BTCC review 2023 signup bonus and spinning wheel to win 1 btc

BTCC Referral Code 2024 with Review – $20.000 Signup Bonus

BTCC Referral Code Review 2024

BTCC Referral Code for Signing Up

BTCC Referral Code 2024 with Review $20.000 Signup Bonus

BTCC $20.000 SignUp Bonus

BTCC has among the most generous Signup bonus of all crypto trading bonuses listed. 

1. Only users who registered on this landing page and have not made their first deposit on BTCC are eligible for this event.
2. Users must register for the Events using the “Create an Account” button above and make their deposits within ten (10) days for their deposits to be considered in the calculation for their reward. Any deposits made after this timeframe will not be considered in the calculation for the rewards in the Events.
3. Net deposit within the event period is calculated as follows:
Net deposit = Deposit amount – Withdrawal amount.
4. Eligible deposits do not include bonuses or coupons of any kind, deposits from one BTCC account to another.
5. Reward amount cannot be stacked.
6. The reward will be distributed to your account within 10-15 days after the campaign concludes.
7. The maximum of 20,000 USDT Futures bonus will be distributed within 30 days after your first deposit.
8. BTCC Futures bonuses can only be used for Futures trading.
9. All participating users must strictly abide by the BTCC Terms of Service.
10. BTCC reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the event, including bulk registrations, farming additional bonuses and any other activities in connection with unlawful, fraudulent or harmful purposes.
11. BTCC reserves the right to modify the terms of this event without notifying users in advance.
12. BTCC reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

BTCC 70% Referral Code

Also, you will get 70% off from the trading fees for the first month.

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BTCC Spinning Wheel – Win 1 BTC FREE

BTCC review 2023 signup bonus and spinning wheel to win 1 btc small image

Terms and Conditions

Each user is entitled to 3 spins daily during the campaign period starting at 00:00:00 (UTC+0). Between each spin, there is a wait time. All unused spins accumulated during the day will be forfeited the next day. Traders can earn up to 1BTC from this Lucky Roulette Wheel.

  • USDT received from this campaign is a USDT bonus.
  • The bonus can cover the transaction fees incurred in trading.
  • Upon winning 1 Bitcoin or Ethereum, the asset will be deposited into your account, which can be used for trading or withdrawals.
  • After using your three spins, the ‘Share & Get 1 More Spin’ button will light up. By pressing the button, you will get one more spin when you share this campaign with your friends.

Signup, log in, and go to Benefits -> Campaigns to find the BTCC spinning wheel.

What is the BTCC futures exchange?

BTCC is a cryptocurrency exchange in Honkkong with a USA office.

Does BTCC hold MSB Licenses for the USA and CA?

BTCC has an MSB license to offer derivative crypto trading in Canada, the USA, and some EU countries.

BTCC Signup Bonus

BTCC has the most significant crypto signup bonus worth up to 11.000 USD.

BTCC KYC Requirements

There are no KYC requirements, and you can withdraw up to $10K in crypto equivalents before KYC.

BTCC Trading Fees and VIP levels

BTCC has, similar to most crypto exchanges, a maker and taker fee schedule. BTCC has among the lowest crypto trading futures trading fees, especially for the default VIP0 level.

Still, the taker fees are competitive, and you can climb the crypto exchange VIP levels relatively fast. In addition, there are several ways to achieve a higher VIP level. You can both have an account value or a 30-day average trading volume.

BTCC Coupons: Trading Fee coverage rate with coupons. You can receive trading fee coupons from the signup bonus and the spinning wheel.

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BTCC Futures Leverage and Markets

Bitcoin leverage scale

BTCC has most perpetual futures listed, but they also have two traditional futures markets. 

BTCC offers leverage futures trading leverage up to 225x, the maximum leverage among all crypto exchanges. You can trade both USDT-M and COIN-M perpetual futures on the BTCC exchange.

BTCC is one of the few crypto trading sites offering futures trading in the USA.

BTCC Demo Trading

BTCC demo trading in the mobile app

Experience a 100,000 USDT Demo for Trading

Why One Should Consider the Demo Feature:

  • Enhancing Trading Skills: Individuals can test their strategies in a risk-free environment, eliminating the need to deposit real cryptocurrency.

  • Acquainting with the Platform: The demo account mirrors a live trading setting, offering users a realistic experience to familiarize themselves with the platform.

  • Understanding Fees & Trading Conditions: The demo provides insights into the platform’s fees and trading terms, enhancing user knowledge.

  • Completely Free of Charge: The standout feature is its cost-free nature, inviting users to explore its capabilities.

BTCC Copy Trading

BTCC did launch a beta copy trading feature in October 2023. Below is a screenshot with the results from some of the top traders to follow. Like other copy trading platforms, there are some pro traders with excellent results.

