Best Platform For Crypto Trading in India

Best Platform For Crypto Trading in India

The best global crypto trading platforms accepting users from India.

  • Bybit, Binance, Kucoin, Bitget, BYDFi, and Kraken accept users from India.
  • None of the platforms accepts bank deposits in Indian Rupee(INR).
  • Bybit and Binance have P2P markets where you can buy crypto for INR. 
  • Bitget, Kucoin, and BYDFi have 3rd party integrations where you can buy crypto with cards and bank transfers.

Best Platform for Crypto Trading in India

In the table below you find the best crypto trading platforms allowed in India. They are all top global Bitcoin and altcoin trading sites.

Crypto Exchanges Accepting Indian Users

➤We list some top global Bitcoin trading sites allowing Indian users to sign up and trade.

➤We don’t have any local Indian Bitcoin exchanges since we don’t have any experience with them.

Indian and Bitcoin adoption

India has a fast-growing crypto and blockchain industry, and people have started exploring various uses for crypto, from trading crypto to online spending.

Many global crypto leverage trading platforms have recognized this massive demand for crypto in the country, and we have made it easier for you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Indian rupees (INR).

Local VS Global Crypto Exchanges

There are also some trading platforms located in India. Sometimes, it can be preferable to use a local Bitcoin trading site. While they might offer more convenient ways to deposit and verify your ID, they usually come with higher fees and fewer trading features.

Bybit Accepts Users from India 

➤Bybit accepts users from India but has no deposit alternatives for the Indian rupee(INR).

➤If you want to buy Bitcoin or any other crypto for INR on Bybit, you must use the Bybit P2P trading platform or the “one-click buy “feature.

➤The “One-click Buy” feature allows you to buy Bitcoin via INR bank transfer or UPI.

➤Bybit has the best crypto signup bonus offer.

Bybit is a great crypto trading site, especially for derivative trading for perpetual and inverse perpetual futures. 

In addition, Bybit offers the best crypto welcome bonus among all crypto exchanges.

A crypto trading sign-up bonus is a sum of cryptocurrency a crypto exchange pays as an incentive to join that trading platform and start trading.

Sign-up bonuses have different definitions, where some trading platforms give real USDT and other trading fee rebate vouchers.

Read the full Bybit review.

Binance Allows Indian Users

➤Binance accepts Indian users but has no deposit method for Indian Rupee(INR).

➤You can buy Bitcoin with Indian Rupee on the Binance P2P market for ZERO fees. Still, P2P markets tend to have high exchange rates.

➤Binance has the best crypto trading features

➤Binance has the best variety of trading features, including almost all of those mentioned above. Futures, Perpetuals, Copy Trading, P2P trading, Margin Trading, Automated Crypto Bot Trading, ETH Staking.

Kucoin Allows Indian Users

➤KuCoin added support for buying crypto using Indian Rupee (INR) in June 2020 via the Simplex platform.

➤To access this service, users can visit the “Buy Crypto with Credit Card” page, select the Simplex platform, click next, and set the payment currency to any of the above fiat currencies. You can also use fiat currency to buy crypto directly.

Bitget Indian Users

There are three different options for depositing the Indian rupee (INR) to Bitget.

In general, all these three alternatives are expensive ways to deposit fiat currencies.

The best alternative you should aim for is bank deposits.

Debit/Credit Card: If you are a new user, this is the easiest option for buying Bitget Token. Bitget supports both Visa and Mastercard.
P2P Trading: P2P trading enables direct transactions between private buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This method provides a convenient and cost-effective way to buy cryptocurrencies. Explore the P2P trading feature to take advantage of zero-fee Bitget Token and other crypto purchases.
Third-Party Payment: Buy crypto from a third-party provider. The supported third-party service providers include Mercury, Xanpool, and Banxa. Bitget has carefully selected several service providers with trusted industry reputations, popularity, and security to provide users with streamlined services.
Bydfi crypto exchange logo

➤BYDFi does not directly process any fiat currency deposits. All fiat deposits are handled 100% by 3rd parties.

➤BYDFi third-party partners include Banxa, XanPool, Transak, Ramp, Paxful, Coinify and Mercuryo.

➤Electronic payment, Visa/Mastercard credit or debit cards, and cash deposits (limited to certain areas) are the most common payment alternatives.

➤The transaction fees will be displayed on the providers’ respective websites.

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Kraken accepts users from India.

➤There is no way to deposit Indian Rupee(INR) to Kraken. Still, Kraken accepts traders from India to sign up, make KYC, and trade.

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