Metverse Coins listed to buy, exchange and trade on Binance

Buy Metaverse Coins on Binance

What metaverse coins are listed on Binance? How to buy, exchange, or trade the most popular metaverse cryptocurrencies on the top crypto trading site?

We answer all these questions and describe how we believe the metaverse will take form in the future. 

The metaverse is still a new concept, and there is no clear definition, but we will help you define the metaverse’s future.

Metaverse Coins Listed on Binance

The most significant metaverse coins by marketcap are listed in the table below.

You find them all on the Binance exchange, some launched on the Binance launchpad.

What is the Metaverse?

There is no accepted unique general definition of the metaverse, as it is a term used for an integrated network of virtual worlds expected to exist in the future.

Some would say it will be an immersive and interactive shared virtual space combining the physical and digital worlds by combining VR(virtual reality) and AR(augmented reality technologies).

An imagination of a Metaverse town

Metaverse accessibility

Metaverse should exist as a borderless world with no limits to how many people can use it simultaneously, what types of activities can occur, or what industries can enter it. The metaverse should be accessible anytime and not controlled by a centralized authority.

Metaverse decentralization

A centralized entity like a company or corporation shouldn’t own the metaverse. Instead, the metaverse should be decentralized, owned, and governed by the community as a DAO powered by Blockchain technology. All transactions within a metaverse would be public, quickly tracked, and secure by blockchain technology.

Virtual economies

Since the Metaverse will support most real-life activities, wealth transfers will be within an existing metaverse. In addition, people entering the Metaverse will have access to a decentralized virtual economy powered by cryptocurrencies.

Through these tokens, they can buy, sell, and exchange digital assets like avatars, virtual clothing, NFTs, and even event tickets on marketplaces.

Immersive experience

Since a metaverse should be accessible to anyone, it must support availability for simple smartphones. However, a metaverse must also support advanced technology to enhance the experience with VR and AR technology.


Since the community should own a metaverse, each participant in a metaverse community is responsible for creating value for each other with user-generated content. There shouldn’t be a Facebook optimizing the algorithms to prolong a user’s interaction with the platform because it increases shareholder value.

What can you do in the Metaverse?

We have now defined some criteria for the Metaverse infrastructure and how it should be owned and governed. 

Still, what you can do in a Metaverse is not evident to everyone.

Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse Gaming - A man with a VR set and gamin computers

The most obvious thing to do in Metaverse is gaming. Metaverse 1.0 already exists in gaming with games like Pokemon Go, Minecraft, and Counterstrike, where your avatar exists in the same virtual world as other avatars.

Go to virtual gigs

In a virtual world, you would be able to attend a concert, music festival, or any other entertainment show. In addition, it will be much easier to make interactive experiences where you can include or exclude the audience or change the atmosphere.

Go to social events.

With the help of VR goggles and motion capture gloves, we might not even need 3D avatars soon.


After the pandemic, working online is normal for many of us.

In addition, some tech giants are building virtual offices in the metaverse. 

Invest in real estate

You can buy land, buildings, and other properties like yachts in many metaverse gaming applications. Then, you can use your land to build, rent or resell.

How to enter the Metaverse?


Monkey NFTs with different attributes

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be helpful in the metaverse to facilitate identity, community, and social experiences.

Metaverse Tokens

There must be some money in the metaverse to purchase in-world products and services.

Binance Launchpad Metaverse

Binance Launchpad is a great way to invest in new promising metaverse projects. 

Step-by-step guide on how to invest with Binance Launchpad.

  1. Signup with Binance
  2. Login in and go to “Earn,” and after clicking “Launchpad”
  3. Here, you find all the available and upcoming projects
  4. Unfortunately, the frequency is not very high for Binance Launchpad to market new projects.

How does crypto fit into the metaverse?

Gaming will probably be the entrance to the metaverse with the aspect of a 3D virtual reality. However, gaming can’t cover all aspects of life when we are about to spend more time of all ages and our lives in the metaverse.

Crypto will be able to offer other aspects that are required, such as digital proof of ownership, transfer of value, governance, and accessibility.

How can crypto offer these aspects?

Digital proof of ownership

In the digital world, instantly proving an asset’s ownership will be necessary. This can be done on the blockchain.

A crypto wallet is one of the most secure and robust methods for establishing a digital identity and proof of ownership. It’s still transparent, so all parties can agree or disagree on the ownership status.

Digital collectibility

The blockchain also let us show that an item is original and unique. For a metaverse looking to incorporate more real-life activities, this is important.

This is important for all kinds of art and music since copying a digital item is straightforward. Also, it can be crucial in other means such as tickets, memberships, education, and more.

Transfer of value

Like in the real world, a metaverse will need a way to transfer value securely, transparently, and with a high throughput speed.

When users spend a significant amount of time in the metaverse earning, spending, and exchanging money and value there, they will need a reliable way to do this.


If metaverse will play such an important role to many people around the world, it will be important that no single company or entity control the rules. Therefore, the interactions with the metaverse should be governed by laws and rules dictated in any form of democracy.

It can be done with voting rights to elect leaders and governments. However, it can also be managed as a decentralized autonomous organization with no clear leaders and governments. Some cryptocurrencies are already addressed in the form of DAOs.


In an ideal world, the metaverse should be accessible and open to anyone. Therefore, it is possible to create a wallet on public blockchains for anyone with access to the internet since it’s free.  

This makes it probably the most accessible way to manage finances online.


The metaverse will need to be able to connect to multiple projects and blockchains. In addition, blockchains need to be able to talk to other parts of the world and not just communicate between blockchains.

Today, these functionalities are limited even though Polkadot and Cosmos are working with blockchain interoperability and Chainlink with oracles to connect blockchain to other parts of the world.

Is there just one metaverse?

As it is used today, the metaverse concept assumes that there is one common and shared metaverse.

However, as partly discussed above, several metaverses might be separate from each other, but they might be connected and interoperable somehow.

Still, it comes down to the definition of the metaverse, and as we stated early in this article, there is no clear definition yet.

Binance Earn – Interest on Metaverse Coins

With Binance Earn you can earn interest on your metaverse coins while you HODL them. This is good if you intend to buy metaverse tokens in speculation and want to earn passive income, why do you HODL?

However, if you buy metaverse tokens to support the community and be a part of that specific metaverse, you should instead use them in the virtual world to buy land, access concerts or other helpful stuff.

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