BTCC beta copy trading interface screenshot

BTCC Cop Trading Summary

  1. Profit-Sharing in BTCC Copy Trading:

    • Lead traders receive 10% and 15% of the profits from copy traders as commission.
    • The exact percentage depends on the lead trader’s designated profit-sharing ratio.
    • Profit distribution occurs only when all linked positions between the copy and lead traders are closed, with daily settlements.
    • If the commission deducted exceeds the actual amount due, the excess is refunded to the copy trader.
  2. Lead Trader’s Profit-Sharing Levels:

    • BTCC has four levels of profit-sharing for lead traders, determined by their 30-day average copy trading volume.
    • The levels range from L1 (10% profit-sharing ratio) to L4 (15% profit-sharing ratio), with higher levels requiring larger average trading volumes.
  3. Profit Settlement for Copy and Lead Trading:

    • Profits from copy trading are distributed after the closure of the copied position.
    • Lead trading commissions are settled daily at 16:00 (UTC).
  4. Follower and Lead Trader Limits:

    • Each lead trader can have up to 500 followers.
    • A copy trader can follow up to 10 lead traders and copy unlimited orders simultaneously.
  5. Qualifications for a Lead Trader:

    • Applicants must not follow other lead traders or have open copy trade positions.
    • They must complete identity verification (additional facial verification required for Korean users).
  6. Post-Approval Requirements for Lead Traders:

    • Lead traders must fill out their profiles, select trading contracts, and maintain a minimum balance of 200 USDT for leading trades.
  7. Copy Trading Modes in BTCC:

    • BTCC offers two modes for copy trading: Fixed Amount and Position Ratio.
  8. Separation of Copy/Lead Trading Orders:

    • Copied and leading trades are displayed separately from the user’s trading orders.
  9. Flexibility for Lead Traders in Position Modes:

    • Regardless of ongoing trades, lead traders can switch between different position modes at any time.
  10. Supported Trading Pairs for Copy Trading:

    • BTCC supports 29 USDT contracts for copy trading, with the availability of pairs depending on the lead trader’s settings.
  11. Configurable Options for Copy Traders:

    • Copy traders can adjust investment amounts, set fixed amounts or ratios for trades, apply maximum investment limits, set stop losses, and take profits for individual trades.
  12. Leverage and Geographic Restrictions:

    • There are no leverage restrictions for lead traders.
    • Copy trading services are globally accessible, with exceptions in certain countries due to regulatory constraints.

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BTCC Trading Volume

BTCC is one of the top 5 crypto trading futures sites when it comes to trading volume. A large trading volume often gives a tighter spread and less slippage.

  • Average daily trading volume in crypto derivatives: $10 billion

BTCC Campaigns and Competitions

BTCC has several campaigns and crypto trading competitions.

See all the latest crypto trading competitions and events.

BTCC KYC Requirements

BTCC non-KYC withdrawal limits and verification requirements

There is a possibility to sign up with no KYC and withdraw within certain limits. See the KYC requirements below and the withdrawal limits.

No KYC: Account registration with an email

KYC 1: Identity verification with ID documents

KYC 2: Facial verification with a selfie

Compare all the non-KYC crypto exchanges and withdrawal limits.

Why should I complete BTCC KYC?

• Increased limits for deposits and withdrawals; and

• The eligibility to participate in more campaigns to receive bonuses and rewards.

BTCC KYC Documents

Identity Document Verification Requirements:

  • Submit a clear photo of your ID, such as a passport, national ID card, driver’s license, or residence permit.
  • Ensure all documents are current and not expired.
  • All details on the document should be legible.

Facial Verification Guidelines:

  • Take a selfie looking directly at the camera, ensuring your face is clearly visible.
  • The selfie should be a direct photograph of you, not a picture of another photo.
  • The individual in the selfie should match the person in the ID photo previously provided.

BTCC Account Security

The green features are available on BTCC while the red features are not available on BTCC.

A padlock for Binance security if its safe and legit

➤2FA: Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password. 2FA can be set up via Google Auth, Phone, or Security Key (e.g., Yubikey).

➤Trading Password: A separate password for executing trading

➤Whitelist IP: Only specific IP addresses can access the account

➤Whitelist withdrawal addresses: Withdrawals can only be made to preset addresses; it is a 24h delay to add a new address or change an existing one.

➤Email phrase: Protect your account from phishing attempts and ensure that your notification emails are from BTCC

➤Login phrase: Displayed in the login window when logging.

➤Withdrawal safety phrase: BTCC tamper-proofing picture; the confirmation window will include the anti-phishing code you have set before

BTCC Mobile App

The BTCC mobile apps are available for both Android and IOS. While there are no reviews for the Android version, it has a solid 4.2 rating for the IOS version.

The mobile app has the same features as the web application, so there are no limitations.

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