Best Solana SOL Trading Site, Spot, Futures and Perpetuals

Best Solana SOL Trading Site – Spot and Perpetuals

Here you will find the best Solana SOL trading site for spot, futures, and perpetual trading markets.

We review and compare some of the top Bitcoin and altcoin trading sites with regard to trading fees, trading volumes, Solana staking rewards, KYC verification limits, and deposit methods.

Best Solana SOL Trading Sites

Here, we list the best Solana SOL with regard to different criteria

  • Binance, Coinbase, FTX, OKX and Kucoin have all good trading volumes in the Solana SOL markets. Kucoin and Coinbase allow US customers.
  • Binance is the best Solana SOL trading site with regard to the lowest spot trading fees. Kucoin is the best choice for US customers.
  • Binance has the lowest Solana SOL perpetual trading fees in BUSD markets
  • Binance has the highest Solana SOL perpetual trading volumes
  • Binance has the best Solana SOL staking rewards in general. However, for US customers Kraken has the highest Solana SOL staking payouts.

Best Solana SOL Trading Volume for Spot Markets

In the table below you find the spot trading volumes for Solana at different trading sites.

As you can see Binance has the most liquid market for SOL/USDT. In addition, Binance holds top places for SOL/BUSD and SOL/BTC markets.

You can read more about why crypto exchange volume is important and where to find the most overall trading volume.

Best Solana SOL Trading Site spot trading volumes screenshot from Coingecko

Lowest Solana SOL Trading Fees for Spot Markets

From the table above with the most liquid Solana SOL markets, we choose to compare trading fees from

  • Binance
  • Kucoin 
Binance and Kucoin have the best trading fees if you take advantage of all the possibilities to reduce your trading fees. Those are paying the trading fees in the native token (KCS and BNB), use our referral code (-20% on trading fees) and hold a certain amount of their token in your balance (You will increase your VIP status).
  • Coinbase
Coinbase have high fees but is very beginner-friendly and is US regulated.
  • FTX
FTX has decent trading fees and those are very easy to get down to ZERO if you hold or stake their native token, FTT.
  • OKX
OKX has the lowest default trading fees and you will get another -20% with our referral link.

We have written a dedicated article on spot trading fees, crypto exchanges with the lowest spot trading fees.

Best Solana SOL Trading Volume for Perpetual

In the table below, you find the trading exchange with most traded SOL Perpetual.

Crypto Trading Platform Reviews Binance
OKX crypto trading logo
FTX crypto trading exchange logo

Best Solana SOL Perpetual Trading Fees

In the table below, you find the Binance VS OKX trading fees for Solana SOL perpetual. There was no point in adding FTX fees since their trading fees schedule is so much different.

It’s based on the 30-day trading volume in USD but their requirements to get lower fees are so much lower so their fees would just be a linear vertical line on the Y-axis.

In the table below, we have used the Binance fees with a -10% rebate (which you will get if you pay the trading fees with the BNB coin).

However, you can reduce the Binance fees even more by

  • Use our referral code when you sign up to get -20% on all fees
  • Trading the BUSD denominated futures and perpetual. The trading volume is lower than the USDT denominated markets but the trading fees are much lower as well.
Binance and OKX trading volumes and trading fees for futures and perpetuals

Best Solana SOL Trading Site for Staking

In the table below you find the interest rates and staking rewards for depositing Solana SOL to Binance Earn or Kraken. Binance Earn is a bit more complicated than Kraken.

With Kraken you stake one time and earn payouts as long as you don’t redeem your Solana SOL coins.

However, with Binance you sign contracts on a 30, 60, or 90 days basis and the earning interest rate will differ among those contracts. 

Also, there is a personal quota and a total quota per contract.