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Best Crypto Trading Exchange for UK, Canada and Australia

We will help you find the best crypto trading exchange if you live in the UK, Canada, or Australia.

  • Most global crypto exchanges can operate in the UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • We think the signup bonus, trading fees, deposit options, and trading features are the most important aspects to cover.
  • Also, try to minimize your crypto trading risks by only using well-known crypto exchanges with a solid track record.

Best Exchanges For UK, CA and AUS

The list below doesn’t differ anything from a global list of the top trading sites for cryptocurrency.

This is because the UK, Australia, and Canada allow most trading sites to operate there in contrast to the US. The USA is very restricted, so we created a separate article about the best crypto trading platforms for the USA.

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How to find the best crypto trading exchange in the UK, Canada, or Australia?

➤Most global crypto exchanges are available in UK, CA, and Australia.
➤However, finding what crypto exchange best suits your demands can still be challenging.
Questions you want to ask yourself before searching for a crypto trading site:

What crypto trading feature are you looking for?

First, you should consider what feature you are looking for. Most people are looking for spot trading, the simplest form of trading. Here, you exchange one crypto/fiat for another crypto/fiat currency.

How to evaluate the feature you are looking for?

The next step is to evaluate the feature you are looking for. You are looking for spot trading since this is the most used feature.

Questions you should look for

  1. Are they coins I aim to buy list?
  2. If yes, is there any trading volume in the trading pairs for that particular cryptocurrency?
  3. What fiat deposit options are supported, and what are the fees?
  4. What are the spot trading fees?

How can I know if a cryptocurrency is listed on an exchange?

You can take help by using Coingecko or Coinmarketcap. Also, you can check our article about crypto exchanges with the most listed altcoins.

How can I check the trading volume for a cryptocurrency?

You can take help by using Coingecko or Coinmarketcap. Also, you can check our article about crypto exchanges by volume.

How to know what fiat deposit options are available on a crypto exchange?

The easiest way is to signup with the exchange and click “deposit.” Some exchanges declare all the deposit options on their website. Also, you can read the reviews on Cryptocointrade.

How to find the lowest crypto spot trading fees?

It’s vital to find the best fee schedules. We have summarized all the lowest crypto spot trading fees.

Is the crypto exchange available in my country?

Search for “restricted countries + exchange name.” For example, “restricted countries Bybit)

UK Crypto Regulations

UK flag

UK crypto regulations allow residents to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, the “Cryptoassets Taskforce” was established, consisting of the FCA, the Bank of England, and Her Majesty’s Treasury.

It examines when and how cryptoassets should be regulated and identifies eight specific “actors” in the markets:

  1. cryptoasset developers and issuers
  2. investors in the cryptoasset market
  3. financial intermediaries
  4. miners or transaction processors
  5. trading platforms and exchanges
  6. liquidity providers
  7. payment and merchant service providers
  8. wallet and custody service providers.

Crypto Exchanges Registered in the UK with FCA

From 10 January 2020, firms carrying out specific cryptoasset activities in the UK must comply with the amended Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 (MLRs) and register with the FCA.

Below, you will find the best crypto exchanges registered in the UK with the FCA, and you can see the complete list of the exchanges in the FCA register.

Australia Crypto Regulations

Australia flag

AUSTRAC can disclose the registration status of only entities providing Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) and/or Remittance services. 

You can search and identify registered remitters yourself via the up-to-date Remittance Sector Register, maintained by AUSTRAC, which can be accessed at    

Australia Crypto Exchanges

Australia’s cryptocurrency exchanges are required to register with the AUSTRAC, identify and verify their users, maintain records, and comply with the government AML/CTF reporting obligations. 

A Digital Currency Exchange Register is managed and safeguarded by AUSTRAC, while unregistered exchanges may face criminal charges and financial penalties if they do not comply with registration requirements.

To request the registration status, the following is required:

  1. ABN / ACN
  2. Legal Name of the business
  3. Trading Name/s of the business
  4. Street address of the business
  5. AUSTRAC Account Number (AAN) if known

Canada Crypto Regulations

Canada flag

Authorized platforms

A number of crypto-trading platforms are undertaking their registration. You may want to read our press release on the matter:


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