Best Crypto Trading Competitions With Highest Price Pools

Best Crypto Trading Competitions With Highest Price Pools

We list the best crypto trading competitions with the highest prize pools. Here, you find the best opportunities to win great rewards to boost your portfolio.

However, be careful and read the terms and conditions before participating in a trading competition. No crypto trading site is giving away free money to trading tournaments. 

Crypto trading competitions create incitements for the traders to be more active and win high prizes. Still, there is no easy money as some tournament marketing strategies sometimes sound like.

List: Best Crypto Trading Competitions with Highest Price Pools

In the table below, we list the best cryptocurrency trading opportunities where you have the chance to win great prices and rewards.

Make sure to understand that some tournaments have a guaranteed price pools while some price pools are defined as “up to” which means there is no minimum price pool that is guaranteed.

Bitget Crypto Trading Competition

Bitget is arranging the King’s Cup Global Invitational, (KCGI) crypto tournament with a potential price pool of 200 BTC.

This is a biannual global crypto futures trading competition hosted by Bitget.

KCGI crypto trading competition consists of two competing formats:

Team Battle and Individual Competition.

  • Registration period: 04:00:00 09.05-04:00:00 20.05 (UTC+8)

  • Extended registration period: 04:00:00 20.05-04:00:00 24.05 (UTC+8)

  • Competition period: 04:00:00 20.05-04:00:00 10.06 (UTC+8)

  • Requirements: The applicant must possess a net value of at least 300 USDT in their futures account at the time of application.

Kucoin Crypto Trading Competition

Kucoin is hosting a crypto trading competition from 10th of May – to May 22nd to celebrate, the crypto early adopter who bought two pizzas using bitcoin in May 2010.

Kucoin is celebrating Pizza Day by inviting to a trading campaign with a potential $250,000 prize pool.

Activity Period: 2022/05/11 10:00:00 – 2022/05/20 10:00:00 (UTC)


Kucoin Pizza Day Competition Price Table

The $250K price pool is activated once the total crypto trading competition trading volumes exceed>6.5 Billion.

See the full price table in the screenshot below.

Read the full terms and conditions and join here for the Kucoin Pizza day tournament.

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MEXC Global Futures Crypto Trading Competition

Crypto trading competitions…

  • Registration Period: 2022/05/07 10:00:00 – 2022/05/18 09:59:00 (UTC)
  • Competition Period: 2022/05/09 10:00:00 – 2022/05/18 10:00:00 (UTC)
  1. You need at least ≥ 100 USDT in your MEXC Global futures trading account at the time of registration.
  2. Users who register during the registration period will be reviewed for eligibility prior to the commencement of the competition.
  3. Applications received after the registration period will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
All USDT-M Futures Trading Pairs on the MEXC platform are valid for the competition.
Reward 1
PNL(Profit and Loss) Ranking Competition with a 30,000 USDT Prize Pool.

Participants with total trading volume ≥ 10,000 USDT or total profit ≥ 1,000 USDT across all USDT-Margined futures trading pairs during the competition period will be ranked by their respective PNL rates.
Reward 2
Trading Volume Competition Win items like a Ford Mustang, iPhone13 Pro Max or a PlayStation5. 
Reward 3
You can also get prices by referring your friend. Invite a friend to MEXC Global Futures and win a share of the20,000 USDT Prize Pool.

What is a Crypto Trading Competition?

A crypto trading competition is a way to boost activity for the crypto trading sites for a concentrated period.

Also, the crypto trading sites create additional incitement to trade and win extra money.

However, make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you join and start trading in a competition.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself

  • Does your standard trading performance and volumes have any chance in the tournament (Usually you need high trading volumes and high profitability to rank high)
  • Are there different categories in the tournament? For example, some tournaments rank by trading volume by others rank by profitability. 


Crypto Trading Competition Terms and Conditions

There is always two sides to the coin. One is the marketing material for a crypto trading competition and the other is the terms and conditions. 

The marketing material tries to convince the trader to take part in the tournament and will announce all the good stuff.

Terms and conditions are mandatory for the crypto trading site to be transparent about and here you will find all the boring stuff such as restrictions, requirements and limitations that might prevent you from taking part in the competition.