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Bybit VIP Tiers Levels – Derivative and Leverage Trading Fees

Bybit Leverage Trading Fees – Summary

VIP levels on Bybit

Bybit VIP Levels Program with Benefits and Rewards and Trading Fee Discount

Bybit VIP tier-level system will give you certain trading fee discounts and other benefits and rewards. The requirements are
  • VIP0: Assets ≤ 50K, Spot: 0-1M, Derivatives: 0-10M, Options: 0-5M
  • VIP1: Assets 50K, Spot: 1-2M, Derivatives: 10-25M, Options: 5-10M
  • VIP2: Assets 250K, Spot: 2-4M, Derivatives: 25-50M, Options: 10-15M
  • VIP3: Assets 500K, Spot: 4-6M, Derivatives: 50-100M*, Options: 15-25M
  • VIP4: Assets 1M, Spot: 6-8M*, Derivatives: 100-250M*, Options: 25-40M*
  • VIP5: Assets 2M, Spot: 0-1M, Derivatives: 250-500M*, Options: 40-100M*
  • SupremeVIP: Assets N/A, Spot: ≥10M*, Derivatives: ≥500M*, Options: ≥100M*
  • Pro1: Spot: 6-8M*, Derivatives: 100-250M*, Options: 25-40M*
  • Pro2: Spot: 8-10M*, Derivatives: 250-500M*, Options: 40-100M*
  • Pro3: Spot: 10-30M*, Derivatives: 500-1000M*, Options: 100-250M*
  • Pro4: Spot: 30-60M*, Derivatives: 1000-2000M*, Options: 250-400M*
  • Pro5: Spot: ≥60M*, Derivatives: ≥2000M*, Options: ≥400M*
*API Trading Volume

Bybit VIP Benefits

  1. Access to an exclusive dedicated VIP Ambassador.
  2. Priority access to Bybit’s customer support live chat.
  3. Receipt of exclusive gifts upon joining the VIP program.
  4. Benefit from exclusive trading fee rates.
  5. Enjoy exclusive transaction fees for Fiat transactions.
  6. Receive privileged Fiat services and coupons.
  7. Get early access with a 1-on-1 introduction and private walkthroughs to new product launches.
  8. Receive exclusive invitations to special events and campaigns.

Bybit Leverage Trading Fees

Bybit Crypto Trading fees per VIP level

Like all crypto leverage trading sites, Bybit uses VIP tier levels to increase rebates on trading fees. The levels are:

  • No VIP – The highest fees and no requirement since every trader starts here.
  • VIP1-VIP5-Supreme VIP – Balance OR spot trading volume OR derivative trading volume requirements
  • Pro1-Pro5 – Very high trading volume requirements. 

Bybit Leverage Markets

Bybit is one of the best crypto leverage trading platforms and offers many different markets with low fees and significant trading volumes. We list all leverage trading opportunities on Bybit below.

  1. Contract Options:

    • Inverse Perpetual Contracts: Available in BTCUSD, ETHUSD, EOSUSD, and XRPUSD. Traders must own the base currency to use these contracts.
    • USDT Perpetual Contracts: Linear contracts using USDT as margin, available in pairs like BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, LINKUSDT, and BCHUSDT.
    • Inverse Futures Contracts: Recently launched, allowing trading across BTCUSD perpetual and futures contracts.
  2. Bybit Margin Trading:

    • Isolated Margin: Only the funds in a particular position are at risk. In case of market downturns, additional funds may be required, or the position may face liquidation without affecting the original account balance.
    • Cross Margin: Uses the entire account balance to prevent liquidations. It can result in losses exceeding the initial capital if the equity of the trading pair goes lower than the maintenance margin.
  3. Max Leverage on Bybit:

    • Offers maximum leverage of 100x for both cross and isolated-margin trading. The leverage for isolated margin trading can be adjusted, but it’s fixed for cross-margin trading.
  4. USDC Perpetual Contracts:

    • It supports only a one-way mode, allowing users to hold either a long or short position.
    • Uses a trader’s available USDC balance as a regular margin to prevent liquidation.
    • These contracts are traded, collateralized, and settled in USDC.
  5. USDC Options:

    • These are options contracts settled in USDC. Like futures, they have an expiration date, but the holder isn’t obligated to fulfill the contract at maturity.
  6. Leveraged Tokens:

    • Bybit offers simple, beginner-friendly interfaces for trading leveraged tokens.
    • Leveraged positions are protected by the Bybit insurance fund, which theoretically prevents losses beyond the initial margin. If the market price falls below the liquidation price, the position is sold off, and the trader doesn’t lose more than the initial margin.

Bybit VIP VS Pro Level Requirements

Bybit VIP and Pro levels are tiered membership programs that offer exclusive benefits and perks to Bybit users. These benefits include lower trading fees, higher withdrawal limits, priority customer support, and access to exclusive products and services.

