Best USDC Settled Perpetual Future Contracts with High Leverage and Low Fees

Bybit USDC Perpetual Futures

We list the best USDC settled perpetual futures contracts with high leverage and low fees.

USDT settled futures are the most common and the most traded futures on the market.

However, some traders and some exchanges prefer USDC over USDT.

List: Best USDC Perpetual Futures Contracts Trading Sites

Bybit and Deribit are the two best USDC-settled perpetual trading sites.

Bybit USDC Perpetual Contracts

In Bybit USDC perpetual contract trading, only a one-way mode is supported. Users can hold either a long or short position in a contract.

Bybit provides a regular margin of USDC perpetual contract trading. Recurring margin uses a trader’s available USDC balance to prevent liquidation. 

Bybit USDC VS USDT Perpetual Contracts

Bybit USDC Perpetual Contracts Pros and Cons


  • Bybit ranks as the 3rd exchange for crypto derivative trading volume


  • Only 1 USDC settled perpetual available

Deribit USDC Perpetual Contracts

Deribit offers USDC linear perpetual contracts and inverse perpetual contracts. There are no USDT perpetual contracts on Deribit.

Deribit USDC Perpetual Contracts Pros and Cons


  • The crypto exchange trading site with the most listed USDC perpetual contracts
  • No maker trading fees for USDC perpetuals


What is USDC Settled Perpetual Contracts?

USDC Perpetual Contracts are USDC Stablecoin-margined perpetual contracts.

The contracts are traded, collateralized, and settled in USDC.

What is USDC? 

USDC is a digital dollar stablecoin founded by Coinbase and Circle in 2018. Its value is pegged to the United States Dollar (USD) such that 1 USDC = 1 USD.


  • Stable value: 1 USDC can always be redeemed for $1, giving it a stable price.
  • Backed by fully reserved assets: Each USDC is backed by one dollar or asset with equivalent fair value, held in accounts with US-regulated financial institutions.
  • Powered by Ethereum: USDC runs on the second-largest blockchain network globally, Ethereum. USDC can be purchased and stored in any Ethereum-compatible wallet.
  • Cross-border payments: With USDC, you can transfer money cheaply and instantly globally from your crypto wallet to other exchanges, businesses, and people without a bank account.

How to deposit USDC?

In order to deposit USDC into your trading account, you will need to create an ERC-20 USDC deposit address. USDC is available on several different blockchains so it might be possible to deposit using another blockchain network for cheaper transactions.

Once you have some USDC in your account, you can start trading the new USDC perpetual products.

USDC Perpetuals VS USDT Perpetuals

Of course, USDC and UST perpetual contracts are very similar. The only difference is that USDC perpetuals are traded, collateralized in settled in USDC, instead of for USDT. However, there might be more differences in the specification of the contracts. For example, for Bybit USDT perpetuals there are more differences as you can see above in the Bybit section.

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