Bitget Review Crypto Copy Trading and Futures Trading

Bitget Review Crypto Copy Trading and Futures Trading

We cover Bitget crypto trading exchange with futures trading, spot trading, and copy trading. Bitget is one of the top Bitcoin and altcoin trading sites with a great trading volume for the futures markets.

Also, they have other features like copy trading, trading tournaments and BGB earn.

What is Bitget Crypto Exchange?

Bitget is a Singapore crypto exchange and trading platform launched in 2018. Here, you can trade on the crypto spot market, the crypto futures market, copy trading and P2P trading. Bitget has regulatory licenses from the US, Canada, and Australia, making them a trusted exchange.

Bitget Crypto Exchange SignUp offer and Rewards Center

Bitget has one of the most generous crypto trading signups offers among all the crypto trading exchanges.

Here, you can get up to $4163 if you fulfill all requirements.

Click to read the full terms and conditions and compare it with all other bonuses and signup offers. Note that you will receive the bonus in “trial funds” and not normal funds that you are able to withdraw.

What are Bitget Trial Funds?

Bitget Trial funds can offset futures trading fees and funding fees, compensate for losses, or be used as a margin to open a position. Trial funds can not be withdrawn.

How to use the Bitget Trial Funds?

Example of how Bitget trial funds can be used

  • You deposit $500 and get $15 in trial funds

  • You buy a futures contract BTC 2x worth in total $1020.

  • Now, you have used $10 (as margin) of your trial funds and have $5 trial funds left to use

  • You did a maker buy so you paid 0.02% in fee = (1020*0.002=$2,04) trading fees from trial funds

  • There is no interest to be paid on the borrowed $510

  • Example 1: You close it at $1015 with a $5 loss. This $5 will be taken from the trial fund as compensation losses

  • Example 2: You close is at $1025 with a $5 win. Now I have to share ~0.01% (funding fees) to the losing side, taken from the trial fund.

  • The trial funds are not limited in time but they will disappear if you move your funds out from the futures wallet. Also, they will become invalidated if you claim the normal bonus in the reward center.

Bitget Crypto Exchange Features

Bitget is a crypto exchange with a wide selection of features. We list all the categories below and we cover them in detail, one by one.

  • Futures Trading
  • Quanto swap feature
  • Spot Trading
  • Copy Trading 
  • Trading Tournaments
  • BGB token and BGB Earn

Bitget Crypto Futures Trading

Bitget offers bot USDT-M futures and COIN-M futures. Actually, Bitget doesn’t offer any traditional futures but only perpetual contracts. The main difference between futures and perpetual is that futures have an expiration date while perpetual contracts are open-ended with no final date.

Bitget supports 53 perpetual markets and has decent trading volumes.
Bitget has two different categories of perpetual contracts and the difference is what currency they are settled and denominated in.
  • USDT-M contracts are denominated and settled in USDT.
  • COIN-M  Contracts are denominated and settled in the underlying cryptocurrency. You can trade BTC/ETH, for example.

Bitget Crypto Futures Trading Fees

Bitget charges a flat fee schedule for  futures trading. The Bitget futures trading fees are competing against many of the lowest crypto derivative fees, especially if you trade low to medium volumes.

However, since Bitget charges a flat fee they can’t really compete with Bybit, Kucoin, and OKX when it comes to trading fees for large-volume traders.

Bitget futures trading fees table

What is Bitget Quanto Swap Feature?

The Bitget Quanto Swap Contract feature is unique and supports usage of a numerous different crypto assets as a margin for cross-currency transactions.

The great benefit of quanto swap is that you don’t need to pay for exchange fees since you don’t have to maintain your margin is the denominated currency.

Also, you might be able to hold your position for a longer time and get a higher profit.

One example could be that you hold ETH but you want to trade or BTC/USDT. By using your ETH as collateral, you are permitted to trade on EOS/USD, BTC/USD, and ETH/USD. The profits and losses are then calculated, and you are rewarded in ETH.

Without the Quanto swap feature you would have to exchange your ETH to USDT and receive your profits in USDT and exchange them back into ETH. 

Bitget Crypto Spot Trading

Bitget has decent spot trading volumes. To compare crypto exchange spot trading volumes you can go to either Coinmarketcap or Coingecko and click exchanges.

Bitget supports 256 cryptocurrencies and 282 listed markets.


Bitget Crypto Spot Trading Fees

Bitget has pretty good trading fees. Bitget charges flat trading fees for the most liquid trading markets which is a bit different compared to many other sites where the trading fees are dynamic and dependent on trading volume. For the less liquid markets the spot trading fees is doubled.

The default Bitget spot trading fees are low and you can lower them even further by paying the spot trading fees with the Bitget native token, BGB. By paying the spot trading fees with BGB, you will pay -20% on all spot trading fees. For more information regarding the trading fees and BGB payment fee, see the screenshot below.

Bitget maker and taker spot trading fees table and BGB payment fee rebate

Bitget spot trading fees table

Bitget Crypto Copy Trading

Bitget’s crypto copy trading is a popular product and is quite unique.

The idea behind crypto copy trading is simple and therefore this alternative is beginner-friendly. 

Basically, you allow a trader with a proven track record and a developed strategy to manage a part of your portfolio.

Bitget Crypto Trading Tournaments

Bitget arranges many different crypto trading tournaments with great prizes and rewards. Crypto trading tournaments are a great way to compete against other crypto traders and win extra prizes and boost your profits.

See our dedicated article about the best crypto trading tournaments to see all the current trading competitions from all different trading sites.

Bitget token BGB and BGB Earn

By holding or staking the Bitget token BGB you can receive rewards and benefits via the BGB Earn features.

  • Futures margin: Use BGB as a margin to unlock a 15% discount on trading fees
  • Spot Trading Fee: Pay with BGB to get a 20% discount on all trading fees
  • KOL Cooperation: Use BGB as collateral for more collaboration opportunities.
  • Bitget Rewards: Holding BGB gives you access to Bitget rewards, private circle tickets, and more
  • Earn Passive Income: Stake to earn with BGB to enjoy value-added income
  • Early Investment Access: Bitget Launchpad gives you early investment-access to up-and-coming projects