VIP levels are determined by a user’s asset balance or monthly trading volume. There are six VIP levels, ranging from VIP 0 to Supreme VIP. Each VIP level has its own benefits, with Supreme VIP offers the most exclusive perks.

Pro levels are specifically designed for professional traders and institutions. There are five Pro levels, ranging from Pro 1 to Pro 5. Pro level benefits are similar to VIP benefits, but they are tailored to the needs of professional traders.

Here is a table summarizing the key differences between VIP and Pro levels:

FeatureVIP LevelsPro Levels
EligibilityBased on asset balance or trading volumeBased on application and review
BenefitsLower trading fees, higher withdrawal limits, priority customer support, access to exclusive products and servicesSimilar to VIP benefits, but tailored to the needs of professional traders
Target audienceRetail tradersProfessional traders and institutions

Bybit Maximum Leverage Limit

Bitcoin leverage scale

The Bybit leverage limit is different for different trading pairs and trading products. The lists below summarize the most liquid and traded trading pairs and each maximum leverage. Also, read the next section about Bybit’s dynamic leverage and risk limits.

Bybit Perpetual Leverage Limit

Isolated and cross margin
  • BTCUSDT: 100x
  • ETHUSDT: 100x
  • SOLUSDT: 50x
  • ETCUSDT: 50x

Bybit USDC settled perpetuals leverage limit

Cross margin
  • BTC-PERP: 100x
  • ETH-PERP: 66.7x
  • SOL-PERP: 50x
  • AVAX-PERP: 50x

Inverse Futures

Isolated and cross margin
  • BTCUSDT: 100x
  • ETHUSDT: 100x

Leveraged Tokens

  • Leverage 2x-3x

Bybit Margin Trading Leverage Limit

The leverage limit for margin trading on Bybit is 10x.

Bybit Leverage Risk Limits Review

Exclamation sign for risks associated with shorting Bitcoin on Binance

Bybit uses dynamic leverage to limit the risk for derivative leverage trading

Dynamic leverage means the more significant the contract value is, the lower the maximum leverage available. 

The initial margin (IM) requirement goes up for every specific increase in contract value level.

The regular maintenance margin (MM) base rate is constant, and the margin requirements will increase or decrease accordingly as the risk limit (contract value) changes.

Bybit has implemented risk limits since a significant position with high leverage may cause huge losses when liquidated in a highly volatile market. This is a way to reduce the risk of substantial contract losses created when a position is liquidated beneath the bankruptcy price.

In addition, the insurance fund might be insufficient to absorb the losses fully, and then the Auto deleveraging (ADL) system will be triggered. The implementation of risk limits is a way to reduce the risk of ADL occurring.

Bybit Risk Limit (Inverse Contract)

The maintenance margin base rate is 0.5% for BTC and 1% for ETH, EOS, and XRP, and the margin requirements will increase or decrease accordingly as the isk limit changes.

See full terms and conditions for risk limit on inverse contracts et Bybit.

Risk Limit (USDC Contract)

A USDC margin account supports two margin modes, regular margin,and portfolio margin.


Users can choose to increase or decrease the risk limit with the regular margin.

With the portfolio margin, users are not allowed to adjust the risk limit,based on the overall portfolio of the USDC account.

Read the full terms and conditions regarding the risk limits for USDC contracts on Bybit.

Risk Limit (USDT Contract)

See full terms and conditions for the USDT risk limit on Bybit.

Bybit Auto Deleveraging System ADL

Bybit Auto-deleveraging is a risk management feature.

The auto-deleveraging kicks in if a position is closed with negative equity, under the bankruptcy level and if the insurance fund is insufficient to cover the negative equity.

At such an event, Bybit’s ADL system will automatically deleverage the opposing position from the trader with the highest ranking at the bankruptcy price of the liquidated order.

Bybit Leverage Trading Liquidation

Bybit leverage trading liquidation refers to the process of forced selling to be able to pay back the borrowed funds to the lender.

It’s important to understand that leverage trading uses borrowed funds.

To maintain trust in the crypto leverage space, it is essential to be able to hand the borrowed funds back to the lender. Otherwise, there will be no lenders and no leverage trading.

Therefore, all crypto leverage trading sites have a mechanism for liquidation.

Liquidations can be categorized into partial and total liquidation. For example:

Partial liquidation: Liquidation that closes a position partially early on to reduce the position and leverage used by a trader.

Total liquidation: Closing a position, nearly all of the initial margin of a trader has been used.

Bybit Insurance Fund

Bybit uses an insurance fund to protect its traders from a negative balance.

The insurance fund covers excessive losses and negative equity for traders.

Negative equity can happen when leverage trading positions fail to liquidate over bankruptcy prices due to high market volatility. 

The insurance funds collect funds from successfully liquidated positions closedat better than bankruptcy prices.

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