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BYDFi Review 2023 – $50 FREE SignUp Bonus

BYDFi review summary, former BitYard

BYDFi stands for Build Your Dream Finance

  • Free $50+50 instant Signup Bonus
  • $50+$10+$500 Transaction bonuses
  • Up to $30.000 deposit bonus
  • Allow crypto traders from USA and Canada to use all features on the platform, including futures and perpetuals.

Please read our dedicated post about the full terms and conditions regarding the best crypto signup bonuses and trading discount codes.

BYDFi Bonus – Limited Time

BYDFi Instant bonuses:

  • A $50 futures coupon upon completion of the KYC.
  • When you first trade futures on the platform, you get a $50 futures coupon.
  • American and Canadian users get a $100 futures coupon in addition to the first one.

Transaction bonuses:

  • $50 for completing a perpetual trade.
  • $10 for sharing profitable orders on social media (daily task).
  • 10% of monthly loss is reimbursed as futures coupons, up to $500 per month (KYC limit).

Deposit bonuses:

  • 10% of the coupons spent is reimbursed as a futures coupon (up to 50 USDT/month).
  • $2,000 futures coupon for depositing 200,000 $USDT.
  • $30,000 futures coupon for depositing 1,000,000 $USDT.

Citizens of the following countries are eligible:

United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Israel.

This is an excellent opportunity if you are lucky to be from one of these countries. Here, you can get 100-150 dollars to trade on futures instantly and $60-$30.000 more after doing some simple stuff on the platform. On top of that, 10% of your monthly deposit amount and 10% of your monthly loss are reimbursed.

What is BYDFi crypto exchange?

➤BYDFi’s headquarters is located at 6547 N Academy Blvd, Singapore.

➤BYDFi (formerly BitYard) is a relatively new crypto exchange launched in 2019.

➤BYDFi supports Spot and Lite Contract trading, which is suitable for new investors, and also supports Perpetual Futures trading and Leveraged Tokens for advanced traders. In addition, BYDFi provides copy trading services where investors can copy and execute trades of professional traders, earn profits, and build investment channels.

Does BYDFi allow USA and Canadian users?

BYDFi accepts US and CA traders for spot trading and futures. Read more about USA crypto futures.

What are the non-KYC withdrawal limits?

  • Non-KYC users: 0.2 BTC per day
  • KYC users: 5 BTC per day.

Compare all non-KYC withdrawal limits for crypto exchanges.

What is the maximum leverage?

BYDFi has a maximum crypto leverage of up to 200x on its perpetual trading pairs.

Liquidity on BYDFi

BYDFi’s order book is connected to Binance’s order book. This gives BYDFi similar liquidity to Binance for some of the trading pairs.

BYDFi Trading Fees

  • Spot trading fees: All crypto spot trading pairs have maker and taker fees of 0.1%~0.3%. You can find the exact trading fee rate per trading pair in the upper-right corner of the spot trading pair page. See our article about the lowest crypto spot trading fees.
  • Convert trading fees: The conversion fee rate is 0.1%–0.15%.
  • Lite contracts trading fees:

    The lite contract BYDFi transaction fee is 0.05%, and the formula for calculating is:

    Opening Fee = Margin * Leverage * 0.05%
    Closing Fee = Margin * Leverage * 0.05%

  • Perpetual contract trading fees: Transaction Fee Rate: Taker 0.06%; Maker 0.02%
See our article about the lowest crypto futures trading fees.

BYDFi Lite Contracts

BYDFi has a simplified version of Perpetuals they call: Lite Contracts 

The differences between Lite contracts VS Perpetuals

  1. Various Ordering Methods
  • Lite Contracts support trigger orders that allow users to place orders without freezing margin in advance.
  • Perpetual contracts support Good-Til-Cancelled (GTC), (Immediate or Cancel Order) IOC, and Fill or Kill (FOK) orders, with multiple commissioning options available to professional traders.

2. Different Positioning Modes

  • Lite Contracts only support isolated margins where each order is funded separately.
  • Perpetual contracts support both cross-margin and isolated-margin modes.

3. Closing in Different Ways

  • Lite Contracts require the users to add margin if they make a wrong judgment, which may result in a total loss of assets if they do not monitor the market in real time.
  • Perpetual contracts provide a ladder type of forced liquidation, and the system actively notifies users by email to add margin. Users can act by closing the position, partly closing the position, or adding a margin. 

If you are not ready to trade contracts, BYDFi also offers demo accounts in Lite Contracts, providing virtual funds to build your familiarity with trading contracts.


BYDFi Perpetual Trading

USDT-M 115 Trading pairs: Perpetual contracts settled in USDT
COIN-M 5 Trading pairs: Perpetual contracts settled in cryptocurrency

BYDFi Leveraged Tokens

BYDFi has 32 cryptocurrencies available as Leveraged Tokens in both directions (Long and Short) with 3x leverage.

BYDFi Copy Trading

➤Copy trading is about finding a successful trader and copying his/her strategy with your funds.
➤You don’t need to invest the same amount as those you copy. The primary purpose is to copy the strategy and all trades proportional to your invested amount.
➤Copy trading has grown in popularity lately since it’s a passive form of trading where you find individuals with a proven track record of profits and activity.
⚠ Keep an eye on trading fees since they sometimes can be high, mainly when profit sharing exists.
⚠ Be skeptical when selecting a trader to copy. Ensure the track record is over a reasonable time horizon since anyone can be lucky in the short term.
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