward Campaign at the same time and earn extra bonuses.
Claim 1,000 USDT Bonus (Web) >>
Claim 1,000 USDT Bonus (Mobile) >>

Event 2: Trade to Share 17,000 USDT Bonus Prize Pool!

During the event, users are eligible to claim the rewards if they meet the minimum required trading volume. The bonus pool is split into 11 tiers, where each tier consists of 300 USDT – 5,000 USDT bonus to be shared. Eligible users will share the bonus pool based on their total perpetual futures trading volume.

Read the full terms and conditions.

Gate io Crypto Trading Competition

Gate io is one of the largest crypto exchanges in terms of listed cryptocurrency markets, trading pairs and perpetual contracts.

In addition, they offer a complete ecosystem of crypto trading products, including arranging crypto trading competitions.

Read more about Gate io in our Gate io review with fees and gt token. Trading Competition is Live, Share $25,000 Mega Rewards in ITSB! is currently holding the ITSBLOC ( ITSB) trading competition. Join right now and share the $25,000 reward prize pool.

* Please fill in the Form to register and join.

New Users: << Register >>

Competition Period: 2022-09-20 08:00 AM (UTC)—2022-09-27 08:00 AM (UTC)

Activity 1: Trade ITSB to Share $11,000
Part 1: Top 20 Participants Will Share $5,000 in ITSB
1st Place: $1,000
2nd Place: $800
3rd Place: $500
The 4th-20th Place: share $2,700 based on trading volumes
*Participants need to trade at least $10,000 worth of ITSB.
Part 2: Other Participants Will Share the Remaining $6,000 in ITSB
All other qualified users will share the remaining $6,000 based on trading volumes. Participants need to trade at least $500 worth of ITSB.

* Note: The 4th-20th place bonuses are capped at $200. The Participation Prize for each user is capped at $50.

Trading Pairs: << ITSB/USDT >> << ITSB/ETH >>

Activity 2: New Users Register & Trade, Win a Share of $6,000
New users who register for a account, complete KYC verification, and make no less than $50 trading volume can receive $10 in ITSB each.
*First come, first served.
Fill the << Form>> to Receive the Airdrop

Activity 3: Invite New Users, Win a Share of $8,000
1) Users who invite friends to register for a account, complete KYC verification, and make no less than $50 trading volume can receive $10 in ITSB for each invitee.
2) Users who invite more than five qualified new users will share another $1,000 in ITSB in proportion to the number of invitees.
* First come, first served.

Read the full terms and conditions.

What is a Crypto Trading Competition?

A crypto trading competition is a way to boost activity for the crypto trading sites for a concentrated period.

Also, the crypto trading sites create additional incitement to trade and win extra money.

However, ensure you understand the terms and conditions before joining and start trading in a competition.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself

  • Does your standard trading performance and volumes have any chance in the tournament (Usually, you need high trading volumes and high profitability to rank high)
  • Are there different categories in the tournament? For example, some contests rank by trading volume by others rank by profitability. 

Crypto Trading Competition Terms and Conditions

There are always two sides to the coin. One is the marketing material for a crypto trading competition, and the other is the terms and conditions. 

The marketing material tries to convince the trader to participate in the tournament and will announce all the good stuff.

Terms and conditions are mandatory for the crypto trading site to be transparent about; Here, you will find all the boring stuff such as restrictions, requirements, and limitations that might prevent you from participating in the competition.

How to Win a Crypto Trading Competition?

Crypto trading competitions are becoming more and more popular.

Here, you can test and improve your trading skills and, at the same time, have a chance to boost your profits.

Crypto trading competitions are often arranged by crypto derivative platforms like Kucoin, Bybit, or Binance.

The prize pools can, at some points, exceed millions of dollars.

In addition, there are often events composed for both beginners and advanced traders.

Below, we have summarized some tips you might want to read before starting a new crypto trading competition. Also, remember to check our article about cryptocurrency trading tips and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

1. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy - Time Management

Ensure you understand the time frame of the crypto trading competition you are about to participate in.

Crypto trading competitions usually only last for a limited time, and it’s essential to understand what limitations this will cause to your trading strategy.

Summary: Make sure to maximize your trading activity during the tournament period. If possible, try to trade several entries with different strategies to maximize your chances of having a winning strategy during the competition period.

2. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy - Risk Management

Since the crypto trading competitions only run for a short time usually, you would need to take a higher risk than usual to have the chance to yield higher returns.

However, it would be best never to take such high risks that you put your portfolio at risk. Using only a tiny portion of your portfolio for crypto trading competitions would be best.

Still, you probably use a lower-risk strategy based on long-term market conditions in your everyday trading. Here, the main focus is to achieve sustainable growth with minimizing losses.

Summary: A short-term crypto trading competition strategy differs from everyday long-term trading.

3. Crypto Trading Competition Strategy - Emotion Management

You can be sure it will be hard to control your feelings and emotions during a crypto trading competition.

All normal parameters are there, such as winning trades and losing trades.

However, during a crypto trading competition, additional parameters make you nervous, such as a limited time frame, a live leaderboard, and competitors competing for the same prize pool.

Summary: Try to be as analytical and as little greedy and emotional as possible.